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Does Sex Attraction Bring People to Krishna?

Dear Devotees,

I thought IDS current Aus tour was meant to attract those who have not yet been attracted to ISKCON from witnessing the more dressed down model of devotees in odd socks, covered heads, second hand clothes, ankle freezing saris and or dhotis looking like the devotee just got up and women down the back to be hassled by the drunks and crazies and those who sing out of tune and cannot walk in two lines.

I applaud any attempt to finally make ISKCON look like we are not a bunch of hippies and that even though we have the ultimate treasure, we have to still remember that we are still preaching in the middle of Kali-yuga to persons who are only attracted to material and not yet purified enough to simply drop everything for the Holy Name.

There was not a huge backlash when GMB brought through his Bali dancers and performed in Aus. Nor now is there a huge backlash when a devotee attracts one through wearing a yoga outfit and moves in physically compromising positions to bring some closer to Krishna.

However, it is interesting to see that female devotees dressed meticulously and dancing in moves that I did as a brahmacarini albeit probably more glamorous, would enrage our menfolk and be seen simply as sex attraction. I am sure these girls who are on the tours are not thinking, ‘Oh goody, today I shall attract even more men to me by my prowess’.

We need to grow stronger in our resolve as devotees and not to immediately jump on the bandwagon of material vision. If spectacular harinams, pristine looking devotees and dramatic performances work to bring more beer drinking and meat pie eating Aussies closer to Krishna then I see no problem.

We could quote many verses about covering heads, women, men, butter, fire and the like, but IDS seems to be the one getting on with the preaching here and not worrying about how this is going to be perceived. Isn’t it like the bramacari who was so overwhelmed by his bramacari friend who touched a woman and carried her across the river. He was disturbed because he viewed the woman as being a sexual threat, as opposed to the bramacari who simply saw a person who needed help crossing the river.


» Posted By Vpdd On Dec 14, 2007 @ 12:32 pm

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