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An Afternoon of Devotion at my Local Hare Krishna Temple


When I returned back to this article I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment and really enjoyed it.

I think there’s definitely something edifying about associating with those that share the same belief systems. I know I found it to be that way when I was a Christian. I still had non-Christian friends but there was a shared connection and understanding when spending time in fellowship with other Christians.

I loved what you wrote when you wrote: “And yet, the impulse to want to break down barriers to understanding between faithful theists of different religions, churches, sampradaya lineages or organizational camps, is also a good and Godly one. ”

I truly believe that it’s quite possible, no matter what one’s faith or belief, that all who are earnestly seeking the truth and feel they are encountering God and bearing the fruit of it, are drawing from the same well. God is so much bigger than to be necessarily confined to categories and labels.

Really enjoyed your comment.


» Posted By ShantiOm On Jun 13, 2012 @ 3:18 am

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