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Why I am not a vegan

Unlike most other vitamins, vitamin B12 is not made by plants or animals. I should of said, B12 is made from bacteria. Thanks for the typo.

So, how is it that vegetarian animals like cows and sheep can make their own B12 but humans cannot? One reason is because many vegetarian animals (like cows and sheep) have stomachs with four chambers. The first chamber, called the rumen, is rich in bacteria which can make B12. Other animals also have stomachs which are shaped differently and allow more bacterial fermentation.

Another reason that vegetarian animals aren’t B12 deficient is that they often consume soil along with their food. Soil often contains cobalt, which is necessary for making B12 in the intestines. As Dr. Justine Butler points out, many primates have been known to eat dirt to naturally treat/combat nutrient deficiencies. When moved to a zoo and fed a sterile diet, many primates develop B12 deficiencies.

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 30.07.2014 @ 17:38

Krishna Dairyan - We are not vegans, but PRO-PURE DAIRY

Pandu prabhu,

I understand your point, but feel that the pro-active “Krishna-dairyan” strategy has much more merit. You see, as long as we can continue to purchase dairy from farmers that exploit cows, then we remain part of the problem. However, rather than rejecting the industry outright, we can approach the organic farmers and propose as a cooperative of consumers, to purchase their milk if they agree to not kill the cows. At the end of the day, what these farmers are doing is pure business, so if the ISKCON community can guarantee the farmers a certain amount of business then why wouldn’t they agree to our conditions? In this way, we can get ahimsa milk.

Plus, as I pointed out in the article, as long as ISKCON ignores this issue and pretends that what we have been doing thus far is good enough, then the motivation to do better will not be there. 40 years after Srila Prabhupada gave us the orders to establish cow protection and produce our own milk, we should have done better.

Finally, the argument that these commercial dairy cows get benefit by offering their milk can not be supported by shastra or any quote from Prabhupada. Typically the milk is forceable extracted from the cows, and that in itself if not acceptable according the the Bhagavatam. But more importantly, that so-called “milk” is then mixed in large vats, so how and what cow in particular gets benefit if a devotee offers their milk? It is all very unscientific and speculative. The bottom line is: dairy cows and their calves suffer horrible lives because of the dairy industry. The only solution is to produce our own product. It is about time ISKCON did that as a rule, not as a rare exception.

Promoting a Krishna-dairyan lifestyle is standing up for cows, honouring ISKCON’s ancient roots and also directly challenging the criticism of the vegan community.

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 26.06.2014 @ 18:16

Ocean of Mercy: Bhakti Benefits for Doomed Cows?

Although I do not agree with all of the swami’s arguments, I will say this:

While it is impossible to actually know what cow is benefitted by offering her milk, in principle it is true that anyone is benefitted if they are engaged in the devotional service of the Lord, even unknowingly. However, what is often not addressed in regard to commercial milk is the question: How do we know if Krishna accepted the offering? The truth is, we don’t know for sure. It is completely subjective. We assume Krishna has accepted and go on confidently thinking that we have therefore eaten prasadam!

But let’s look at this matter objectively. Krishna says He will accept an offering from the Sattvic category of foods IF it is offered with devotion. Ok, so we have a clue here. So how do we objectively measure devotion? Well, like LOVE, devotion is a verb — a doing word that can only be measured by actions. That is why the Nectar of Devotion gives a list of symptoms of one that has attained pure devotion, so that we neophytes can know for sure.

So when we talk about offering food to Krishna for the purpose of making that food turn into prasadam, we have to honestly ask the following questions:

1) Am I doing this for the pleasure of Krishna?
2) Are the ingredients of the food I am offering the best I can offer?
3) Have I prepared this meal with devotion and a pure mind

If you can honestly answer those questions with a solid “YES” then I would say you have a very good chance that Krishna will accept that offering and transform the meal into prasadam.

Now, considering the state of the commercial dairy industry, I would opine that Question 2 is a hard one to honestly answer, “Yes.”

Similarly, considering how much excess dairy most ISKCON devotees consume, I would challenge that many devotees are not always acting in pure devotional service and so Question 1 is also a bit of a challenge. Prabhupada made it clear that we should not overeat, nor costume too much dairy, but those instructions, seems to still fall on deaf ears some 40 years later, being overruled by his comments to neophytes that they should eat so much prasadam they “waddle like a duck. “

The bottom line is: Taking some commercial dairy and then chanting mantras does NOT guarantee that the milk will be accepted by Krishna. He only accepts food if it is offered in devotion, and DEVOTION does not start at the alter, but from where and how the ingredients were sourced from.

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 03.07.2014 @ 14:28

Wow, so much discussion on this topic. While I don’t fully agree with all the swami’s points, what I will say is this:

Yes, of course, any living entity, including a cow can benefit if their milk is ACCEPTED by Krishna. Offering is one thing, whether the Lord accepts that offering is another thing entirely. And this point is being ignored.

We should always strive to do our best in service to Krishna, that is the essence of BHAKTI. It is not how much we offer, but the QUALITY of the offering. So devotees of ISKCON need to ask these question:

Am I doing my best to serve Krishna? Is this commercial milk the best quality milk I can offer? Am I offering this commercial milk for the pleasure of Krishna?

If you can answer YES to all three then I would say rather confidently that you have a good chance that Krishna will ACCEPT that offering, thus making it PRASADAM and thus benefitting the cow(s) that the milk was taken from.

If we try this simple process of evaluation, all other arguments become irrelevant.

I personally feel that Krishna would be happier being offered pure milk lovingly offered by cows that are protected. I know what Prabhupada said about commercial milk, but he also said these things 40 years ago, and a lot has changed in the dairy industry since then. He also wanted devotees to produce their own milk.

I prefer to take the high ground and strive for improving my offerings to Krishna. You are free to do as you please. But don’t assume that your offering is accepted just because you chant mantras.

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 02.07.2014 @ 21:29


In response to your quoting me:

1 Srila Prabhupada was not an expert nutritionist and therefore we cannot accept his authority on diet.
2 Milk is full of toxic chemicals, growth harmones and antibiotics and full of pain.
3 Some people are lactose intolerant.
4 He says Srila Prabhupada’s comments about leather are applicable to milk.
5 We don’t have to use milk and can use what we like.
6 The ‚ÄúPatram Pushpam‚ÄĚ verse does not include milk.
7 It is a ‚Äúwrong throw out‚ÄĚ comment that cows are killed because of their karma.

1. Prabhupada admitted that he was not expert in nutrition. You can research that.
2. Commercial milk is toxic. How can you say it is not?
3. Not some, but most of the world is lactose intolerant and this is mainly because of the poor quality of commercial milk. It has been shown that these same people do better with raw milk.
4. Yes, indeed, as leather is violent so too is using commercial milk. If you have ever visited a modern dairy y0u will understand this clearly.
5. We do not need milk to advance in Krishna consciousness. It is not a regulative principle. What is important is bhakti and bhakti is dependent upon our sincerity. So the question is: Are we being sincere when we purchase low quality commercial milk and ignore Prabhupadas instructions on producing our own milk?
6. It does not include milk. However, pure milk is sattvic and therefore is offer able.
7. The idea that commercial dairy cows are killed because of karma is simply ruthless, insensitive and a cop out.

We can do better and all I and others are saying is that ISKCON should do better.

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 08.04.2014 @ 00:13

ISKCON European Leaders: Traditional Vaisnava diet: Milk in ISKCON

I am surprised there was no resolution to invest more money and effort in developing cow protection in ISKCON. I am also surprised that 36% of the voters did not think it was important to source better quality milk to offer Krishna. One of my main points in the presentation is that most commercial milk is contaminated and therefore not sattvic, and because Lord Krishna only accepts sattvic foods offered with devotion, most commercial dairy products should not be offered. This is not a question of vegan or non-vegan, but is all about what is the BEST thing to offer Krishna, and honesty asking ourselves are we doing our best?

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 20.10.2013 @ 16:12

Vegans in ISKCON

The issue is not about being a “vegan” it is about acting with integrity. I am a Krishna-dairian and proud of it.

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 05.01.2013 @ 00:29

Dairy farmers sell their cows to slaughter because to them a cow is just a “unit” in their business. When that “unit” does not produce milk anymore, it becomes a “liability” and so they get rid of the liability to stay in business. If however consumers were willing to pay more to the farmers to respect the cows by allowing them to feed on grass, etc, and never killing them once they stop producing milk, then the farmer would change their business model accordingly. When people buy commercial milk from farmers that do not respect cows, they pay to keep the status quo. It is the same logic that would make McDonalds change to selling soy burgers. If the consumers demanded it, they would comply. Their agenda is profit, not selling meat burgers.

What is needed is a change in the model of milk production. ISKCON devotees should not support an industry that is hell bent on exploitation of cows for profit. It should only support ahimsa dairy farms and work towards the ideal that Srila Prabhupada wanted. As long as devotees continue supporting an exploitive system, the motivation to develop ahimsa dairy projects (inside and outside of ISKCON) will not be there, and neither will the current business model change.

“So unless one becomes responsible householder, how he‚Äôll execute his responsibility? If he thinks, ‚ÄúOh, what is the use of keeping a cow when the milk is available in the market? Oh, sex life is so cheap. Why shall I take the responsibility of marrying?‚ÄĚ This is going on.” - CC Adi 7 - 107-109 15/2/67 San Francisco

I think the solution is to form a cooperative of ahimsa milk buyers and approach the organic dairies with a proposal to adopt cows so they they are never sent to slaughter. Remember, this is all about business. We have to think in terms of what makes sense for business. The farmers, especially the organic dairy farms must have some respect for the cows, so it is a matter of forming a powerful alliance of consumers and proposing to them a new model for business. This initiative should be headed by organizations like ISKCON. It is a step in the right direction. ISKCON needs to see the solution from a broader perspective. SP didn’t expect that ISKCON would have all the solutions, and therefore he was always very keen to cooperate with others, as long as principles were not compromised. For me at least, for ISKCON to continue purchasing poor quality commercial dairy is a huge compromise of their principles.

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 05.01.2013 @ 00:28

Executive Event in London with Radhanath Swami and Ambarish prabhu

Wow, this is beautiful news. I am so honoured to know these wonderful devotees. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts.

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 12.12.2012 @ 08:33

World Food Day - How about a new perspective?

Sitalatama prabhu, why do you feel the need to nitpick. Just be happy that prasadam is going out in more and more quantities. Let’s celebrate with kirtan!!!!

Comment Posted By PriyavrataFFL On 20.11.2012 @ 04:15


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