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How Will the Forthcoming Eclipses Affect You?

Pamho-Agtsp Re-Patita Pavanas das’s How Solar Eclipses affect you ?
FIRST–Calm Down ! Its only astrology for petes sake !
There is merit in good astrology,even for devotees !!!!
Second I want to comment,its Unfair to attack and criticize him AS IF
he was some mundane CRASS Salesman and I dont think its his aim or nature to be like that at all ! See his many other articles on Dandavats .com Which are heartfelt true life stories and His realizations as a senior Prabhupad disciple.
Its obvious His loyalty and love and concern is for the devotee’s in our Iskcon Movement
and for HDG Srila Prabhupada !!! Just read his other articles to see this !!!
It just so happens,he is married and a householder and astrology is his service and occupation-SO WHAT ???? Big Deal ,he make’s a PLUG for Astrolology ! Like I said ,He is not a crass salesman and I dont think his aim is to scare us Poor devotees and take our cash
Arn’t we ALL GROWN UP ADULTS ?? I think we can take what ever he dish’s out for the
future and YES…its Bleak ! !As grown up adults we can all take this advice as we like….
take or leave it without emotional insults or attacks to his sincerity or motivation for his presenting astrology If you search Patita Pavina is giving inspiring heartfelt stories and true life stories as only a senior devotees can..Appreciate that too !
Im sure his PLUG for astrology at the end of the article was not to Exploit or Fears…Like I said we are all adults RIGHT ?
Why attack the Messenger ? He is right…its Obvious thing get worse Day by day and year by year as Kali Yuga and Maya Rages ON and ON and ON……Good cause to be concerned
Bad Karma is heading for America and the world..Kali Yuga is getting worse and worse
So What to do ? Get Knowledge-From Srila Prabhupada Not mundane PHD Scholar’s and ,Meating eating Clergy,Lieing politicians who are running things to HELL !
We should arm ourselves with real knowledge-know the possible future and PREACH !
THE TRUTH–As `Prabhupada Preached ! YES- Kali Yuga is getting much worse and ONLY By DISTRIBUTIING PRABHUPADS BOOKs as much as possible Can we have any hope of Reverse or slow the worlds sins and Bad Karmic future .
In my sincere humble opinion Go out and distribute books arrgessively again
EVERY DEVOTEES,,To Every Iskcon Temple
REVIVE- Prabhupadas Movement and BBT Book Distribution
Like it was in the 1970’s and Keep it that way
Your servant,
Jaya Madhava das(acbsp) Moscow

» Posted By LavangaRadhika On Dec 17, 2009 @ 5:08 pm

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