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Give Yourself A Break Before You Break Down

Isn’t it that we won’t get infected or even distracted, if we choose the correct platform to live on and work with. The choice of operating system is very crutial. We need something secure and reliable, what does not get infected very easily. Something what has a reputation to fulfill these demands. So why choose a M$-Windows when you can get a Mac running Unix, what actually can’t crash. Applications running on it can, but you’re able to manage them without affecting the system at all. An ‘Activity Monitor’ is even part of the operating system, you simply kill the task, if an application behaves not adequate. We have so many recommendations by previous acaryas, so we should listen to them, trust them and act. We learned from Srila Prabhupada not follow the guru who simply sells diksa for profit and in colorful package.

Sub-liminals are like spyware, normally won’t be recognized by anti-virus applications. those trojan-horses make 95% and influence our sub-consciens. The result is that we are getting confused and distracted.

A good sadhana, is based on having the right mixture of hard and software. A healthy diet, a good relationship to a spiritual master as a source of faith and spiritual faith, time to study the scriptures and Sadhu Sanga. All together enables us to chant japa very nicely in association with Krishna. Actually we have to tune in. We have to drop those colored rocks we are holding in our hands in order to receive diamonds from a bona-fide spiritual master.

Getting a cheap PC might appear as very sweet at the beginning stage, but will turn later into pure bitterness, as you can’t protect it on all sorts of obstacles. You’ll spend a fortune to prevent that. The bitterness of paying a bit more at the start by getting a Mac will simply turn into a fully protective sweetness.

We have to trust the sampradaya and follow the footsteps of previous acaryas, so we won’t breakdown. Therefore you won’t need any anti-virus application, if you choose the right platform from the start. It is already embedded in this wonderful path of called Krishna consciousness.

» Posted By Michael R. Lorek On Jul 3, 2008 @ 2:03 am

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