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Will you join me to campaign for a safe Vrindavan?

Regarding Subanghi Dasi’s suggestion that Vrindavan be given official tourist destination status, if indeed, as she says, “millions” go through the town, then of course its tourism status is already a fact. The area then might as well be benefitted by introducing new measures of public safety and others. The idea of bringing Vrindavana to international attention via the media is a brilliant one, Indians hate to be seen in a bad light. Unfortunately in many cases it is the only light there is to show certain aspects of India. The growing danger of male abuse of females in India is one such issue, corruption and loss of respect for tradition and orthodoxy is another, and the list goes on. Worshipers in the dham are naturally the guardians of the spirit of the dham, and that spirit, non sectarianism, is precisely what must be guarded at all costs.

» Posted By Nandini On Jun 1, 2008 @ 2:06 pm

The suggestion given by Dhamesvara Gaura das may seem sound and sensible at first, but the truth is, a sexual predator is not deterred by shabby appearances. If that were the case, historically women who desired a life of asceticism would simply have taken to dressing in rags and voila, they would have been free to roam the roads and forests alone without fear of being raped and violated by men. The truth of the matter is that certain men do see women as sexual objects regardless of dress. Real gentlemen respect women, even when these dress provocatively (by men’s standards) out of ignorance or other reasons. Which by the way does happen in the dham just as it happens elsewhere. Not all women who reside in the dham are renounciates, and some amongst the visitors, as we have seen often, are rather unfortunate in their choice of dress while there. But the onus must be on the side of the agressor’s behavior, not the victim’s.

» Posted By Nandini On May 30, 2008 @ 6:35 pm

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