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Kids Not Krishna Conscious?

It was nice reading the article about Kids not Krsna conscious. I have noticed that many devotees who see that their kids aren’t like them, philosophical, don’t treat them properly. These are kids aged 5,9 and 12. Is it wrong of kids of this age to play badminton, go cycling,etc. The parents compare them with kids who appear to be in the mood of Krsna consciousness and shower them with love, talk with them whereas they don’t do so for their kids. They don’t make an effort to talk with their kids and blame either parent for not doing the duty.
Does donating money everywhere, chanting 16 rounds, talking sweetly with devotees, behaving humbly in front of others but behaving in the manner mentioned above qualify to be classified as surrendered to Krsna and valid for initiation???

This is a serious matter where devotees are advising them to give up on jobs and responsibility towards family in the name of Krsna consciousness and going back to Godhead whereas they cling on their jobs and family responsibility.
Please advise.Its happening everywhere.

» Posted By akhandhar On Jun 10, 2011 @ 1:57 pm

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