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The Hot Issue - Female Diksa Guru


Yogesvara: Here’s a problem. The women today want the same rights as men. How can they be satisfied?

Prabhupada: Everything will be satisfied. Just like our women, Krsna conscious, they are working. They don’t want equal rights with men. It is due to Krsna consciousness. They are cleansing the temple, they are cooking very nicely. They are satisfied. They never say that “I have to go to Japan for preaching like Prabhupada.” They never say. This is artificial. So Krsna consciousness means work in his constitutional position. The women, men, when they remain in their constitutional position, there will be no artificial (indistinct) (loud traffic noises). (Morning walk, Rome, 05/27/74)

Srila Prabhupada didn’t want us to adopt American ways of life. After a Bhagavad-gita lecture Srila Prabhupada was asked if he was in this world. He replied, “Just like I am in America. It is very easy to understand. I am not adopting any ways of life as the Americans. So I am not in America. Not only myself, all my disciples who are following me, they are also not Americans. They’re different from American behavior, American ways of life. In that sense I’m not in America. I am in Vrndavana because wherever I go, in my apartment or in my temple, I live with Krsna and Krsna consciousness. I don’t accept any consciousness of America. And I teach my disciples also to take to that consciousness. So one who takes to that consciousness, he is also not in America, not in this world.” (Lecture, Los Angeles, 12/16/68)

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 25.11.2013 @ 18:21

Dear Devakiji, Your article makes perfect sense. Srila Prabhupada put his male disciples, not female disciples, in leadership positions in ISKCON for a reason, because their intelligence is not so easily blurred by emotions like that of a woman. Srila Prabhupada saw everyone who came to render service to the preaching mission–both male and female–as sent by his Guru Maharaja. He therefore accepted and appreciated all of us and our contributions equally. He saw all of us as equals, as spirit souls, but he didn’t engage us all equally. We female-bodied disciples were genuinely appreciated, respected and encouraged to render devotional service along with our Godbrothers. In many services and situations, gender differences were not considered at all. But in some cases, they were. Leadership functions and positions such as the role of ritvik priest (eleven were chosen by Srila Prabhupada to initiate, chant on beads, and name the new devotees on behalf of Srila Prabhupada–1977 only), membership on the GBC, the position of Temple president and Vice President, certain priestly activities such as performing fire sacrifices, the sannyasa ashram, etc., were all exclusively carried out by and bestowed upon devotees in male bodies. This was not simply coincidental. Srila Prabhupada intentionally arranged ISKCON’s leadership in this way, which clearly reflected his personal recognition of the different natures Lord Krishna chose to endow the male and female with.

Srila Prabhupada is the Founder/Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Acarya means “one who teaches by his own example.” All of us who were blessed to be present during Srila Prabhupada’s personal presence were taught by his actions that his male-bodied disciples were to lead the movement, as has been pointed out above. Aligned with his actions we also have an overwhelming majority of his statements that support his vision of male leadership: “Prakrti means energy, just like prakrti means woman, naturally a woman is under the control of the man. That is our Vedic system, and natural system also. However the woman may claim equal rights, they are under the control of the man. That is natural.” (Lecture, Bombay, 12/17/75)

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 25.11.2013 @ 18:19

On the Subject of Female Diksha Gurus

@#34: Dear Mohana Mohini Mataji, Thank you for your encouraging comment, and for your good point about practicing femininity vs trying to step into men’s roles, which, as you described so aptly, is a “lose-lose” situation. All glories to Srila Prabhupada who mercifully taught us women the principles of how to cultivate and maintain femininity, and who bravely and boldly preached that although all souls are equal, men’s duties and women’s duties are different.

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 21.12.2012 @ 20:50

Exploring the Roots of Spiritual Culture: A Transformational Course for Ladies

Kudos to you, Mother Devaki, for developing and implementing a course for ladies to help us understand our roles in Vedic culture. WOO-HOO! What a welcome and phenomenal idea! Thank you and congratulations! This kind of education is so sorely needed in ISKCON–my hat’s off to you for taking the initiative. Put me on the roster. Your grateful servant, –Phalini dd

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 09.09.2012 @ 01:49

ISKCON, Bhubaneswar declaration

Dear Devotees of Bhubaneshvar-Dhama, Pranams. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Sri Sri Krsna-Balarama! It is just past midnight here in North Carolina, USA, on the night of Lord Sri Krsna’s Appearance, and I have just now read your letter. This is a very sad report from your temple. We are feeling very, very sad that this has happened. I have heard that the more sincere we become, the more severely we may be tested. Somehow, because you are all so sincere, Our Lord has deemed fit to test you in this most challenging way. We are confident that from this calamity will come some great blessing, though, so please, please, don’t despair. Expect something wonderful to come from this horrible deed that those little Kali-yuga demons have perpetrated. Thank you for the wonderful service you all do there in Bhubaneshvar. We are praying for you as you have asked. Hare Krsna.

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 10.08.2012 @ 05:25

Freewill of a Molecule

Nice article about free will, Vrindavanlila. Thanks. Cool how you presented different questions–”problems”–then offered quotes from Srila Prabhupada to help illustrate the solutions. I really like your conclusion, how Varnasrama dharma is the perfectly designed arrangement of the Lord to allow us to act within our own nature, varna and guna to become purified. Great point that it’s our own free will whether we choose to live according to varnasrama dharma or not.

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 03.07.2012 @ 14:48

Bring river Yamuna beck to Vraj-Vrindavan

Dear Amala-Premaji,

Bhadram te! Are you the Amala Prema from Poland? So nice to hear from you on Dandavats! Thank you for writing this informative article about Sri Yamuna Maharani. I had no idea that Srimati Yamuna devi is so polluted! I will pray to Lord Jagannatha for her. She is very dear to Lord Jagannatha, and Lord Jagannatha hears our prayers. I will keep her in my prayers and kirtans. Hare Krsna.

Always wishing you and your family well,

Mata Phalini

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 26.06.2012 @ 23:22

The Structural Gambit for Celibacy and Chastity

Great article! Thank you, Mother Vrndavanlila! Excellent overview of the necessity of celibacy and chastity and how they complement each other. A friend forwarded the link to me a while back, but I was too busy until today to read your article. I finally got a chance to read it just now, and it was well worth the wait. May I have your permission to quote you? I always appreciate works which support Srila Prabhupada’s desire to see Daiva Varnasrama Dharma to be reestablished in the world.

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 31.12.2011 @ 21:15

The Story of Smita the Cow

Thank you to all the devotees who commented after my story. I agree with you, Ananda, that the tractor is not a good idea. We wanted to dig the grave with shovels. I asked everyone in the community to come help dig. No one could come except Mitra. I thought about digging it myself, but due to the fact that I am in a 61-year-old, weak, arthritic body and it was raining off and on, and there was no one except my daughter and my baby grandson to help me and we had to call the telephone company and the power company and make an appointment to have the guys come out three days later to mark the ground above where the underground power lines are so that we wouldn’t hit them with the shovels, and we were afraid to wait any longer to bury her, we had to make a decision. So, since Mitra was the only person who responded to my request, and he was willing to dig the grave in two hours by himself (it would have taken me two DAYS), we accepted his kind proposal. Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do, especially when the buzzards are already circling overhead…

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 31.12.2011 @ 01:30


Dear Bhakti-lata,
Thank you so much for this little report including the wonderfully inspiring letters you have received from so many inmates. Thank you also for your work over the years with prisoners. You’re awesome. Because of you, I looked for the first time (I am embarrassed to admit) at the IPM website. While there, I read a great story by Akhilananda Prabhu about one Bhakta Aaron who got initiated WHILE STILL IN PRISON by HH Bhaktimarga Swami. What a cool story! All glories to Akhilananda Prabhu and to all you devotees who are rendering such important service to Srila Prabhupada and Their Lordships Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!
Your admiring sister,

Comment Posted By Phalini devi dasi On 27.09.2011 @ 05:48


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