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Food for Life charity wins Sustainable City Award

Karuna Purna dasi has made a very valid point- – ideally Parasuram’s name should have been mentioned in the article because he is indeed the team leader and he works tirelessly for Food for All.

As a good friend of Parasuram prabhu myself, I am one of Food for All’s secretaries and also a Trustee. In this case, the press release was partially written by and approved of Parasuram himself. As a favour I simply sent his article to this website. It was surely out of humility that he did not mention his own name. I do admit that ideally I should have slipped it in there when his ‘back was turned’, but at least this mistermeaner has given myself and others the opportunity to glorify Parasuram and of course the entire Food for All team all the more.

» Posted By Radha Mohan das On Mar 16, 2007 @ 7:49 pm

Our Heart in Vrindavana…and our intelligence and hands and pocketbook, too!

Yes I agree with the tone of Urmila’s article. Although one could argue that the real Vrindavan is revealed only to the spiritually advanced and that what most people see is simply a ‘Kali Yuga covering’, it is surely no excuse.

It would be nice to see ISKCON pilgrims spending less time at places like Loi Bazzar and MVT (with respect) and more time involved with conservation and excavation
projects. Perhaps temple leaders can brief devotees on this before leaving for India. More importantly, perhaps, is that the ISKCON Vrindavan temple in particular can encourage its international guests to do more by way of lectures, hand-outs, more office space etc. Perhaps senior devotees such as Dina Bandhu prabhu could incorporate a greater environmental angle to his tours of the Dham, and things like that.

Radha Mohan das

» Posted By Radha Mohan das On Jan 15, 2007 @ 12:59 pm

Walking on the Moon..?

Suresh’s point about Srila Prabhupada stating that “the Moon is farther away from the Earth than the Sun” is certainly an interesting one. It must be mentioned, however, that Sadaputa prabhu has written the book ‘Mysteries of the Sacred Universe’ which addresses the vertical dimention of the universe as described in the Bhagavatam.

It seems that the larger vertical distance given for the height of the moon does not necessary refer to physical distance between objects in space. Rather, the ‘heights’ of the moon and various other celestial bodies is relative to the plain of the ecliptic.

In general, when it comes to moon trips etc, what we need to understand is that the universe and even our localised solar system cannot be fully understood from the point of view of gross matter alone.

» Posted By Radha Mohan das On Dec 13, 2006 @ 7:07 pm

Ramananda prabhu’s point that NASA have now claimed that “all the video materials about the moonlandings were lost” and that “Neil Armstrong has only given “four interviews” makes NASA’s position extremely suspicious to say the least.
“LOST?” and “Just FOUR interviews?” The film reel to the Wizard of Oz hasn’t been lost, nor has my great great grandfather’s hazy black and white photos…so WHY have the photos of mankind’s so called giant leap on the moon been ‘LOST’?

As the Communications Secretary for Bhaktivedanta Manor, I have personally done about 30 interviews in the past two years (including radio, TV and local newspapers). NEIL ARMSTRONG HAS DONE ONLY FOUR??? …and I have never even been to space (although I’m sure a lot of devotees would like to send me out there on a one way ticket).

Prabhus, as the author of the original moon article on this website, I would like to say that as devotees we have very good reasons simply to say “SRILA PRABHUPADA WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!”

» Posted By Radha Mohan das On Dec 13, 2006 @ 3:30 pm

Public Survey in English Towns and Cities of term ‘Hare Krishna’

DJH- – thanks very much for your encouraging words regarding this article and survey. It make all the effort worthwhile.

» Posted By Radha Mohan das On Nov 12, 2006 @ 8:04 pm

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