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We’re looking for a few good vaisnavas

I also have written to inmates. Out of ten I was writing, one has been released and one I had my doubts about. Two or three definately were devotees already, and several were more like newcomers who I should have preached to better. All have stopped writing to me.

So I am going to get a new batch of names and addresses soon to take their place. Seeing how confusing it is starting out preaching to inmates it would help if there were some guidelines written down someplace to help new devotees starting the service. I sent a package three different times to one inmate only to have it rejected for three different reasons. Finally I gave up. I think the Chaplain was simply envious in all sincerity. I sent it to the inmate the first time. The Chaplain the second time. He sent it back for some reason. I sent it again and the prison sent it back. It was frustrating

Another problem is getting ten letters all at once. It would be better to get one or two a day. I don’t know if the technology is there to scan a letter into a computer and get a typed page yet and I wouldn’t want to burden the person who hands me my letters she is doing so much already. And I know I haven’t always written perfect responses to those who have written to me. Even though I kept all the letters I should have been checking them better to remind myself of what I had spoken to the person who was writing the letter I was reading about. Maybe I should be printing both sides of the conversation and keeping them together. I feel it is my fault that so many have quit writing to me. All of them.

» Posted By adikavi On Dec 5, 2007 @ 7:49 pm

Announcement for educators

Hare Krishna,

I was not only a professional driving instructor in Maryland but a driver’s license examiner as well. Now I am retired and living in Alachua, Florida.

I have seen where devotees have died due to negligent driving and have volunteered to give instruction to devotees free of charge but all devotees ever seem to want is free use of my car in order to get their licenses and nothing more.

Having personally seen devotees who need instruction; foreigners, new drivers and even some who have been driving for a while, I would like to help any devotee who wants help learning how to drive in whatever way I can, providing they use their own or someone else’s car, and if they are under 18 someone else must accompany them throughout the lessons. But as soon as I mention these restrictions I usually get a dirty look and that’s all.
Or I might get a comment such as, “Anyone can teach me how drive.”.

I knew one driver’s ed teacher who taught for 20 years, and was driving for sixty, and had never gotten into one accident either by herself or with her students. I also had a student who’s father told him that he is going to crash his first vehicle, because that is what happens in his family when you learn how to drive. Anyone can teach you how to step on the brake and put the car in gear, but there is a difference between the teacher who hasn’t had a crash in sixty years and the parent who buys his son an old pickup truck to start with because he knows the way he teaches his son how to drive is inevitably going to end up in an accident.

So I volunteer my services not out of false ego but sincerely to help the devotees. But maybe ISKCON hasn’t evolved to the point where the need for driver education is seen to be there yet.

» Posted By adikavi On Nov 27, 2007 @ 8:21 pm

Ecology in the Dhama

The last time I went to Vrndavana I didn’t know we had a choice. I just assumed they burned the plastic bags. There is no reason the government should allow things to get to the point of bad sanitation or starvation but that is another thing.

I went to a fruit vendor since I was there during a festival and had to rent a hotel room and thought it would be simpler at the time, since I was taking a japa walk back from the bazaar or something. The fruit vendor sold me several funny looking green fruits that were round and put them in a plastic bag, the first one I had seen in India.

As I started walking back towards my hotel I noticed several monkeys looking at me. One slid down a pipe on my right, another was in an alley or someplace and two or three started coming my way from in front of me.

I was about to be attacked so I picked up a stick from one of the vendors shops and started to beat it on the ground like I had seen one of the vendors do. It didn’t work. The leader of the monkeys ran up and tore my bag apart like it was made out of nothing. All the fruits rolled down the street which was sloped right into the hands of all the monkeys. Even the smallest one ran up in fear wondering whether I would try to stop him or not but I didn’t have the heart to try to take away any fruit from him because he was the smallest and probably didn’t get to eat very often.

I went back to the vendor very angry thinking he may have done this on purpose to me but this time he sold me a watermelon and told me to put it underneath my kurta when the monkeys weren’t looking. I got back almost all the way to my hotel, with monkeys looking at me strangely and it was only when I was almost there that a brijabasi came up to me and said, “Oh, are you pregnant?” and then I understood that the watermelon trick was to fool the monkeys into thinking I was a pregnant woman and not just someone carrying a watermelon under his kurta.

» Posted By adikavi On Sep 1, 2007 @ 4:35 pm

Shortcut to consuming milk from protected cows

I just went to or something, and saw Menaka Gandhi’s picture. She is more than just a Governor, and she was very upset that people ignored her command not to whip the horses. So I’m sure she is very upset about the cows.

» Posted By adikavi On Dec 28, 2007 @ 3:03 am

Response to Urmila Devi Dasi on Vrindavana

Now I am excited about this. I’m pretty sure the Gandhi lady’s first name was Menaka, but I’m not 100% certain. But she definately wanted help with cow protection and wanted ISKCON to help do it. If only all the interested temples and devotees in India would write to her I’m sure there would be some results. She wanted us to do it!

» Posted By adikavi On Dec 28, 2007 @ 2:45 am

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