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Gomata- Indigenous Cow or Exotic Cow?

Hare Krishna!PAMHO! AGTSP!
I asked my friend, Navadwippati Prabhu, IIT, Mumbai, for his comments on this article. He has very nicely given the following explanation. I am posting this with his prior permission.

According to one’s guna and karma (and not according to birth), one is qualified to ascend – BG 4.13. As Maharaj above says – Not all Humans can be guru but only the qualified ones. Similarly, not all cows can be Brahmanical (or Vedic) cows, but only the qualified ones. Like various human species, cows from various regions carry various qualities. E.g. Gir cows produce more milk than other Indian breeds. Similarly, Holsten/Jersy produce more milk than Gir and so on. On the same terms, Indian breed cows carry some special properties which distinguish them from the other breeds. Read for more details.

All Ekadashis are Ekadashis, but some are of significant importance; all forms of Krsna is Krsna inherently, but some forms carry noteworthy characteristics; similarly all cows are cows but Vedic/Brahmanical cows carry exceptional qualities which can not be ignored. If other breeds can carry those qualities, certainly they can be accepted as Vedic cows even if they are from other countries. On the contrary, even if a non qualified cow (Holstein etc) take birth in INDIA, they can not be termed as Vedic, though they are from India.

Saying that doesn’t mean that other breeds (or other animals for that sake) carry less importance and should not be protected. The discrimination is not at the protection level, but at the acceptance level. We love all humans doesn’t mean I’ll accept anybody as my guru. If SWISS watches are good, I should NOT be hesitant in accepting this only because I’m not a SWISS.

Many a times Srila Prabhupada quoted ” courage of an Englishman and the heart of a Bengali mother.” By quoting this did Srila Prabhupada make a racist statement? No, Never.

Hope the difference is clear and MUST NOT BE taken as racism.

Thank you very much!
Your fallen servant,
Nityananda Ram das
New Delhi

» Posted By Nityananda Ram Das On Jun 29, 2012 @ 8:55 am

Radha Kunda tilak – Bonafide or not?

Hare Krishna Dear Varun Prabhu,

Thank you very much for this wonderful paper to clear the prevailing misconception among us!

Your fallen servant,
Nityananda Ram das
New Delhi

» Posted By Nityananda Ram Das On Nov 20, 2010 @ 5:41 am

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