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Protecting Vaisnavis

I am glad for the team forming. I really appreciate the devotees who even amidst busy schedule are taking up to these important services.

Some reservations came up to my mind due to some reasons such as logistics, uncompleted previous projects and whether or not we are ready to execute this task.

# 1 Logistics and managerial
We have limited power to protect!

Is the team clarifying and defining:
First of all:
*Who is a devotee eligible for protection?
*How will you protect women from domestic assaults? Or even if some temple mistreats a woman badly, say, somewhere in India, what action would you take?

# 2. Are we ready to protect?

First we need to kick out the abusers of women and children who are playing the role of saviours. We need some psychological, aptitute tests to put the right person to avoid problem from the foundation.

Many of us get to know these problems more when we travel, being a pyschotherapist and a palmist, every year during my travel several ISKCON women approach me with incredible stories of abuses and assaults. Being an insider of ISKCON, what hurts me is that sometimes temple in-charges are the abusers! (Of course its not always sexual abuse.) Somehow it’s covered up, as if nothing happened. We got to make the women feel safe to speak up also. How?
Recently I heard abuses which occurred years ago by the same person to different people and no one had a clue.
Last year when I was in South America, one of our “temple in-charge,” a senior devotee made a 17 yr old bhakin pregnant.

# 3 Are we following laws:

The Child Protection Office was formed. As far as I know we don’t have such a CP team in each and every temple in India! So are we going to make another law and don’t care if one follows or not?

Again I appreciate the initiative of each member involved.

your servant,
Sri Sakti dd

» Posted By Sri Sakti On Dec 28, 2006 @ 4:26 pm

Television: The No. 1 Public Enemy of Devotion

Nice time to remind the theme! Its Christmas time and the family spends unlimited number of hours in front of TV, due to holidays etc..watching those horrible movies and stuff.

“Kill Your Television (Set Yourself Free)” and that was a fantastic poem- thanks Madhavanada prabhu, I ‘ll surely use it to preach. I already sent a few emails forwarding this poem to my friends.

I remember one of my uncles worked all day; Sat in front of the TV up to 4 am at then left for the job at 8 am, he never got married, never came for any social gathering- although this is a severe case! IT MAY HAPPEN TO ANYONE!!

We cannot live without a TV : My maid once described how poor her friend was and said “they don’t even have a TV !” I was surprised, she said “well first thing we want to INVEST is on TV, everyone these days have TV , better you also buy one, its like a friend !!” even if she didn’t have a blanket to sleep or a nice sweater to wear she has a TV in her house. She would often hurry saying “I have to watch that serial’s suspense..!!”



» Posted By Sri Sakti On Dec 26, 2006 @ 3:08 pm

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