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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Iskcon’s GBC – Mayapur 2008

Sita-pati – “I haven’t had anyone in the public ask me about it either. I asked Kaisori dd to send me the kind of inquiries that the BBT gets on this issue in order to write something to it. For the most part they consisted of ISKCON devotees wringing their hands and saying: “What will people think of this?”
Is it really that big an issue, from an external public relations perspective?”

It seems everyone tends to comment on this issue from the perspective of “how will Prabhupada’s controversial statements effect the preaching”. I think the answer to this hinges on what you consider preaching to be. Yes, it is quite unlikely that someone on the streets will receive Prabhupada’s 4th canto, open it up to the rape quote and right then and there resolve never to follow this path because we are socially backwards religious sect. However, I would argue from the evidence coming back in response to this resolution that DEVOTEES are uncomfortable with this, DEVOTEES need this explained, DEVOTEES need to be reassured as to what Prabhupada’s perspective on this is… The proof of this is that the issue of Prabhupada’s statements about women continues to linger without resolve for decades. I will say that I am offended by these statements and several of Prabhupada’s statements about women, minority groups, even sometimes general comments about non-devotees. How did I get over it? The continuation of parampara; inquiry from a devotee who could put Prabhupada’s statements in perspective, guide me to the essentials of the philosophy of bhakti, and offer his own social commentary that was up to date.

» Posted By Madan Gopal das On May 8, 2008 @ 12:50 pm

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