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Say NO! to vaccines

Jaya prabhus,

Great response from WillemV, to Pustakrishna prabhu, there is also mercury, formaldehide and aluminium in vaccines, now mercury is a fat soluble metal yes/no? Yes! The brain is 60 % to 70 % fat, the mercury in the vaccines gravitates to the brain, and independant research has revealed that that is the cause of many childhood diseases/problems etc. including autism and ADD. Why inject your child with the third most toxic substance known to man, mercury, at the risk, and great risk of brain damage. The list of childhood diseases stemming from this is enormous. The most toxic substance known to man is plutonium, mercury is number 3. Mercury is also in your amalgam fillings, of course many dentists are now changing over to composite fillings, (white fillings as they are less toxic). In many European countries mercury fillings are banned. When the dentist sucks the excess amalgam filling from your mouth where does it go, not in the ground, no way it is too toxic, all mercury fillings go back to a recycling plant and then sold on again as amalgam fillings. There is no way that the dentist can dig a hole out the back of his practice and then bury the old fillings. Not possible.
The same substance is in vaccines, totally toxic. Prabhus I have kept this short and simple. There is a Dr. Robert Grammal in Sydney NSW Australia, he can explain to you at length what mercury does to the human body, he has done the research. Independant research. And he is one of the most widely used dentists in Australia, he has patients come from all over the planet to see him. (Of course this is a side point).
So why should we inject this into our children, mercury and dead animal bits, we would certainly not eat them. Would we?

And as far as; ” Eating vegetables (yes, we may neutralize or better by offering to Krishna) is killing.” Quoted by our esteemed doctor prabhu. If we pull the vegetable out of the ground and eat it there is a reaction, but if we offer it to Krsna then there is not reaction. We have offered this food. This does not sound like a very good argument for injecting dead bits into anyone. “jivo jivasya jivanam”, I do not agree. If you read the purport to this verse the meaning is quite different, from our doctor prabhu.

Your servant,
Krsna dasa dasa

» Posted By Krsna dasa dasa On Aug 13, 2009 @ 3:40 am

Dear Prabhus,

The MMR vaccine, mumps, rubella and I think measles, a three in one hit, from what I understand one part of this triple vaccine is cultured over the cell lines from aborted fetuces, (I do hope I have the spelling right). Now we are not into such things as abortion, and there are many vegetarians and vegans, who are not devotees of Krsna, that will not allow their children to have this vaccine because it will pollute their vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.
They will not allow their children to be vaccinated at all, because it will pollute their vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.
They do not want their childrens mentality affected by these things. Also how much cow, horse, monkey etc. animal parts are in one vaccine.
Should we look at this from a religious/vediv/vaisnava point of view.

your servant
Krsna dasa dasa.

» Posted By Krsna dasa dasa On Aug 11, 2009 @ 9:23 am

Easing Into the 5th Canto

Why are we supporting the scientists at all? The big bang and evolution are all atheistic theories. Their understanding is limited because they are conditioned, we are also conditioned but we are following absolute knowledge, given by an ancient line of liberated souls. The scientists are conditioned. In the Mahabarata it is written; mahjana yena kata sapantah; follow in the footsteps of the mahajanas, just becaue there are devotees out there that study science etc. they should not be bewildered by thier studies and lose faith in the sastra.

What did Prabhupada say to Sadaputa Prabhu, “…grab them by the throat…, make them understand…” Because modern science is cheating and atheistic.

Your Servant,

Krsna dasa dasa.

» Posted By Krsna dasa dasa On Aug 16, 2009 @ 6:22 am

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