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HH Subhag Maharaja in hospital in Jakarta Indonesia

Before coming Jakarta HH. Subhaga Swami has been come around with some of us for example to Bali and Lombok island. Where we used to serve to our best to whoever the Guru, sanyasi, devotees even bhaktas who coming Bali gave their association to us. There always some thing happend beyond our ability to hold and treated, so we apologize for what has been happening to Maharaja in Jakarta. Now alls devotees in Bali and might some in Jakarta already collect some donation to lighten and help the Jakarta temple whose host maharaja. We devotees in Bali will feel very honour if the ISKCON autority and HH. deciples grand to allow us to do our service to Maharaja in Bali until HH. strong enough to flight to India.
In learning to serve:
Agastya Muni dasa_kcs

» Posted By agastya muni dasa On Jul 11, 2006 @ 11:52 am

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