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Our sankirtana – tainted with BLOOD OF SLAUGHTER!

Isan dasa made the Balaram mridangas for three or four years, when he left Los Angeles in 1979 my brother, Manu priya dasa, kept the project going until he died in 1992. From 1992 until the present I have been making the Balaram mridangas, completly free from any animal cruelty products. Together Manu priya and I have made over five thousand Balaram mridangas which are distibuted all over the world.
We have done a lot of testing and adjusting to get them to sound very close to the clay and leather drums. At present the BBT in Los Angeles and Australia have a good supply of them at 1980’s prices. They are also available from
I have a facebook page for Balaram mridanga, with many photos and some videos and history. I also have there an article written by Kurma Rupa dasa of ” Care for Cows” in Vrindavan called ” Slaughterhouse Mridangas”. In his article Kurma Rupa addresses the point that some musicians may prefer the sound of the leather drums but questions weather Krishna, Govinda prefers drums that may be made from cows slaughtered for their skin.

» Posted By Ratnabhusanadasa On May 23, 2011 @ 9:08 pm

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