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Can A Disciple Advance Only As Much As One’s Guru?

Below is a purport by Srila Prabhupada were he states that a disciple can be more advance than his guru and take the guru back to godhead.

SB 4.12.33 – Dhruva Maharaja goes Back to Godhead

The great associates of Vaikunthaloka, Nanda and Sunanda, could understand the mind of Dhruva Maharaja, and thus they showed him that his mother, Suniti, was going forward in another plane.

This incident proves that the siksa- or diksa-guru who has a disciple who strongly executes devotional service like Dhruva Maharaja can be carried by the disciple even though the instructor is not as advanced. Although Suniti was an instructor to Dhruva Maharaja, she could not go to the forest because she was a woman, nor could she execute austerities and penances as Dhruva Maharaja did. Still, Dhruva Maharaja was able to take his mother with him. Similarly, Prahlada Maharaja also delivered his atheistic father, Hiranyakasipu. The conclusion is that a disciple or an offspring who is a very strong devotee can carry with him to Vaikunthaloka either his father, mother or siksa- or diksa-guru. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura used to say, “If I could perfectly deliver even one soul back home, back to Godhead, I would think my mission — propagating Krsna consciousness — to be successful.” The Krsna consciousness movement is spreading now all over the world, and sometimes I think that even though I am crippled in many ways, if one of my disciples becomes as strong as Dhruva Maharaja, then he will be able to carry me with him to Vaikunthaloka.

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Feb 27, 2013 @ 10:48 am

Double-voice amplification kirtans in Iskcon Mayapur

In response to comment #22, from servantofservant, yes, you can find another sadhu who disagrees as is evident on this blog. As I said, I gave the reasons I made my initial comment way up on #5.

Also, if you were following the thread you would have read where I quoted “no hard in fast rules”. So, due to the limit on characters per blog entry, I simply said “siksatikm” for quoting sastra. I thought those who have been following the blog would not need to see the verse.

I’ve already responded to servanofservant other points in comment #23 (before his comments were posted).

I do better discussing in person or taking a few days preparing a paper. Blogs are difficult for me. I’ll get better with time.

Still, I don’t agree that we should ban double mic kirtans because it is against the foundation of attentive hearing and responding in kirtan. And, that is because I don’t agree with foundation.

Turning down the volume, choosing better kirtan leaders (they know when to double mic), controlling the instruments will solve the problem of kirtan performance.

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On May 9, 2011 @ 1:03 pm

In response to comment #21 by gracenote108, none of us are 100% wrong or any of us 100% correct. We are voicing our realizations on this subject which brings light from different angles of vision.

This is a blog which means we are speaking quickly as compared to writing a dissertation on the subject. So, we have to give the blogger a little leeway for mistakes or not making clear points. If we were speaking in-person, we would correct ourselves as we discuss. With a dissertation, we can take more time and other opinions to make our points perfect.

After reading all the responses, I can see how the others could be correct from the angles they are presenting. I just don’t like that the argument to stop double mic kirtan is based on what is being presented as the foundation of kirtan, “attentive hearing and responding.” I’ve always performed it in the mood of pleasing the deities. I can see arguing that it is not pleasurable for the audience or the deities because it is a “personal show”.

I feel that chanting the holy name falls under four basic practices: japa, kirtan, sankirtan, and bhajans. They all have different foundations with principles shared by all of them. Japa is attentive hearing and chanting, sankirtan is for the benefit of the non-devotees, kirtan for the pleasure of the deities, and bhajans deities and homes.

Again, my opinion which I can’t back with guru, sastra, and sadhu at the moment. I don’t have time to find the evidence. This is me speaking openly.

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On May 8, 2011 @ 2:30 am

In response to comment #16

“This is the actual meaning of “no hard and fast rules” according to our acaryas. Many devotees misunderstand this point because they are not verifying their own conclusions with guru, sadhu, and sastra.”

Here is why I made the comment:

I had this discussion with his HH Sivarama Swami at the 2010 24 hour kirtan at New Vrindavan. He agreed with the principle that 10 offense are more important in japa than kirtan and that Siksastikam point of “no hard in fast rules” applies to kirtan.

Sastra: Siksastikam

Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur explains the offense of inattentive chanting in his Harinam Cintamani:

I will quote the last paragraph do to space constraints of this blog. He says before the last paragraph how all offenses are rooted in this one. Because we are attracted to material objects we commit this offense. And, if we follow Vaisnava etiquette, ekadasi, our basic sadhana bhakti we will overcome this offense. And then he makes this last comment:

“One should thus never be inattentive to complete one’s prescribed number of daily rounds. This should be noted day by day. When chanting these prescribed rounds, one should avoid the different types of inattentiveness. Giving up the desire to increase the number of rounds for show, one should attempt to first concentrate nicely on what one can manage. Therefore, the devotee starts by chanting with full concentration in a peaceful place for a short time. He will always be praying to the Lord that he will chant clear, attentive rounds with the mind fixed on Kåñëa; for on one’s own one cannot accomplish anything. Krsna‘s grace is necessary to cross the ocean of material existence. Being anxious in heart, one should beg for mercy, and because Krsnaa is merciful, He will help. Whoever does not try for that mercy is very unfortunate.”

You will not find him saying “we must not be inattentive in kirtan. You must hear the leader and respond with full attention”. If that is the foundation, then we should not use any instruments or dance. We should sit and give attention like in japa.

Srila Prabhupada responded to a question about ‘How can we attract the karmis to our harinam?”. He said you simple try to please Krsna with your kirtan. Then, everyone will be please. Just as you pour water on the root of a tree all the leaves and branches are satisfied.

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On May 3, 2011 @ 2:12 pm

In reply to comment #5, “This style of kirtan fundamentally opposes the very foundation of kirtan: attentive hearing and chanting. No? ”

Attentive hearing and chanting is a principle of japa, not kirtan or sankirtan. Siksastikam states “There are no hard and fast rules for chanting the Holy Name.” One of the rules for japa states “it is an offense to be inattentive while chanting.”

Kirtan is more beneficial and powerful than japa, param vijayata sri krsna sankirtan. Therefore, even meat eaters taste the sweetness when they contact it.

The taste derived from japa is more difficult because it dependent upon the offenses you commit while chanting.

That is why even though the kirtan is not performed perfectly (musically proper, too loud, meat eaters present, etc) you see most people dancing, smiling, and blissed out during it’s performance.

Sikhi Mahiti das

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Apr 24, 2011 @ 1:50 pm

I think the problem is the sound system volume is too high. Even if only one person chants in the mic, you need earplugs.

I personally don’t have a problem with double mic. We do it in Atlanta sometimes. I’ve seen Radhanatha Swami do it in Alachua. He handed the mic for me to respond. But, the volume was not so high on the sound system.

One man’s taste is another man’s poison. A lot of devotees don’t like trumpets, saxophones, accordions, etc in kirtan. And, you can say that those instruments were not used 500 years ago. And, Srila Prabhupada did instruct not to use harmonium during kirtan. So, that would seem to imply don’t use an accordion.

What to do? To each their own. ISKCON is big enough to facilitate all tastes.

Sikhi Mahiti das

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Apr 20, 2011 @ 1:38 am

Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Installation Alachua

All glories to the devotees of the Alachua Community!

It is nice to see some positive developments in ISKCON North America. I remember visiting Alachua during Pankajanghari das bhramacari’s visit when the plans of the building construction and deity installation was discussed with this “greatest of pujaris.” You could tell then that this was going to happen and whatever obstacles that appear would be overcome. I made my mind up to attend that day. I knew this would be a grand moment when many devotees would come together to participate in the installation and first worship of Their Lordships.

Of course, my fate is I am always “a day late and a dollar short”. I was unable to attend. My heart has been broken by the fact that I couldn’t be apart of the celebration. I couldn’t even watch any of the live video online (I think was overwhelmed with site visitors or our internet just decide not to cooperate that day).

I do plan to attend the observance of Lord Balarama’s appearance day in Alachua this year. I’m sure the management is aware a lot of devotees will come from outside the community. It is nice to see that an additional North American place of pilgrimage is manifesting.

Now, someone needs to build a guest house so the visitors can stay awhile : )

Sikhi Mahiti das

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Jun 7, 2010 @ 2:49 pm

Literary Triumph

Dear Patita Pavana das Adhikary

Beautiful article! I almost didn’t read it because it was so long. We are very fortunate that Hari Sari prabhu and TKG kept diaries and presented there contents.

I joined the movement in 1974. I had a personal ambition to become Srila Prabhupada’s servant for at least a few days. Of course, the movement was well established by that time, and there was no way I could advance fast enough to be able to serve Srila Prabhupada in that way. But, I had a dream.

After reading Hari Sauri’s accounts, I now realize that I would not have been able to serve Srila Prabhupada as one of His staff members. I would not have been able to handle the pressure and probably blooped. Hari Saura wrote about how once he was so sick he couldn’t give Srila Prabhupada his massage. So, he brought in another devotee who was so nervous that his hands were shaking. Hari Sauri had to send the devotee away and give Prabhupada his massage.

I asked Brahmananda prabhu once – “why are the same devotees in all the pictures of Srila Prabhupada. Didn’t all the GBC members act as His secretary?” He said that Srila Prabhupada was very strict and only a handful could handle the pressure of serving him personally on a daily bases.

Lord Krsna knows what we can and can’t handle in the name of devotional service. I was better at distributing Back to Godhead magazines on the streets of Chicago.

Thanks again for your wonderful article on the history of the diaries of Srila Prabhupada.

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Mar 8, 2009 @ 5:40 pm

How nectar flowed in Alachua Prabhupada Marathon

Sankirtan yajna ki jai!

Thanks to all the devotees in Alachua for distributing books this marathon. A special thanks to the local leaders (GBC, TP, TVP) for taking time to go out during the marathon. When the Temple leaders and Senior devotees go out, that encourages everyone else to perform the sacrifice of book distribution. Please continue posting reports from your monthly marathon regularly. They are encouraging.

It is enlivening to see Divyanga prabhu take up the charge and lead the book distribution. He is a book distributor from the old days. He was part of the famous 1975 marathon in Chicago when thousands of big books were distributed in one day.

My body is older and becoming weak. I am burden by financial crisis. But, we must overcome all these obstacles and keep the book distribution flowing. It is the most effective means to awaken Krsna Consciousness in the masses of people.

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Jan 17, 2009 @ 9:49 pm

Radharaman Rides Silver Elephant

Dear Deena Bandhu prabhu,

Thanks for posting the photos and article. I’m not able to visit Sri Vrindavan dham and have only had two short visits in 31 years. I love seeing and reading any nectar you post, thanks.

There is a lingering question I have about Sri Radharamana. From what I understand, their is a Gomati chakra, cows eye stone, that is keep next to Sri Radharaman. This stone is worshiped as Srimate Radharani. Can you clarify if Radha is worshiped with Sri Radharaman and how? Or, any other devotee who knows the answer may respond also.


» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Oct 11, 2008 @ 3:21 pm

There’s More Than One Kurma dasa

There was a period of a two years or so that I would receive a lot of emails intended for a devotee with my spiritual name. So, I began adding “acbsp” at the end of my signature. The errant emails have slowed to a trickle. This seems like a good practice for the devotee online community. Maybe there are some other suggestions.

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Sep 24, 2008 @ 12:49 am

Changing the Design of the TVP: Reply to Ambarisa

What we are not understanding here is that there is more to this project than just the ascetics of the structure. The effect on the masses of people is not 100% dependent on that. That is what the Vietnam Memorial proved. The other factors are the planetarium, Deity worship, etc.

One of the most difficult part of this project is raising the capitol. When you ask someone to give million $, I’m sure he needs to feel that the project will be completed as presented. If he feels that their are going to be cost overruns that kill the project, then he is not going to give any laksmi.

What causes cost overruns, not building the project within the time frame when cost are projected. Constant last minute changes to the design. Delayed government approvals.

Right now, we have a design that is at least 75% satisfactory. We almost have all the goverment approval. And, we can still stay on budget even though cost are rising due to a bad economy. We have the necessary momentum to complete this project.

Now, someone wants to stop all this in order to achieve at best a 10% improvement in the project. And, those same people are not capable of building this momentum back up to the current level after their design modifications are tested and approved. Nor, are those same people able to pay for the cost overrun of redesigning. This is not a good calculated risk. Anyone who wants to make changes, needs to commit to accomplishing these task before they start destroying what we have at hand. Otherwise, it is just talk. Everyone has an opinion.

The donors and government officials see us fighting over this and they will back away. Donors don’t like to be apart of a dead end project. And, government officials don’t like to take unnecessary risk either and loose their jobs. We need a united front.

We have arrived at a point where we can build the TOVP or shelf it for the next generation or two. I pray that we come together with this wonderful effort and give it our full support. It would be glories to offer it to Srila Prabhupada within His disciples lifetime. This is important to us as direct disciples. I would personally feel accomplished even thought I’m not offering much in direct service.

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Sep 11, 2008 @ 6:26 pm

Please accept my obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I strongly feel, it is too late in the game to stop the momentum that is building the TVP. Especially when the disagreement is over what will please the majority of people. We can say “I know what please Srila Prabhupada” but that is just speculation. Srila Prabhupada is not physically present to say ya or na.

Therefore, let the devotees who are experienced in raising that amount of laksmi and managing a large project make these decisions. It is easy to politic against any project, legislation, or idea. There will always be many people who are willing to disagree if someone is able to sway them with the proper sentiment.

A few years ago in the USA, lots of time, money, and politics was spent trying to develop a long overdue memorial for the American Vietnam Veterans. It was impossible to pick a design that would satisfy a large majority.

In the end, a simple stone wall with names inscribed on it was chosen by a brave soul. The reaction to the design was loud and passionately against it. It didn’t match the ascetics of the other memorials in the Washington Mall, good argument.

After the opening, it became one of the most popular monuments in Washington DC. The lesson learned was that we don’t have to continue using the same old designs of the past. Be bold and try something new. This will attract the masses. They can see those same old tired design anywhere, even in the USA (Swami Nayanana temples). No one is going to be impressed and take the expense and trouble to visit. Mostly the locals within three hours drive will come because it is around the corner.

Let HG Ambarish prabhu continue with the momentum for the current design. It is time to stop the politics from devotees that can’t raise that kind of laksmi, nor project manage on this scale. We will never all agree on a design. So, let’s learn to recognize when it is time to cooperate for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada.

Please forgive any offense made by this post.

Sikhi Mahiti das

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Sep 9, 2008 @ 5:27 am

Chanting Siva mantras

The most important aspect of spiritual advancement is to follow the previous acharya. The vedas are full of so many instructions and the previous acharyas have set examples and teachings according to their time and circumstancenses.

Srila Prabhupad has fined tuned the devotional practices for our generation. He is the current acharya. He never instructed any disciple to worship Lord Siva. Also, he never said that we shouldn’t. So, what should we do? Follow the program he established “As It Is”.

That fact that previous acharyas worshiped Lord Siva is not for us to follow. The previous acharyas didn’t have a daily guru puja either. Someone could argue that we don’t have to continue that practice established by His Divine Grace.

Here is an example:

In The Nectar of Devotion Srila Prabhupada writes:

“One should begin the worship of the demigod Ganapati, who drives away all impediments in the execution of devotional service. In the Brahma-samhita it is stated that Ganapati worships the lotus feet of Lord Nrsimhadeva and in that way has become auspicious for the devotees in clearing out all impediments. Therefore, all devotees should worship Ganapati.”

We can take this as clear and authoritative proof that Srila Prabhupada wanted all the devotees in his society to worship Ganesa.

But balance that passage against this letter to Sivananda das (August 25, 1971):

“So far worshiping Ganesa is concerned, that is not necessary. Not that it should be done on a regular basis. If you like you can pray to Ganapati for removing all impediments on the path of Krishna Consciousness. That you can do if you like.”

And finally, consider this letter, sent to “My dear Sons” in Evanston, Illinois, on December 28, 1974.

“I do not encourage you to worship this demigod, Ganesa. It is not required, it is not necessary. Simply worship Krsna. Perform nice devotional service to Krsna. Then your lives will certainly become perfect. Of course if one has got some sentiment for achieving the blessings of Ganesa for accumulating large sums of money to serve Krsna, then he may perform this Ganesa worship, privately, not making a public show. But first of all he must give me $100,000 per month. Not a single farthing less. If he can supply this amount, $100,000 per month, then he will be allowed to do this Ganesa Puja. Otherwise he should not do it. It will not be good. That is my order.”

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Jun 16, 2008 @ 8:57 am

The value of wearing saris and dhotis in the execution of our devotional activities

Dear Hari-sauri prabhu,

Thanks for this wonderful article, well done! We should note that the Tibetan buddhist don’t wear western dress. The Dhali Lama just visited Atlanta a few weeks ago. And, he wasn’t wearing western clothing. He is greatly respected worldwide. At the end of his visit, he had an open ceremony in the city park that attracted over 10k western people. All of his monks were in their traditional dress. If we are patient, and stick to our principle, society will come to respect a person dressed in a dhoti or sari as they do the Buddhist.

I wanted to add a footnote to the comment about the shave heads without sika. I’m one of those devotees. I work at a fortune 50 company and there is no way I can come to the office with a sika. Also, I’m 52 years old and my hair line isn’t what it used to be. It is either look like Bozo the clown or Michael Jordon. So, a shaved head is a better solution and I don’t have to pay for a haircut. There are quite a few older ghrasta men in this boat.

Yes, my false ego is bruised and it is a defensive note. Please tolerate.


» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Nov 26, 2007 @ 2:41 pm

The Book Distribution Marathon is coming…

I wanted to add something to the comments by Akruranatha prabhu. The picture of the family distributing books was taken a few weekends ago. The table was manned by various families throughout the day between 11 am – 10 pm. That table sold 470 laksmi points worth of books that day.

I’ve heard of other Weekend Warriors distributing 600 – 1,000 laksmi point worth of books at Walmarts and other Supermarkets. When people see a book table in front of a store with a nice family tending it, it is hard for them not to take a book. We don’t give the families any lines either. They speak from their heart.

Book tables can be setup at Gas Stations, sporting events, and weekend farmer markets. Visit for ideas.

I’d like to add a nice quote from Srila Prabhupada to increase our enthusiasm to distribute books.

Letter to Jayadvaita, November 18, 1972

“These books and magazines are our most important propaganda weapons to defeat the ignorance of maya’s army, and the more we produce such literature and sell them profusely all over the world, the more we shall deliver the world from the suicide course. So your work is the most important preaching work, may Krishna bless you more and more. Thank you for helping me in this way.”

Letter to Jaya Gopala, July 12, 1969

“Krishna Consciousness is the absolute need of the present day society, and there are many people who will come to join us if we simply make these teachings of Bhagavad-gita and rest of the Vedic literature available to them.”

Conversation Toronto, June 21, 1976

“Literatures are selling, they are appreciating, learned circle. Takes some time, but if we stick to our principles and do not make any compromise and push on—in this way, I have given you instruction, it will never stop; it will go on. It will never stop. At least for ten thousand years it will go on.”

Book distribution Ki Jaya!

» Posted By Sikhi Mahiti das acbsp On Nov 15, 2007 @ 11:12 pm

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