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A Sporting Chance?

I personally have accepted it as an ok activity in my life to regularly exercise. Cardio and lifting weights helps me a lot as I have a big body and get fat easy. I don’t like to spend a lot of time exercising so I prefer weights/cardio.

By exercising 30-60 minutes lifting weights or running 2-3 times a week I can get in shape and at least try to be healthy. That’s only 1-3 hours of exercise a week. But if I exercise that much I end up needing less sleep, and find it easier to control my appetite.

In the long run it seems I will have to spend less time on activities relating to maintaining my body if I add the 2-3 hours a week of exercise.

The same type of reasoning can be applied to brushing your teeth. I brush my teeth like a fanatic and use “karmi mouth wash” to avoid having to spend tons of money (and money is time IMO) on dentist bills. I went to a dentist in Germany (to save money since I was there) to have my wisdom teeth removed a couple years ago. I hadn’t been to the dentist in 8 years and he said there was not a single problem with my teeth except that in some years I might need my top wisdom teeth removed too.

As far as sports go I think sports can be an ok activity depending on how it’s done. Pragosh Prabhu pointed out many of the flaws in modern sports and many of the beautiful pastimes of the Lords sports and his Devotees sports so I won’t go into detail on that, but I have a couple instances of football games I would say were at least in the mode of goodness if nothing else.

One example is at Gurukuli reunions (specifically LA comes to mind) there is often football games. I usually witness at least one gurukuli who may be a bit too much in the competitive mood, but I like to join the games. It’s just so nice interacting with the other prabhu’s like that.

One gurukuli brought some large Jagganatha deities in the morning and they had been doing bhajans all day. There was a lot of prassadam distribution arranged and served by some surrenderd souls. Some of the younger boys played soccer. I got to play a game of football with some gurukulis I knew from a long time ago in front of Jagganath in a large park, hearing bhajans. I felt like it was a nice bonding experience with the devotees.

We have had several football games arranged with prasadam in Orange County/LA areas and I find it can actually be a wonderful way for me to get to know another devotee.

I think devotees in general should be encouraged to be more active physically through yoga and/or exercise/sports and diet etc.

YS: Yudhisthira Das

» Posted By Yudhisthira Das On Jan 19, 2007 @ 6:13 am

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