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Samba’s passing

It is very frustrating for me to hear news of a Vaishnava’s passing and having to deal with emotions of confusion. Although there are three articles
regarding Suhotra prabhu I still don’t know if that is my Godbrother or someone else. Even with the photos I am not sure since I haven’t seen Suhotra prabhu
in over 20 years.

When Samba das passed away recently I was wondering who he was. I knew a Samba das in Englad in the 70’s and again I wasn’t sure until I saw the photos and it definitely was not him. If the devotees that write to you don’t give adequate information perhaps you can write them with some sort of form to fill out.

Then at least we who are reading will know when the devotee joined the movement, who their spiritual master was, where they had been doing devotional service and where they were living recently, what their illness was and how they passed away etc. etc. I think I am not the only one that is feeling some frustration in this regard.

Thank you so much for considering this. Hare Krishna.

Your servant,
Srutadeva das

» Posted By Srutadeva das On Apr 13, 2007 @ 10:42 am

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