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Comments Posted By Mahaksa Das (KCS)

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On the Subject of Female Diksha Gurus

Thank you to respected Phalini Mataji for really important words, we need grandmothers like thirsty man is in want of water on a desert. A lot devotees a specially those who live on a villages repeatedly desire to have grandmothers around. Not due want of diksa initiation but because of rising kids, helping with relationship with wife, wise advises in this regard and so on.. Now we have some generations and we know well why most of us does not have the grandmothers around (I mean they want to feed our kids with meat or whatever). I personally would really appreciate if older female devotees would go around and provided us younger with such kind of support. Not coming like supreme female power showing like Srila Prabhupada made no distinction between man and woman etc. After such kind of visitors it takes almost three weeks to pacify disturbances created (between women and men). If just normal person would come, humble, not showing up and just helping by her long life experiences with relationships, marital crisis or community relationships.. It is just boring to read years and years discussions on how we should not address woman “mataji” but “prabhu” or that woman is the same like man. Year by year. Kids growing, time is running, family crisis coming.. Can all these writings help a man to understand his wife when she is dissatisfied? No.

Phalini Mataji have risen one important point that more a woman try to become independent more it is difficult for a man to perform his duty and finally whole family shall suffer a lost.

your humble servant Mahaksa Das

» Posted By Mahaksa Das (KCS) On Dec 5, 2012 @ 8:46 pm

The Woman as Guru: Words of Silence

Or just look at the police man, so many danger situations, any woman can call police “I am in danger..” and some man will come. He has his own family, children, wife..he risks for others his own life. And family takes the risk with him. Afraid, do shall father come back, mum?

I do not want to entangle more into but just look around. We all need each other in proper responsibilities otherwise it will not work. So there are definitively who left they responsibilities (man or women) and there are those who are willing to take more responsibilities than they must (man or women).

I would rather keep my mind on transcendental qualities of guru than trying to find out material condition which is better for guru. We can see for example even mode of goodness is conditioned by pride and in this way causing fall down. Therefore we are suggested to rise up to pure goodness.

» Posted By Mahaksa Das (KCS) On Dec 4, 2012 @ 10:52 pm

Hare Krsna, please accept my humble obeisances and respect

I know one thing that everything what we say should be proven by shastra.

If initiated devotee says that woman is more equiped in kali yuga than a man than please put forward the quota. Similarly if one says that by addressing my mother I call her automatically guru, again where is reference or is needed to give more details what kind of guru. My mother teaches me a lot definitively and I love her a lot but I realized she is not the one who takes me to the spiritual world.

I am not writing the post to speak about who can be or not a diksa-guru, it is not on my opinion it depends on sastra and acaryas teachings.

I am writing here to express some confusing thoughts on related posts on dandavats, I have read the article where womem are presented as those who in older age do not fall prey to intriques of maya. There was posted that man-guru may fall down with air plane maid or whoever and whatever. And woman-guru was presented as loving care personality with full protection in kali-yuga for herself and disciples. Sorry I see many old women falling down with old man. It is generally known fact that even old woman is likely to have again an experience of feelings of romance. It is just one example. Also a false ego is with woman body or man body as well. My point is that all bodies in the material world are conditioned!! (except liberated ones). I never have read in our sastras that woman body is better to be a guru than a man body..?

So what happen when spreading the idea that man-guru may fall easy, but woman-guru is steady. First thing what may happen is that many young aspirants shall got fear “oh man-guru will fall down” it may cause unwilling unconscious disrespect and distrust to self-realized persons just because owning the man body. The second thing what may happen when a woman-guru is stressed as protected from maya is that when she will fall down than the aspirants shall lose trust to whole idea of gurus.

And also there is many times said how men leave the responsibility. Yes, I can see. On another side there are also men which take the responsibilities of others. For example my father grew up children of his and of man who became drunkard. Till today we are all together. Also when woman is supported by government there are many men who makes the law for them and provides the subsidy. What question of war it is also men who fights not only for his family.

» Posted By Mahaksa Das (KCS) On Dec 4, 2012 @ 10:32 pm

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