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Does Sex Attraction Bring People to Krishna?

Comment #57 addresses the question of what happens to a lady whose training consists of looking nice on harinam, with less emphasis on sadhana.

Well, I was dancing on harinam, wearing a crown etc. for several years during the Polish tour. In our case most of us do have a spiritual foundation. We get our spiritual strength from this service and from the morning program. Many of us have been devotees for over ten years and have done a variety of services.

Now I’m married with two children. I’m still chanting sixteen rounds each day. In no way did I ever feel exploited. Now, I obviously cannot push a pram and dance at the same time so I don’t dance on harinam. But when my children are older I hope to resume this service, with them. As long as preaching is successful and people and devotees are happy, lets serve Krsna and be happy!!!

» Posted By Ramesvari devi dasi On Dec 15, 2007 @ 8:03 pm

Dear devotees,

In any religious society, in our case Iskcon, there will be members who are over-strict, saying there is nor room for sense gratification, even regulated, and who will try to act pure straight away. There will also be members who practically don’t follow any rules, and there will be the majority of members in the middle, following the process but living normal life without hypocrisy. Devotees in the middle group will think, “I’m on the level I am now. Let me use my qualities, energy etc. for Krsna, in a regulated way, according to time place and circumstance.” KC is for everyone, not only for monks or beautiful people or people with money etc. The criteria is to be sincere and keep Krsna in the centre of any activity.

Because many comments are about attractive matajis dancing on harinam and the Shyam dance I can give my point of view as I’ve been a member of the Polish tour on and off for 9 years. I can tell you that devotees on the tour are very sincere. The devotees doing harinam love it, love to dance and like to chant, otherwise they would choose another service. This is a hard service. For several months we dance and chant for 5 hours each day, sometimes more. Do you think this is easy? Do you think matajis that happen to be beautiful do it because they want to attract attention to themselves? Somebody who thinks so should try it.

About covering the head, Indradyumna Swami wants his female disciples to cover their heads. That was the rule as far as I remember, though it wasn’t strictly followed. Also, on harinam it is difficult to cover the head when dancing or wearing a crown. Surely nobody would object. If in doubt just ask Maharaja personally.

As for the Shyam dance, well maybe there are people who think it is like a harem but most will just enjoy the performance. Is it because of different interpretations that we should stop the dance? Then shall we stop selling Krishna book because someone will interpret Krishna as a lusty boy without morality? No. Good dancing and performing are for people to come and enjoy KC. It will bring the majority of people to Krishna, at least bring them closer. And it’s already happening.

» Posted By Ramesvari devi dasi On Dec 14, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

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