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108 Days Grand All India Yatra for Cow Protection

Its very heartening to see Rajaram Prabhu involved in this Great Cause of Cow Protection. I recollect How 15 years back we used to debate on the need for Kshatriya Guna devotees to become champions of cow protection. like Parikshit Maharaj
Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.16.22 — Hawaii, January 18, 1974
Here we see Maharaja Pariksit, as soon as he saw that a cow was being attempted to be killed, immediately he took his sword…, “What are you, nonsense? You are killing my citizen.” This is good government. This is good government. … Cow is giving you milk, just to give her protection, that “You take my blood, turn into milk. Please do not kill me.” So why these things are happening? Because there is rascal government, So one should lament that this, “We are under this rascal government,
Today, this entire modern civilization is based on exploiting the Cow. We are undervaluing, devaluing her very existence. It is due to ugra karma industries that we have lost sensitivity in our lives.
The welfare of the universe starts with the welfare of the Cow. That is why we pray to Lord Krishna glorifying Him as the protector of the Cows (first) and the Brahmanas (next). Just by taking care of the Cow and the Brahminical community, we can generate welfare for the whole universeand Namo BrahmanyaDevaaya Go Brahmana Hitaaya./ Jagadhithaaya Krishnaaya Govindaya Namo Namah”. So the way forward to create peace and welfare of the world is to start with Cow Protection
Cow protection generates the sensitivity in humankind towards the entire animal and plant kingdom, the neglect of which has today brough upon Humanity the curse of climatic degradation, global warming and destruction of the ecosystem.

Time has come to fight against this nonsense especially Kshtriya Devotees like Srila Prabhupada very nicely instructs a Guest in Indore.

Room Conversation — December 13, 1970, Indore

Prabhupada: In India, the land of sages, land of Krsna, land of Lord Ramacandra, land of Maharaja Pariksit, without any restriction cow slaughter is going on. And they are speaking of karma-yoga. Just see the fun.
Guest (1): I don’t know where this India is going to, the land of Krsna is going to.
Prabhupada: Well… No, we should try our best.
Guest (1): We have to fight these habits. It is our duty.
Prabhupada: Yes, that’s it. So you are a military man. I request you to fight against this nonsense.

Hare Krishna!!
Mahasundar Das

» Posted By Mahasundar Das On Sep 12, 2009 @ 1:06 pm

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