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Raghava’s Reincarnation Myth

I want to point out that after speaking to those Srila Prabhupada disciples that knew Raghava, he was not a book distributor. So Jeevan Mukta has concocted many of his own ideas in his article. Raghava was on his way to harinam from Edinburgh to Newcastle in the morning and he did not make it to the harinam.

ys Td

» Posted By Trilocana On Oct 13, 2010 @ 11:07 am

Although Jeevan Mukta appears to be very concerned about how the story of Raghava Prabhu / Ratnavali mataji will be seen by the public, I fear that his own style of retoric is in danger of coming accross as disjointed rantings scoring highly on the eccentrometer. This we unfortunately observe in some of our members and frankly it is not at all impressive to the public.

While he also refers to sastra his interpretation is dubiously speculative in particular he seems to think he is qualified to judge matters above the direct and clear analysis of Srila Prabhupada. Indeed he may find himself in the category of a dabbler.

It is true that past life regression is not a very reliable source of confirmation, but it is mentioned in Srila Prabhupadas books (as sited by learned devotees commenting on this story) that sometimes people remember their past lives awake or in dreams, however leaving that aside the astrological analysis gives scientific support that the two lives are of the same soul.

There is no reason to blindly doubt this and ultimately on the basis of the science of the soul presented by Krishna Conscious authority it is completely reasonable to consider this account to be feasable as a true case history.

Ys Trilocana das

» Posted By Trilocana On Oct 12, 2010 @ 6:22 pm

The Diary of Ratnavali Devi Das

In response to Tungavidya mataji’s comments. I feel it is completely up to Ratnavali mataji if she wants to live a life of a brahmacarini now. If Tungavidya read the article properly, she would have read that Ratnavali is not with her husband anymore and it was a friendly agreement between them.

We cant expect everyone to be how we want them to be and we should respect how others want to live their lives. Many of us are stuck in our material present life anyway with the least understanding of spiritual life. I feel that Ratnavali’s past life has helped her to take spiritual life more seriously. She has the balance understanding of both lives and is now using it to help others and herself come to the understanding of spiritual life.

I do not see any harm as she is in the right path of Krsna consciousness. Raghava died untimely as a brahmacari so let him live on in the body as Ratnavali in her way without us being judgemental in this matter.

Tungavidya needs to understand more of what Ratnavali is experiencing on a subtle level of consciousness. How a person is in this life comes naturally as a continuation from their past life.

your servant
Trilocana das

» Posted By Trilocana On Oct 10, 2010 @ 3:02 pm

I really enjoyed reading Mother Ratnavali’s diary and the astrological perspective. It was very sensational. Well done to Patita Pavana Prabhu and Abhaya Mudhra Mataji.

These kind of articles are very inspiring for those that are serious in becoming Krsna consciousness. It is a real life example of what we read in Srila Prabhupada books.

Very interesting how different kind of evidences proved that this is the same soul in two bodies.

Past life regression was a small part of the technique used but most evidences where shown from different sources that lead her to reveal her past life as Raghava. Even her dream chronologically shows that what she dreamt before was proven later from those that knew Raghava to have happened to him, backed up by her previous life post mortem injuries and this life birthmarks, scars, illnesses including the astrological perspective.

The comment from Jeevan mukta was very offensive. One should think twice before they send such comments on a great website like this.

Your servant
Trilocana das

» Posted By Trilocana On Oct 8, 2010 @ 6:32 pm

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