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Putting An End to Courtesy Japa

Very inspiring article and comments!

In the past I used to chant while I did shopping, talking etc…Frankly I found no perfect time to chant after I once heard a powerful lecture on how to chant, I literally stopped at one point to chant after hearing that it was useless to do these kind of prajalpa chanting, mainly because I had no interest in the ultimate goal, rather I was chanting just because I had promised.
Now that I am chanting, sometimes or often, I would say its prajalpa chanting, mostly the talking little and chanting little.. I wonder what I could do to help myself get to that real meditation chanting!

any suggestions?

» Posted By Om On Jan 10, 2007 @ 4:51 pm

The G12 Movement – Any Relevance for Vaisnavas?

mmm… Nice analysis Iksvaku prabhu!
Are you just trying to find parellels?

Its very nice the way you portray Srilaprabhupad being able to handle the newcomers, in a similar way of G12. But I guess you are saying that this type of care is not present now in the movement!?
I suppose that you have an idea for ISKCON’s congregation ! I see that you carefully avoid dicussing openly how it will be very useful to apply some of the techniques of G 12 in ISKCON,especially as you seem to have done quite a bit of research on this.

Your mood is very nice: So your idea is to get people involved more in taking care of newcomers etc…in a systematic way!
what is your practical suggestion?? How do you see us putting in action the G12 kind of program, for the present situation?

» Posted By Om On Dec 26, 2006 @ 3:23 am

Television: The No. 1 Public Enemy of Devotion

Vow!!!! Terrific article kaunteya prabhu !! though we’ve heard “its bad” for years here it goes why and how !! The statistics are just incredible! Thanks for reminding all with your strong words and references!!
A good warning for devotees with children who have a tv sitting at home and claiming its position as if one of the * members of the family*! , we know its hard to contol the children even if we control ourselves they are soo addicted, but we have to go beyond our strenght to prevent this disaster of watching TV especially prevent the innocent little brains from feeling that this is life and this is the world!

At the same time by providing krishna concious programs through
The public enemy#1 krishna can be( he is always!, but can be more accepted)
The public best friend #1- it can be used as a great preaching stategy.
Krishna is anyway everywhere,! so why not facilitate him to be on TV even more, and aim to gradually one day different channels showing different avatars at the same time so there’s no way out other than watching one of these channels, as there is severe addiction and no better programs to get addicted.

Do you remember all those super hero serials( Indian) shakti-maan, mougli,…recently nicely there was this hanuman movie which made Indian children feel at home with thier real HERO, as the kids sometimes are not stupid they know that these cartoons or figures are not as strong as the gods like Hanuman and krishna.

My cousin told me last time: I am paraphrasing ” My friends are all stupid-they worship these ..supermans… they don’t know that Hanuman is much much more powerful than any of these cinema heros or supermans? these characters will get blown away by Hanuman- and thats because LORD SRIRAMA has his extended blessings and LOVE for hanuman. But these superman’s never can compete with them. when I grow up I will make movies of all Indian gods and let people know how powerful they are!”

Infact there is an Indian guy who studied animation from Newyork and wants the world at large to know about our Indian gods, he made this krishna cartoons. There is a new film of krishna(cartoon) by the way!!
So we being preachers can use this also but being much much aware of the influence take oppurtunity to contra use it against people in maya, in the form of ( kind of )MAYA.
I also have a dream to make krishna video games! thats another area of children enemy #2 perhaps.

your servanT V

» Posted By Om On Dec 25, 2006 @ 3:21 am

“Mysterious Antiques”

Just sharing a personal expereince: Once I was in a temple in srirangam and I happened to find a mystical finger ring of Lord balaji just next to where I sat down ( It was a very very old ring)and, as I am a devotee of balaji since childhood I was soo happy and thought that the lord was pleased, I thought the power was due to divine power and lord came himself to me etc…
During the day- I felt super energetic and intutional,I kind of knew what was coming next when I wore the ring, and after a few days weird happenings with terrible dreams and one night I dreamt that someone was asking me to throw away the ring ; One older brahmana checked it and said there must be some tantra done to this, it gives something but be careful it can also harm you in the long run” I had somehow become soo attached, it was very hard to remove it but once I did and put it in the ganga! I felt soo much peace in the heart and life!!

I don’t think maharaj’s tiger tooth could have some bad effect, but in general: better not to take shelter of things- Incase they have some spell or tantra on it.

» Posted By Om On Dec 24, 2006 @ 8:32 am

As I know a little about tantra and stuff!
I was wondering how good would it be for maharaj to use the tiger teeth! – karmically speaking there are chances of being karmically bound to the person who did tantra, and the person who used it previously..etc..
Generally all these antiques have particular power because some kind tantra would be done to these articles! or although its unlikely in this case, it could be a result of some austerities or boon from gods!!!!

» Posted By Om On Dec 24, 2006 @ 8:06 am

“It is All in the Sanga”

Yes Akruranath prabhu! this is a very important project!
Mayapur being the spiritual capital of the world, should certainly have this facility!

» Posted By Om On Dec 20, 2006 @ 12:02 pm

ISKCON, Sect or Cult? Actually Both

Nice points to ponder!! This article could describe more in detail how it has both characterstics of a sect and a cult. I felt that this is an over edited article, aimed towards perfection of words more than on the subject. If It can be more free flowing with simple points(realisations) also , it will be more relishable.

» Posted By Om On Dec 18, 2006 @ 12:05 pm

Halting the March of Kali

Its an important and a wide topic to discuss and work on.
I was In vrindavan recently and I was feeling sad as I sat on the banks of yamuna watching people polluting it. Can we really do something to save Yamuna so we can get her mercy??

Maharaj I would like to share something Iskcon could do – this : I noticed that in the villages near mathura and around, other prominent personalities have been doing food distribution and charity of books pencils etc… and also Inviting many Politicians and Other leaders to their centre on Mathura Road, and we wondered why Iskcon hasn’t been able to establish more activities on the outskirts, and this way we could also get thier support and can educate them.

» Posted By Om On Dec 18, 2006 @ 12:21 pm

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