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Why I am not vegan

Great article. Very balanced and thoughtful. Thank you Priyavrata Prabhu. After reading it I’m even more eager to come closer to the soil and gobar.

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 28.04.2014 @ 05:28

Is Krsna not a misspelling?

With Gopal Jiu Publications, our standard is to celebrate the fact that Krishna (not Krsna) is a word in the English dictionary.

“Krishna” is easy to pronounce. However, when many non Indians try to pronounce the word “Krsna” it comes out like, “K r r r s n a”.


But, you can’t blame them there are no vowels in that word. They are just saying it as it is spelled.

Diacritics are great for technical academic terms, but personally I don’t find them very friendly or appropriate for person’s names. What to speak of when we spell the names using the diacritic system without the diacritics.

Confusing, and well, … a little strange.

Over the years, the devotees on our team find “Krishna” to be very sweet, simple, and natural. Simple, sweet, and natural, just like Krishna himself.

Krishna. What’s the problem? :-)

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 26.01.2014 @ 12:36

Srila Prabhupada explains why cooperation is the essence of the movement



Then in a nice, pleasing way, Mahaprabhu defeated him. Mahaprabhu is a practical teacher. He has taught us through his dealings. prīti pūrṇa vyavahāra yukti pūrṇa kathā — His dealings are very sweet, but when he speaks it is like a bullet. No one can defeat him because he speaks the truth. Mahaprabhu behaves very humbly, and sweet, not harsh and strong.

When Mahaprabhu went to Kashi, the Mayavadis headed by Prakashananda Saraswati were very proud, thinking, “Oh, we are great. Are there any sannyāsīs like us?” Prakashananda Saraswati’s man reported: “One sannyāsī from Gaudadesh has come. He is chanting and dancing in the street.” Prakashananda Saraswati then criticized Mahaprabhu:

‘sannyāsī’—nāma-mātra, mahā-indrajālī!
‘kāśīpure’ nā vikābe tāṅra bhāvakāli*

“He is a sannyāsī by name only. Actually he is a great magician come here to Kashipur to sell his indrajāla, magic. But he cannot sell it here.”

This was very painful for Mahaprabhu’s men to hear. When they reported it to Mahaprabhu, he listened, but only smiled and didn’t become angry. He tolerated it — taror iva sahiṣṇunā. Then Mahaprabhu said:

bhāvakāli vecite āmi āilāṅa kāśīpure
grāhaka nāhi, nā vikāya, lañā yāba ghare

“I came to Kashipur to sell my jugglery, but there are no customers available here. So I will take it back to my home.

bhārī bojhā lañā āilāṅa, kemane lañā yāba?
alpa-svalpa-mūlya pāile, ethāi veciba

“I came with a very heavy load, how can I take it back again? There are no customers available, so if I can get even a meager amount, I will sell it here.”

Mahaprabhu went there to deliver those Mayavadis. Unless he showers his mercy on them they cannot be delivered. māyāvādī kṛṣṇa aparādhī — Mayavadis are great offenders to Krishna. By the will of Mahaprabhu, the sannyāsīs came together in an assembly. They invited Mahaprabhu to attend. Generally, Mahaprabhu was not going there. But this time he went and he sat down at the place where they washed their feet. He was so humble. He didn’t go where the other sannyāsīs were sitting. Finally, they came and brought him amongst the others. Then their discussion began. At that time Mahaprabhu spoke, defeated their philosophy, and established the pure bhakti-siddhānta.
This is Mahaprabhu’s process. It is so sweet and so nice. We should behave the way he did. Unless we learn Mahaprabhu’s teachings, how can we get his mercy? How can we make advancement in Mahaprabhu’s path? This is most important.

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 15.08.2013 @ 10:08

(Continued from above)


You should have no pride, no arrogance, and no conceit:

dambho darpo‘bhimānaś ca krodhaḥ pāruṣyam eva ca
ajñānaṁ cābhijātasya pārtha sampadam āsurīm

Pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance — these qualities belong to those of demoniac nature, O son of Pritha.*

Pride is a demoniac characteristic. It is not vaiṣṇava. A vaiṣṇava is much humbler than a blade of grass lying on the street. He thinks himself lowest of the low. Only the highest person has such mentality. Everyone else will quarrel and demand: “I am great!”

“No you are not. I am great!”

Uttama hañā āpanāke māne tṛṇādhama — A real vaiṣṇava-sādhu is the topmost person, but he says, “I am the lowest of the low.”** His attitude is natural, not artificial.


Devotee: How do we fight for truth, but simultaneously behave humbler than a blade of grass?

Gour Govinda Swami: Mahaprabhu has practically taught us. He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. mattaḥ parataraṁ nānyat — No one is superior to him. All are subordinate.* Yet, how did he act? Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya was a professor, a teacher of Vedanta. He said, “Oh Sri Krishna Chaitanya, you have taken sannyāsa at a young age. Sannyāsa is very difficult in Kali-yuga. How can you maintain it? A sannyāsī’s dharma is to hear Vedanta, but you are chanting ‘hare kṛṣṇa’ and dancing! You should hear Vedanta from me.” He had so much pride, because he was thinking, “I am the great professor of Vedanta.” He wanted to teach Vedanta to he from whom Vedanta has emanated from his breathing.

Mahaprabhu said, “Yes, yes. I am an ignorant fool. I don’t know anything. I must hear from you.” He was so humble. He heard from Sarvabhauma for seven continuous days without saying anything. Finally, Sarvabhauma asked, “Sri Krishna Chaitanya, did you understand what I said? You are not asking any questions.”

Only then, when he was asked, did Mahaprabhu open his mouth. He said, “I understand the sūtras very well. But your explanation is very difficult to understand.” Common people cannot understand the sūtras, therefore an explanation is required. But Mahaprabhu said, “Your explanation is very difficult to understand.” This is because Sarvabhauma was not presenting the correct explanation. His words were all imaginative. He was presenting Sankaracharya’s commentary, the Śārīraka-bhāṣya.

(Continued below)

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 15.08.2013 @ 10:06


Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharajas


This is yearly business, management of the society and organization of activities. On one side is the saṅga, society. The motto of Mahaprabhu’s movement is ekakī āmāra, nāhi pāya bala, hari-nāma-saṅkīrtane — “Alone, I do not find the strength to chant the holy name of Hari.”* Single-handedly you cannot do anything. So we should cooperate. We should form a society. In cooperation there is unity and strength. Then you can fight against māyā or bogus philosophies and establish Mahaprabhu’s philosophy.

Everything is here in Mahaprabhu’s movement in the form of kṛṣṇa-kathā, but still we have to keep up the organization. Corrections, amendments, and reformation are required. This is Kali-yuga and we are in the material world. Māya tries to stop this movement in so many ways. Elevated vaiṣṇavas have formed a society to help you get strength to fight and push on Mahaprabhu’s movement. They sit together, discuss, and make decisions. It is a combined effort. It is not easy for conditioned souls in the material world to understand paramārthika, spiritual truth. One who is very fortunate, who has sukṛti from a previous birth and has gotten the mercy of sādhu-vaiṣṇavas, may be able to understand. Otherwise it is not so easy.


Moreover, when you try to establish truth you will find many falsehoods and opposing factors will arise. We should understand that this is the will of the Lord. When many different people come together, then different opinions will emerge. Fighting, quarrel and disagreement will naturally arise. satyam eva jayate — Truth will eventually be established, but it takes time. It is not so easy. If there was no darkness how could you glorify the light?

We have to tolerate. We have to have patience and cooperate. That is the instruction of sādhus and ācāryas. Mahaprabhu said in his Śikṣāṣṭaka (text 3):

tṛṇād api su-nīcena taror iva sahiṣṇunā
amāninā māna-dena kīrtanīyaḥ sadā hariḥ

One who thinks himself lower than the grass, who is more tolerant than a tree, and who does not expect personal honor but is always prepared to give all respect to others can very easily always chant the holy name of the Lord.

This is the most important verse. Unless you understand and practice this verse you cannot do hari-bhajana.


Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 15.08.2013 @ 10:04

Wash My Feet Not!

This is not only a philosophical point, it’s a social consideration. Having spent the last 20 years in India, I can say that in the village areas, and homes of cultured city people there, it’s simply what is done. If you go to someone’s home they will come out and insist (insist!) that they wash your feet. It’s generally not a big ritual, they just throw some water on your feet, or have you put them under a faucet, and sometimes rub them. Generally, I’ve found it more strange if you refuse or fight against them. On the other hand when visiting devotees in the west it’s never come up, and frankly I would very very uncomfortable if someone wanted to do that.

Our Vaishnava culture is different in different places.

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 21.04.2013 @ 18:12

What to do during an eclipse

Nice points from Gaura Keshava Prabhu. Someone may say that we only need to chant and that purifies us both internally and externally. That is a fact, however it does not purify the items we offer.

I have a few questions connected to this topic that I wonder if Gaura could address: If all bhoga and other items are considered contaminated by the eclipse does that contamination go away after the eclipse or do the items need to be purified afterwards? And in that case what about the grains growing in the farmer’s field etc? I’ve heard that some temples place kusa grass over the bhoga.

If you have any further comments or information on this topic I would appreciate it.

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 28.05.2012 @ 16:48

Four Vaisnava Sampradayas, Four Sampradaya Acaryas

THANK YOU! Nice article. Good common sense points. Srila Prabhupada often said that his only qualification was that he didn’t change anything. No matter how noble our intention is, why should we concoct a new name and position for Srila Prabhupada? If we do, we may end up making some offense.

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 15.04.2012 @ 08:29

Sannyasa Initiation on Sri Gaura Purnima in Sri Mayapura Dhama

The following statement was given by Dhristadyumna Prabhu, when he was relating his remembrances of Srila Prabhupada. The circumstances at the time Srila Prabhupada made this statement were in 1976, when Madhudvisa had disappeared and given up sannyasa. Srila Prabhupada said:

“Actually I have not given any of you sannyasa. But I am in a war with Maya, the material energy, and I need leaders.” He said, “It is called in wartime ‘battlefield commission.’ There are no qualified leaders, but someone has to lead the charge. So you take every fifth man, ‘You are now lieutenant of the squad.’ He is really a private, but we make him lieutenant for the day and he leads the charge.” Then Prabhupada said, “It is to be understood that you are not sufficiently equipped for this fight and most of you will go down.”

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 23.03.2012 @ 04:58

Update on HH Romapada Swami’s health

The doctors at Bhaktivedanta Hospital are wonderful! My profuse thanks to them for helping me and for the help they give to so many devotees.

Comment Posted By Madhavananda Das (Orissa) On 20.02.2012 @ 17:20


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