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Seminar samskaras

Pranama. I apologise for the delay in reply. Your comment was only brought to my attention now.

>I noted from your schedule that you do not include practical of the particulars of the >samskaras only the common rites. Why?

Unfortunately, the advertised schedule is incorrect. Your email brought this to my attention. The advertiser will be posting the correct schedule asap which illustrates the practical schedule.

>Also no sannyasa samskaras or anyesthi are included. Why?

These two Samskara are not included since traditionally they are not taught together with the main Samskaras. Manuals on these are also treated seperately. Adhering to this tradtion, Srila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami illustrated these two Samskaras in a seperate manual called Samskara Dipika. I would be happy to cover these two Samskaras if attendees request during the course.

>Since Sat Kriya Sar Dipika is a text used only by Gaudiya Math and ISKCON could >you explain the practical use of the upanayanam samskara? In the GM it is used for >the diksha ceremony however in ISKCON as far as I know it has not been used so far >for that purpose.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Maharaja explains that Gopala Bhatta Gosvami’s Sat Kriya Sara Dipika was also popular outside institutions since it was the most prominent complete manual on the performance of Samskaras. It was a very famous manual. We are therefore ever indebted to the kindness of Srila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami for granting society this science. It was only later that it became less used due to rise of a materialistic culture in West Bengal. This is explained in Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Maharaja’s introduction to the Sat Kriya Sara Dipika.

The Upanayana Samskara is the most important of the Vaidika Samskaras since it initiates a child into study of the Vedas and adharence of spiritual culture which cultivates a correct mentality to develop firm love for Sri Krsna through devotional service. The previous acaryas and the Lord Himself went through the Upanayana Samskara. The course will thoroughly cover the practical use of this Samskara. The essential elements of the Upanayana Samskara such as receiving the sacred thread and sampradaya mantras are also adopted in ISKCON during what we call the second initiation rites. Further information regarding the ceremony will be covered during the practical aspects of the course. Since Manu Smrti explains that the Vivaha Samskara is to a female what Upanayana Samskara is to a male, we will certainly cover both important Samskaras.

>Is the complete text of SKSD being used or only a modified version? Are the Vedic >mantras being taught with svara or without? If with svara according to what Veda >Sakha?

Yes, the complete text of the Sat Kriya Sara Dipika will be used and not a modified version. This will be inconjunction with information from the Grhya Sutras and Mantra Brahmana texts since all manuals such as Sat Kriya Sara Dipika are based upon those Vaidika revelations.

Vaidika mantras will be expressed in svara inaccordance to the Siksa Vedanga. Chanda Vedanga with explanations from Vyakarana Vedanga will also be used to illustrate the science of svaras. However, as you may be aware it is impossible to learn Vaidika svara mantras in three days since the transmission is done through the Sruti methodology wherein no texts are used. Dependence of acquiring success in this method is based upon the heart, soul, paramatma and the mind. Depending on the Vaidika mantras required to learn, it can take many years for some students. This course will surely go through the relevant Vaidika mantras required for the Samskaras though due to time and day constraints we will not be teaching them in proper. We will be hosting courses in the near future for sole study of Vaidika mantras. The sakha which we follow is the Sama Vediya Kauthuma Sakha. The Sat Kriya Sara Dipika is based on the Gobhila Grhya Sutra which belongs to the Sama Veda. Hence all the Samskaras in the Sat Kriya Sara Dipika are according to the rites of the Sama Veda. Since the Gobhila Grhya Sutra refers to mantras in the Sama Veda Mantra Brahmana, the mantras of application within the Sat Kriya Sara Dipika will be taught from there. Since Gaudiya Vaisnavas follow the rites of the Sama Veda, the course will also cover the sacred Gramageya, Aranyaka, Uha and Uhya Ghana chant manuals. Therefore for some who are unable to dedicate months and years to practising the intonation and accentuation of Vaidika mantras this is a very practical course since they will get insights over the three days and become proficient in the science and art of performing Yajnas in service to the community. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

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