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Jayananda Thakur

This is the most beautiful film I have ever seen. All glories to your wonderful service in pure devotion, Prabhus

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 24.05.2013 @ 20:45

A sober reply to Mother Govinda Dasi ACBSP

Govinda Dasi tells of an instance wherein the devotees wrote a glorification of Shrila Prabhupada that didn’t exactly hit the mark. They wrote “This man has saved the world.” Shrila Prabhupada did not like this characterization. After all, the first thing devotees tell outsiders is “You are not your man or woman body.” So how can someone who thinks he is a man save the world? Similarly, and this is my spin, there can be no woman guru since a guru is transcendental to this body. However, if a spiritually realized personality appears in a body of a man, woman or even child, then that position is absolute. Guru is not created by a body of legislatures. Guru is self realized and that means that a spiritual master is understand his position as Krishna dasa dasa dasanaudasa. I do not know why there is so much misunderstanding over this issue as it seems very plain and simple to me. There will come a time very soon when qualified women who are spiritually-conscious step forward and take this huge burden on their shoulders by the grace and order of Shrila Prabhupada. I simply pray that the GBC recognizes those devotees in both male and female bodies who are actually qualified through realization and tapasya and nothing else. This movement simply cannot weather any more individuals who seek the post due to a sense of self-prestige which contradicts everything a humble Vaishnava preceptor stands for. One who sits upon the Vyasa Asan must be the representative of Shri Vyasa both in learning and in character. A guru’s post is not dependent upon his disciples. His Divine Grace Shrila Gaura Kishore das Babaji Maharaja had one disciple and he was certainly a guru long before he gave the lovely name Varasvanabidebidayitayadasa to Shri Shrimad Bimala Prasad Dutt, later the Acharya of the entire Gaudiya Sampradaya for the first half of the Twentieth Century His Divine Grace Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur.

I will close by offering my thanks to Mother Govinda Dasi for her thoughtful and well-considered article.

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 04.12.2012 @ 18:42

Frankly. I cannot fathom from which corner of the Universe this article has originated. First the author writes that she is replying to “Govinda Dasi ACBSP”. For the kind information of the author, Shrimati Govinda dasi Mataji never writes her name with the initials of the exalted spiritual master following her name. The divine name of the pure devotee His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is not meant to be worn as a title or degree as one may tack PhD after one’s name to increase one’s profile, rank and prestige. Next, the author refers to Shrila Prabhupada with a casualness that can only be regarded as shocking or even offensive. A genuine disciple or in this case grand-disciple never refers to his spiritual master by his initials as this writer has with her repeated use of “SP”. When did Shrila Prabhupada ever refer to the Six Goswamis as the 6G’s or his own spiritual master by his initials.? Never. I do not know how such violations of Vaishnava etiquette make it beyond the respected team of Dandavats editors. For a genuine disciple this casual initial business just isn’t done.

Next the author appears to have some sort of crystal ball and can see the past because the author somehow knows that Govinda Dasi was some mere hippie for whom Shrila Prabhupada had to bend the rules of the sampradaya. That is another blunder because Govinda Dasi as Bonnie McElroy was never a hippie. She was a pious young lady as straight-laced as they come who went off to college in Texas. She may have meditated later in Golden Gate Park in 67, but that does not qualify one as a hippie. There may have been many hippies who became devotees, but she came from a different demographic. Mother Govinda Dasi was a skilled and accomplished artist who had spent years of discipline perfecting her rare abilities. Shrila Prabhupada appreciated her abilities and by his divine order her excellent and captivating pen and inks adorned the covers of the earliest Back To Godhead magazines in America. as well as the first edition of Teachings of Lord Chaitanya.

When I was initiated in 68 Shrimati Govinda Dasi was Shrila Prabhupada’s secretary. His Divine Grace gave her a saffron / yellowish sari of solid colour that spoke of devotion. To me, an observant disciple, the message was obvious. His Divine Grace wanted women to give their lives to preaching Krishna consciousness. And that is what a guru does, he or she preaches.


Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 04.12.2012 @ 18:28

How the Scientists Stole the Vedas

Dear Akruranath das Prabhu,

Like the article’s author–who for purposes of disclosure happens to be my partner (since you are an attorney)–I am also a bit reticent to give the scientists too much credit. On the shoulders of modern scientific development we can lay blame for the acidification of the ocean, cancer causing muclear waste that is bombarding the earth, air pollution. poisonous substances in out foods. horrible epidemics, topsoil eradication. abortion, artificially keeping people alive only to lobby for euthanizeing them, the lunar hoax, drone bombs that destroy cities,,and a million other things you as a devotee are aware of. The demons are currently spraying the air with the Good-Lord-knows-what to artificially control weather. They are polluting the groundwater with fracking. The medical industry invent “syndromes” to sell psychotropic medicines to cure them. There is a floating plastic ocean the size of Texas in the Pacific that gags innocent sea life. All thanks to science. Sure science has benefitted me, hey, I’m glad to communicate with you this way over the scientific net. But that’s the point,, the internet was made for preaching Krishna’s message. If science is not dovetailed in the Lord’s service, it is demonic and that is the situation of 99% of the world’s scientists and their cursed discoveries that try to bend material Nature to their whims.

But that is another subject. Returning to the subject of the article, there is something I thought an academic and an intellectual like you would enjoy. There was a prof of Harvard in the early 50’s who became a night club comic, as his sense of humor was not appreciated at Harvard. I heard he lost his job and transferred to the more tolerant West Coast, UC at Santa Cruz, your neighborhood. Anyway. he sang a hilarious song about how mathematicians (naming Lobachevsky who is discussed in the article) and other scientists who engage in plagiarism though they cover their tracks by calling intellectual theft as research. So here is one mathematician pointing his finger at another. I think you’ll enjoy the humor:

Funny, no? Bottom line, it’s all there in the Vedas. As Shrila Shri Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur says, if all literature in the world were lost except Shrimad Bhagavatam, it would not be a great loss. Vasudeva sarvam iti, is it not Prabhuji? I always appreciate your input.

Your servant in Prabhupada,
Patita Pavana das Adhikary

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 01.11.2012 @ 14:56

So far going to the moon planet is concerned…

THis ranks amongst the funniest things I have ever seen in my life!
For those devotees who enjoy NASA Moon humor, please refer to the latest (Oct) issue of The Astrological Newsletter now available in the moving banner of Dandavats.

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 04.11.2012 @ 11:19

Nitai das left his body

Fate wears a cruel mask indeed for Nitai was the stuff of legends. In these days when many of us have grown lax in our execution of the highest principle, that of preaching the message of Shrila Prabhupada, Nitai was the Bhima and the Arjuna in the Great War on Maya. Like the Burning Man himself, Nitai was on fire with giving the essential wisdom of Krishna consciousness to everyone who fell within the purview of his vision. I never knew him well, except by hearing. Just as many have become devotees of Lord Krishna by hearing of the Lord’s glories from Shri Narada and Shrila Prabhupada, so I heard all about Nitai from Mother Anavadyangi devi. He stayed in a trailer at her place when he was setting the Burning Man Festival in Nevada on fire with the message of Sankirtan Yagna, a fire that burns to ashes all seeds of sin in its wake. Hearing of his glories, I telephoned him and was privileged to hear this rare mahatma’s enthusiasm, so much so that I have remained inspired to this day.

So why would this valuable soul be taken from Lord Chaitanya’s Sankirtan Army now when his leadership is most required? Obviously, Lord Krishna has a plan. What appeared as a brutal and bloody accident to our weakened eyes was nothing less that the Lord’s Own Hand taking His elect unto His eternal and transcendental shelter. We are pleased that our Nitai Prabhu left this world during the auspicious Uttarayana path when the Sun was moving in the North and during the waxing portion of the lunar month. As far as we lost and forlorn servants here on Earth are concerned, it is for us to summon our strengths, to re-ignite our enthusiasm and to follow, follow, follow his example. If we can be inspired by his example, and in so doing inspire others, then we truly will be a part of the legacy of this remarkable devotee, a legacy which serves Guru Maharaja Shrila Prabhupada in the highest capacity.

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 04.02.2012 @ 13:02

The Story of Smita the Cow

This is a very beautiful, simple and devotional story that has moved me and touched my heart. All glories to Shrila Prabhupada that his teachings have translated into such a deep understanding in the hearts of the devotees of his ISKCON family. Thank you Mata Phalini for taking the time to let us experience your feelings for Mother Smita and her son Abhaya.

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 22.12.2011 @ 19:54

Pitfalls of Democracy

My dear Keshava Krishna das Prabhu,
Although this discussion revolves around democracy, the thrust of the article was meant to elevate the topic to a broader platform of enlightened governance based upon the Vedic model. Apart from the convenience of spreading Krishna consciousness under the form of democracy that Shrila Prabhupada praised in the 60’s and 70’s, the second reason the World Acharya (sometimes!) spoke well of it is that if the citizens can be educated then they could be encouraged to vote for a system that more closely reflects the Vedic model. For such a situation to arise, an army of fearless and uncompromising brahmanas with book bags is required (that would be us). In this way, Shrila Prabhupada predicted, the people could vote in those who would lead and protect their genuine interests. What we have seen in America in the past decade is that the powers that be have successfully enticed the people to vote away everything their form of government is meant to protect. Therefore, since that is possible, then a Vedic system can also be voted in, but this requires yagna performed with great force, sankirtan and the Holy Names. There really is no other way.

If we are to elevate our perspective and hence this topic, then we owe it to ourselves to examine the system of a powerful king as the autocratic overlord who rules by the strength of dharma though he bows to the brahmana preceptors. Although Krishna consciousness has indeed spread under democracy in America and later in Russia and other places, these models do not compare to the system of India’s kings that protected dharma for the most part right up into 4,000 years of Kali Yuga. Only in the past 1,000 years has this system fallen apart assisted in no small way by waves of mlecchas in different dresses and religions who invaded the Holy Lands of Bharatvarsha. I do not thin that it is naive to hope that the system of the Vedic king can be reinstituted.

As far as your example of North Korea is concerned, let us look at South Korea which is a very democratic place to be sure, but a country in which we devotees hardly have a significant presence. Christianity, Buddhism and other religions have spread across nations only due to royal patronage. Although those who do not know the past are destined to repeat it, others who understand the advantages of historical lessons can once again implement those aspects of world heritage that are laudable and good for mankind as a whole.

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 05.01.2012 @ 19:41

My dear Keshava Krishna das Prabhu,
Sorry, but I can’t buy the argument that “OK so democracy is not perfect, but look at North Korea.” Sure, the argument has merit, but it smacks of relativism, pointing out situations that are relatively better than others. It reminds me of the 60’s and whenever we’d open our mouths about the Viet Nam War or other aspects of American democracy, the patriots would get in our faces with, “If you don’t like America, go live in Russia your Communist” Just because there is a situation that is worse than the one we have doesn’t mean we should become complacent.

As an example of this dogocracy from 1981: A Golden Retriever named Bosco was elected Mayor of Sunol, California. Shortly thereafter, the entire town burned down. People do not realize that the destiny of the leader for better or worse affects the entire situation under him. Shrila Prabhupada mentioned many times that people have become dog like. One radio host asked His Divine Grace around 1970, “What if we don’t want to take part in your movement.” Prabhupada’s answer was to the point, “Then you can be cat or dog.” The response of the host was to go to a commercial break and hustle Prabhupada off the show. On the street Prabhupada said with a broad grin (to Mukunda), “So, what did you think of my answer?” He told many people, “You are having your sex life in a big bed and the dog is mating in the street. What is the difference between you?” He said that the dog is moving on four legs and the man is moving on four wheels, but the propensity is the same.

Yesterday a photographer enticed several thousand people to undress for a photo shoot as reported on BBC. It turns out that he goes all over the world, New York, Chile, German, Israel, Australia, and for his “art” thousands of people turn up, disrobe and lie down like fish in a net waiting for their karma to overtake them. So practically there is no difference between the dogs and these so called “voters”. Prabhupada called then dwi-pada pasus, “two-legged dogs.” When His Divine Grace visited the Morning Star Ranch, a hippie commune in California, many people moved here and there undressed. Prabhupada said that they would become trees in their next lives. That was when he told for the first time the story of Manigriva and Nalakuvera who offended Narada Muni by appearing shamelessly unclothed.

As long as dogs are in charge whether this sort of dog or that sort, this dogocracy will prevail. Only sankirtan can save us.

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 03.01.2012 @ 08:56

For Krishna Keshava:

Your argument, though appearing logical in its assessment of the advantages of American democracy does not pertain to the present situation there. In the past nearly half century since Shrila Prabhupada landed in Boston, the country has seen radical changes towards a oligarchical, conspiratorial, global dictatorship run by a mega-corporation that owns the government. This is not mere hot-winded paranoic rhetoric but hard fact. The quality of the voting public in America has been depleted and diluted due to the country illegally allowing immigrants in simply for utilizing their votes, and forcing their votes by offering incentives that will appeal to them, like welfare and free medical care which are denied to natural citizens. Rigged voting machines are another problem. Further the “informed public” has been purposely dumbed down by a controlled media.

Shrila Prabhupada’s programme called for bending the then-”democracy” of the 70’s to our favor by preaching and teaching. His Divine Grace proved that the sankirtan yagna can indeed chase away the dark clouds of Kali Yuga. However, because we have not pursued this goal with the zeal we should have–and I am more guilty than anyone–therefore the forces of darkness are caving upon a once-almost-great nation. Shrila Prabhupada once remarked that the demi-gods would not come to this world to use the toilet. In the same way, many Americans are leaving that country and would not return there for the same purpose. Websites like appeal to ex-pats who have found their valhalla, temporary as any situation is here in matrya-loka, away from America. It has gone too far downhill and only a full focus on the Holy Names, public chanting of the mahamantra, can save the country so that an educated public can make rational choices in elections.

I would say that the hope of the world lies today as it always has in India. That great country has made a wonderful showing in its defense from the very top of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita As It Is. Therefore, for any change, the results do not rest upon this or that form of government but how much Krishna consciousness is pushed onward aggressively in those places.

To me one of the great unsung heroes of the sankirtan movement is Brahmananda Prabhu of Vrindavana. He organized the first saffron army and made sure the emphasis was on chanting and distribution of literature. Those in Vrindavana may inquire of his opinion regarding sankirtan efficacy

Comment Posted By Patita Pavana On 02.01.2012 @ 17:53


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