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Silk – should we wear it or not?

I personally feel that there are unavoidable violence’s that we must partake in, i.e. in farming or performing some service, etc, but there are obviously some violence which can be avoided, and which have practical alternatives. For example we have a choice to wear silk, or a choice to wear leather, there are other clothing and shoe options available. So when we have a choice and there is a non-violent alternative I feel that we should not use the same old excuse of yukta-vairāgya to participate in violent acts, but we should side on the wing of compassion and choose the non-violent alternative. Simply this, if there is a choice, use it.

We don’t have to kill trees or pollute with styrofoam for our programs, there are biodegradable plates made from sugar cane; we don’t have to were leather or silk. as there are many other great textiles; we don’t have to use things that were tested on animals or come from cows that were treated badly, as there are many labels explaining that something is animal friendly or we can have a coop with a local farm to receive fresh dairy that is from cows that are treated nicely; we don’t have to use chemical cleaners and destroy mother Bhumi, as there are earth friendly alternatives. We can recycle, we can use recycled products, save energy, etc… We could go on and on, the point is, if we have a choice, go compassionate. You will see your heart soften day by day, your japa and relationships will improve, and your vision of seeing Bhumidevi as our mother, and all living entities as parts and parcels of Krishna, will grow leaps and bounds.

Hare Krishna.

» Posted By Muralidhar-priya Das On Mar 8, 2009 @ 3:01 pm

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