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Kirtan in America: An American Perspective

Dear Mongalananda Prabhu, thank you very much for your most thoughtfull article about kirtan and attracting Americans to Srila Prabhupada’s Hare Krishna movement. I really appreciated your reseach and logic. However I do not know what we can do other than get out and chant the holy names. Certainly Sura and the LA temple bhajan band has had great success in Southern Ca. Even in red neck land we’ve had success distributing prasadam in yoga studios and new age feastivals. However our bhajan band isn’t is up to par as Sura’s thus we don’t do as much chanting publically. Once a year or twice Praladhanrisinga Prabhu from Mayapur visits and he does wonderfully in this setting. Singing,(bhajans), astrology, palmistry, councling and prasadam are really appreciated by these new age Americans. So good KC music, prasadam and the other things I mentioned and we have a whole American preaching field that is ripe for picking and they’ll invite us back so long as remain free from the type of mentality you spoke about in your article. Again I thank you for this food for thought . I must read it again in order to more deeply comprehen and consider how we in the good old/new South can utilize your findings for Lord Krsna and Srila Prabhupada’s glorification and desire to save the world. Thank you for your songs and years of dedication to His Divine Grace.
Yogindravandana das
Iskcon Ms. USA

» Posted By Yogindravandana das On Feb 18, 2007 @ 11:10 pm

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