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Update on Nirguna prabhu

(I hope that Hari-sauri or Ramadevi dasi can read this note out loud to him. Ramadevi has been such a meticulous caregiver for Nirguna)

Dear NirgunaJEE.. Ki Jai!
Pamho. Agt Srila Prabhupada who has so kindly given us the association of devotees, especially when we are departing from this material world.

It is simply wonderful that you are leaving your body in Sri Dhama Mayapura at the Lotus feet of our dear Srila Prabhupada and surrounded by the sacred sounds of KRSNA’s Holy Names and Pastimes! You are so very fortunate to be inundated by the daily showers of BHAKTI from KRSNA’s devotees! Did you ever imagine as you were distributing Prabhupada’s Books to the “not so fit and the completely unfit” that you would be leaving your body in such a sublime manner? And here it is, Prabhupada’s soldiers all cueing up and leaving one by one…You are setting yet another glorious example of how to be absorbed in your last breath approaches. We are all cheering you on from around the world and millions of devotees are so proud of you (even in the heavenly planets! Heads comes another shower of flowers:) As you go solo for this flight into KRSNA’s loving arms and begin serving at the Lotus Feet of our dear Srila Prabhupada… again, Nirguna Prabhu, we all fold our hands in sheer awe of your resolute aim and purpose. Dunyavat and dandavats!
Ys, Mahadevi dasi

» Posted By Mahadevi dasi On Oct 14, 2007 @ 1:16 pm

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