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Live From Sri Mayapur Candrodaya Mandir! HG Urmila Mataji

Having watched this debate on and off for some time, I am still amazed at how strongly a person can hold onto their narrow vision of the absolute, and mostly relative truth, and believe it to be absolutely right. Simply because they back it up with different Prabhupada quotes, which they believe, affirm their relative vision.

Like the example of the four blind men, who approach an elephant, from different angles, feeling a different part of the elephant’s body. Each blind man is convinced that an elephant, is like the part of the body he touched. The blind man who felt the tusks, states, that Elephants are extremely hard and smooth. The man who felt the tail, explains that elephants are small and shaped like a snake. The man who felt the ear, states that the other two blind men are completely wrong and elephants are flat like a pancake. Yet each person holds to his tiny understanding of an elephant and tries to impose his true, but limited vision on the others.

While many people, on both sides, have made reasonable posts, some of the posts in this discussion, are good examples of how easy it is to take the philosophy, and use it to bludgeon our fellow devotees to death. Of all the weapons of the false ego, few are more potent, than our spiritually held beliefs that are backed up by “authority”. And nothing trumps the “Prabhupada said” bramastra. Yes, it is necessary to defend the philosophy from deviations, and use Prabhupada’s words. But, when anger and venom appear, it has been my observation, that the arguments, are more about our ego dominating, once again, trying to be the Ishvara. Yet another manifestation of our false ego, disguised in spiritual quotes.

So when faced with so many contradictory quotes, I try to look beyond the words to determine whom I believe to be right. I can only say, that Urmila, through her general comportment, throughout this debate, has acted like, as Prabhupada would say, “a perfect gentleman”, or rather gentlewoman. Despite being attacked with, what appeared to be, venom, anger and even hatred, she has shown, great tolerance, self control, and gravity. In fact she has displayed wonderfully, most of the 26 qualities of a Vaishnava. The same cannot be said about some of her most ardent critics. If this is the result of giving Bhagavatam class, I hope she and many other women continue. Her actions speak way louder than her critics words.

» Posted By Ram Mohan On Jun 17, 2011 @ 6:41 am

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