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Dear Danavir Maharaj,
Please accept my respectful obeisances. Jaya Sril;a Prabhupada and His mission to deliver the world!
I read your article with great disppointment, for you misrepresented Atma Yoga totally. That’s where you got the pictures from. You made a mockery of the whole thing. You put on a big show, but it’s all misrepresentation. However, the whole program, designed by Atmananda Prabhu under the direct instruction and guidance of His Holiness Bhaktitirtha Swami, was created for the sole purpose of bringing the participants closer to Krsna. Furthemore, all 15 of your points of objection do not apply to Atma Yoga, maybe other yoga systems, but not to Atma Yoga, because Atma Yoga presents full Krsna Consciousness, though packaged in the popular yoga genre. There are many ways to preach. Phalena pariciyate. Judge by the results.
I offer to humbly suggest to please not waste your valuable time in criticizing the effective preaching tactics of others, and if you do so, better research and representation would be more in order. Are you not so busily absorbed in your own preaching that you have time to cut down the sincere and well thought out preaching tactics of Srila Prabhupad’s sincere followers and preachers, especially by misrepresentation? You are so erudite and practiced at your Bhakta Programs, and are showing us how to preach in that way, and many others are showing other ways of bringing souls to Krsna. Please consider this, and I guarantee yourself greater success and satisfaction in your preaching endeavors.
Thank you.
Your servant,
Nirguna das

» Posted By Nirguna das On Jun 2, 2007 @ 3:45 pm

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