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Occupy Wall St prasadam dist

As of this coming Saturday, we will have been feeding the protesters at Occupy Dallas every day for 3 weeks straight (except on Sundays). It has been an amazing experience to say the least. For the first few days, we only brought prasadam. Though we told everyone we were Hare Krishnas, we wanted their first impression of us to be that we were there to help, not to try and spread any kind of agenda of our own. After a couple of days of that, people started asking us for kirtan and books! We’ve been bringing them ever since, and distribute probably an average of 5 a day. We have had a couple of kirtans, and have distributed japa beads and taught them how to chant on them. Last Sunday about 20 of them came to our Sunday Feast, and more will come this week to participate in our Govardhana Puja festival (we even plan to go down with our Food for Life van to pick up those who don’t have transportation). We found out yesterday the camp is now going to turn every Sunday into “Hare Krishna Day,” where during the day they chant japa, read books, and then come to the Sunday Feast. Every day when we arrive, we are greeting with cheers and hugs, and people enthusiastically chant Hare Krishna while standing in line for prasadam . They have told us the prasadam makes them happy, and is the highlight of their day. One man told us that it has almost made him cry with joy. Another man we met was literally shaking when we gave him books. It has been a thoroughly enlivening experience, and something we look forward to doing every day.

» Posted By Lavangalatika On Oct 28, 2011 @ 2:45 pm

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