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On the Subject of Female Diksha Gurus

I don’t see how it would obstruct a woman’s occupational duties to guide a younger devotee, especially a younger woman, in her spiritual life. Guiding a person which is under her care is, after all, a natural duty for a woman. If she is healthily married and well-situated spiritually, then would it not be advantageous for the aggressive outward-spreading of Krsna consciousness in Kali yuga?

» Posted By Vrndasundaridd On Dec 7, 2012 @ 11:28 pm

Women Gurus In Kali Yuga?

I agree with Govinda dasi that some persons may be able to place trust in a female mentor more than a male mentor due to past experiences or conditionings.

As the goal of Lord Chaitanya’s movement is generously distributing Krsna consciousness to as many living entities as possible, it seems advantageous that dignified, competent, spiritually-strong women devotees, who are well-situated (i.e. healthily married and in good standing), step forward into positions where they are regularly giving guidance to younger ones, especially to younger women. I don’t see it as obstructing either woman’s occupational duties on either side (guru or disciple).

It would it give young women devotees the spiritual and emotional guidance they need. Women understand women, so as far as the emotional support and guidance given by the female guru, it would be naturally be more “on.”

The women disciples would not have another male figure in their life which they may compartmentalize into the position of father or husband or protector. Although the guru is definitely our spiritual shelter, protector, and father, oftentimes women psychologically place the male guru into the material position of father or husband in her life, expecting certain kinds of material protection, emotional support, etc. which the male guru may not be able to and perhaps should not fulfill. We sometimes see problems in marriage relationships because the husband is given less honor or credit from the wife than she outwardly gives to her guru, and it disturbs the harmony in the relationship. Even if the guru is spotless and spiritually elevated and the husband isn’t, the guru-disciple relationship should not disturb the woman’s material duties as a wife.

Male gurus would have less intimate association with younger women as disciples. Less personal meetings, emails, etc. In previous times, women generally didn’t take diksa initiation. Male gurus didn’t have so much contact with women in this way.

I’m not necessarily saying that it specifically should be a diksa or siksa relationship. The relationships vary. Most of my siksa comes from trustworthy older devotee women. I very seldomly meet or talk with my diksa guru. I don’t expect him to regularly address specific issues that I have. On the other hand, some devotees exclusively take siksa from their diksa guru only. For those who would like to have more contact & siksa with their diksa gurus, then it may be advantageous.

» Posted By Vrndasundaridd On Dec 7, 2012 @ 11:07 pm

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