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Sannyasa Initiation on Sri Gaura Purnima in Sri Mayapura Dhama

I went to the Vedabase and found one of the references in a conversation where Srila Prabhupada ordered that there would be no more new sannyasis created in ISKCON.
It was a conversation that took place in Bombay (Mumbai) on January 7, 1977. Here is an excerpt of that conversation in which Trivikrama Maharaja, Hari-sauri prabhu, Palika Devi Dasi, Dr. Patel and some others are present as evinced in the conversation.

“And this kind of hypocrisy—they have taken sannyasa and mixing with woman. This is not to be allowed. If you want woman you get yourself married, live respectfully. We have no objection. But this hypocrisy should be stopped. There have been so many fallen down. First of all there will be no sannyasi anymore. I have got very bad experience. And at least, we are not going to create new sannyasi. And those who have fallen down, let them marry, live like respectable gentlemen. I have no objection. After all, young man, fallen down—that’s all right. It is by nature’s way. But marry that girl. That I am insisting from the very beginning, that no friendly liaison. If you want, get one nice… They are, all of them qualified. Get one wife and live like a gentleman. Similarly woman. Live with one husband fastidiously, with children. What is the wrong there? We have so many grhastha devotees. You have got children. Pradyumna has got child. Gopala has… Live with husband, wife. There is no restriction for husband and wife. But what is this nonsense that you take sannyasa and make relation with…? This should be completely stopped.”

It is quite obvious that Srila Prabhupada did have a “bad expereince” in giving sannyasa to western men and wanted the practice to stop in ISKCON. Some justify the giving of sannyasa in ISKCON by citing that Srila Prabhupada went on to give a couple more men sannyasa after that but I don’t know who that would have been after January of 1977. Nonetheless, ISKCON should be more concerned with obeying the wishes of Srila Prabhupada rather than imitating his behavior. The disciple should follow the orders of the acharya, not imitate his activities. Srila Prabhupada’s vision of ISKCON seems to have been quite different than the ISKCON of today with it’s many sannyasis. After the falldown of some top sannyasis Srila Prabhupada changed his policy towards making sannyasis in ISKCON.

Comment Posted By Ksamabuddhi On 12.03.2012 @ 15:01

I read a transcription of a conversation with Srila Prabhupada where he said “no more sannyasis” would be initiated in ISKCON. In 1977 he made that same announcement two times that I know of. Some say that he did afterwards give sannyasa to a couple of disciples that he had previously already promised to give sannyasa. But, other than that Srila Prabhupada didn’t want anymore sannyasis to be made in ISKCON. It seemed to be his response to some high level fall downs of some popular sannyasi disciples. Why are not his disciples honoring his wish that no more sannyasis would be initiated in ISKCON? It seems that imitation is more popular than obeying his commands.

Comment Posted By Ksamabuddhi On 09.03.2012 @ 17:08

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