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New Film/Video Conference on PAMHO

All glories to Sri Krishna and Srila Prabhupada ! I offer my humble obeisances to our lotus master. Nrsimananda das, I haven’t been in the ISCON movement since 1976. I know thirty years is a long time to say hello. Shortly after I left the Atlanta temple to return to college I came down with an embarrasing disease, bipolar disorder. It is incurable but not life threatening nor contagious. I never relinquished my faith in the Bhagavad Gita or the spiritual lessons I learned from Prabhupada. I became a photographer and also worked as a house painter. Just a year ago I got my first digital camera and my first computer. I have been learning how to use them, and I have been going to art therapy, painting pictures for about a year and a half. Have you any use for such a lost and worthless soul? I have been reading about the ISCON movement on the computer for a while now, since I learned about using the search feature. What I found most interesting about your post is the use you have put film and video to in you devotional work. I would be grateful to hear more about this, although my experience is with still pictures. I am living on the north side of Chicago on Lake Michigan. I ride my bicycle for exercise and frequently take the train to downtown Chicago to go sightseeing. I noticed that the Chicago temple has been having difficulty with their internet site, and I am unable to contact them through their website’s contact us feature. Still, I am living fairly close to the Chicago temple and I should go se them and bring this to their attention. Have you been making films and videos very long? I always thought that might be something I should have looked into. You can contact me at I am here all the time, since I am on the disability rolls. I live alone in an old hotel in a room about the size of a one car garage, and the only regular form of relief is the art studio where I go three times a week. I also eat at a sponsored soup kitchen four times every week. I am simply grief stricken at the loss of my old friend Sarup Damodar, and I contacted the Mayapur temple to recieve news about how the injured were doing. That hit me about as hard as Prabhupada’s disappearance. My doctor and several therapists all recorded a sudden increase of symptoms. We have to do something to get over it. I would be glad to hear more about your work, but at the moment I think I hear the yogurt calling me from the refrigerator. Love Always, Michael Corbin

» Posted By MichaelCorbin On Oct 20, 2006 @ 2:56 am

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