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Be healthy, happy and holy -­­­­­ sleep by 10 P.M

PAMHO. AGTSP! Your book, Appreciating Sri Vrndavana Dhama, is an absolutely wonderful compilation that every devotee would enjoy and spiritually advance by reading. This particular article, however, although it may or may not be correct, and it may or may not be helpful for some to keep up better health, is less enlightening, at least to my over-tired and red-eyed vision! Hare Krsna.

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 14.04.2008 @ 19:43

Guru? He will find you…

I have long felt that the personal mystic testimony of the devotees should be recorded for the satisfaction and wonderment of coming generations. Instead, many are shy and do not like to put their realizations on a pedestal. I humbly advise the devotees of these generations to do themselves a great favor and seek out the hidden humble Vaisnavas; they are many, and they are often like self-deprecating diamonds under straw. The chanting process works; pure devotees are now among us and wandering in the cities and fields. Help them, support them, love them as they love you also. Pure devotion is simple, not complicated.

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 20.01.2008 @ 03:11

Many of us had truly mystical experiences in those days. I recall praying that, if I could only know God’s name, I would consider my hippy psychedelic shamanic searches successful, and fully vindicated. Shortly thereafter, I read Rama dass’s “BE Here Now”, wherein he also relates that the Guru appears when the disciple was ready… Soon, the devotees appeared on the streets of Winnipeg, and I had a Gita in my hand, age 16.

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 08.01.2008 @ 03:46

I am writing very briefly in appreciation of your writings and comments. May you have every success in your devotional life! You display a keen interest in understanding the philosophy as it is, as given by Srila Prabhupada, and have an apparent appreciation for the wonderful magic and mystic side of it all, also. Sounds like a formula for success! You are a good preacher.

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 03.01.2008 @ 20:16

The Brain As Holodeck

Wow! Try asking simpler questions!

A little off the topic but relevant; When the Vedas speak, for example, of ours being one quarter of the spiritual sky, the number “one quarter” is roughly representative, analogical, as opposed to scientific. Again, the three categories, ie the ahiranga, tatastha, and bahiranga shaktis, actually there are many sub-categories in between. Same with the size quantity of one thousandth the tip of a hair, etc.

Lord Krsna is everywhere, this we know. So how can there be any space that is empty? Still, relatively speaking for us observing from this platform, sometimes He appears to be absent. The standpoint from which the question is asked decides the relevant and meaningful answer. So, we may have space between the atoms, but it is filled with Vishnu.

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 20.01.2008 @ 02:57

Just read your recent contribution. Very nice and scholarly synopsis of the development of western thought, Akruranatha Prabhu, especially nice the drawing out of comparisons of language usage re; nuomenal, phenomenal etc. for better understanding of Srila Prabhupada’s presentation.

Thank you for your encouragement of modern scholarly, and “pop-scholarly”, Krsna-conscious presentations of Vedic ideas. I take this as following Srila Prabhupada’s footsteps with such publishings as, “Easy Journey to Other Planets”, etc. The academic community may find good directions, for further analysis, papers, etc. and possibly help spark further interest among associated spiritual aspirants, in the universities, etc. if they come in contact with similarly-communicating devotee / scholars.

Such contemporary currents of thought have real effects in the world. For example, the popularity of the word ‘karma” nowadays in the West. Even if our presentations are scientifically simple, the main points do get across, or are picked up by those more capable of rigourous scientific processes.

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 08.01.2008 @ 18:25

Akrunranatha Prabhu, Pandita Shivji, Bhakta Rod, et al; I have used insights gained from empiric studies in physiologicc psychology etc., yes, but mostly through practice of japa and reading Bhagavatam, to better present uniquely and attracively Prabhupada’s preaching into the difference between the self and the temporary and limited body; thus to focus on the reality of an eternal spiritual self, and free the bound entity. Kindly note also that I returned to university after becoming Prabhupada’s brahmana, so there was no need of relying on limited speculatgive or empiric schools. I follow the footsteps of Kapila through Mahaprabhu.

The process of self realization by critical analysis of the elements of the world and the self, such as touched upon by me recentlyin this and other articles, is a purely Vedic process; is, in fact, our process! Witness how many times our Srila Prabhupda liked to use the analogy of the story of; pointing to parts of the body , etc.., then point to the self!

This process is not bottom-side-up empirical, but rather is revealed by Godhead and the great teachers. It naturally occurs in the course of bhakti also, though of course our aim is to acheive pure faith and pure bhakti, uncontaminated with jnana. The process of ; “I am this, I am not this..” only appears to be materially imperial, like the teachings of the atheist philosopher of samkya yoga, Kapila, as opposed to the great theist philosopher and incarnation of Visnu, our Kapila Deva. The idea is to understand that I am not this body by deep critical analysis and introspection, thus to realize that the self is spirit soul and eternal. The theists under Kapila deva also recognize the Godhead and the jivas, and ultimately, loving devotional service through the teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as revelaed by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada.

PS; I don’t think anyone is arguing that pure devotional service is not the goal and the best course. The theistic samkya mind/body connection is an direction of thought of interest to academic, devotonal, and yogic or philosophically-minded persons. HKHR

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 08.01.2008 @ 03:38

Yes, as you suggest, Akruranatha Prabhu, the Matrix seems a better analogy.
I am also sure that each element has its corresponding symbols and astrological connections. Any astrologers out there following? I agree that it is clearly Lord Visnu who creates the elements and the idea of them, even. We but enjoy, or attempt to!

Further to the discussion;
Light, for example, enters the nervous system, is then transformed by the body itself into other energy types, such as mechanical or chemical/electric, for transmission to ghiher levels of the nervous system. On the way, these are subjected to internal controls and homeostatic mechanisms, and are thus somewhat buffered and enhanced, for example by reflex systems and nerve-rate controlling hormones, such as epinephrine or dopamine, already in place and acting upon the information carried by the nerves etc. themselves before they even become conscious sensations. The sensory signals are already “subjectivised” before they even reach the stage of perception by the embodied soul!

Once received and interpreted by the physical cognitive functions, the soul somehow then perceives a range of sensory impressions that exist in the brain, not at the same time even, as the originating source, say, a candle, outside the brain etc. ! Time has passed, split microseconds, and the original object has moved, and our impressions internally perceived based upon this subjectively interpreted data are of the past, but then try to catch up in time, but are never simultaneous! This is the all-devouring influence of material linear time.

Thus, what we perceive is not the object directly, but an impression interpreted and organized by a conditioned brain and body functions. We build an impression, not the reality. This is called influence of Maya. This is the physical but representative holodeck of which I originally suggested.

The further analogy from Bhakta Rod prabhu is that the whole universe is a holodeck or matrix-like device entirely at the control of Sri Visnu. This is very nice. Matrix-like.

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 04.01.2008 @ 05:36

Tamoharadasa Says:
January 2nd, 2008 at 6:59 pm

Thank you for your thought-provoking insights into the essential experienced reality, mind / body issues. Yes, as pointed out, my article does have a reductionist approach in part,in particular in dealing with this “representation of reality”notion. That is purposive, and due to to my scientific background interests in the field. My main point is to help the newer reader seperate the concept of the elements of the body from the actual eternal self, thus obtaining liberation, and then suggesting establishing a serving relation ship with Godhead, as the next step.

Atthe same time, philosophical concepts from the Gita etc. that I accepted off-hand when younger, I now find I like to re-evaluate for a deeper understanding. In particular, Shiva Ji’s descriptions from Sri Kapiladeva are especially interesting. I have understood the mind as like a software program that runs, as programmed. It is not the self, but pretty close to! The self has spontaneous knowledge and direct perception, and in the influence of yoga maya ji, is harmonic and in-step with the tune of the devotees’ and Radha Krsna’s rasas. A modern man, I am trapped in modern analogies!

Anyway, the notion of material “mind” versus the spiritual mind explains some of the incongruency between the “reality” which is temporary and that which is eternal, but both of which are experienced as real to the jiva at the time. The mind category remains, while the state of it varies. The self is above mind, as experiencer, desirer.

One thing certain, at the core of the seperatist psychology is a failure to identify one’s core being with that of the Godhead’s Being.

Haribol, Dickie S. (Ak. dasa) !

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 03.01.2008 @ 00:12

In regards with the preaching efforts in Iraq

Praghosa Prabhu speaks with majesty and grace, like he is personally channelling Krsna! I offer my obesiances and beg the dust. He has always inspired and led me correctly in my interactions with him. He is clearly an utthama adhikari though he will deny it vehemently and probably give me hell for saying it! I hope that he is teaching others in our temples.

I agree fully with Praghosa Prabhu’s statements, and would like to congratulate him on guts for doing 4 tours, and wish Partha Sarati Prabhu good luck. If you get to Kuwait City, check out the American 50’s restaurant near downtown; they have an excellent veggie burger! Hare Krsna!

Comment Posted By Tamoharadasa On 29.09.2007 @ 06:50


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