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God is neither – and is both. Let’s see how.
Your understanding concerning Krishna’s forms are incorrect. You have stated that krishna’s form is neither and is both but this is not the correct understanding. please read carfully the statement below.

SB 4.8. 47
Here in this verse the word purusam is very significant. The Lord is never female. He is always male (purusa). Therefore the impersonalist who imagines the Lord’s form as that of a woman is mistaken. The Lord appears in female form if necessary, but His perpetual form is purusa because He is originally male.

You have also stated: Before we can understand whether God is male or female, we need to clearly understand that we ourselves are neither male nor female.
I am afread that your understanding in this case is also of incorrect intellegence as stated in
SB 1.11.33
The living beings are by constitution feminine by nature. The male or enjoyer is the Lord, and all manifestations of His different potencies are feminine by nature.
Please forgive any offience your servant steve

» Posted By SteveM On Dec 24, 2006 @ 10:14 pm

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