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The Fall/ No-Fall Debate Boiled Down

In the conclusion the author quotes a letter to Jagadisha Das. Why not continue the conversation and see Prabhupada’s subsequent reply. It suggests we did not have an active relationship with Krishna before we came here.

letter to Jagadish dasa, Los Angeles, April 25, 1970

“Regarding your questions about how and from where did the conditioned souls fall, your first question if someone has a relationship with Lord Krsna on Krsnaloka, does he ever fall down? The souls are endowed with minute independence as part of their nature and this minute independence may be utilized rightly or wrongly at any time, so there is always the chance of falling down by misuse of one’s independence. But those who are firmly fixed up in devotional service to Krsna are making proper use of their independence and so they do not fall down.

Regarding your second question, have the conditioned souls ever seen Krsna? Were they with the Lord before being conditioned by the desire to lord it over material nature? Yes, the conditioned souls are parts and parcels of the Lord and thus they were with Krsna before being conditioned. Just as the child must have seen his father because the father places the child in the womb of the mother, similarly each soul has seen Krsna or the Supreme Father. But at that time the conditioned souls are resting in the condition called susupti which is exactly deep sleep without dream, or anesthetized state, therefore they do not remember being with Krsna when they wake up in the material world and become engaged in material affairs. I hope this will satisfy your questions.”

Your ever well-wisher,

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 29.05.2014 @ 21:28

Sound Systems Guideline

What we really need is a monitor which flashes a red light when sound is about 85db. 3M makes monitors like that, they cost around $40 for a handheld one. It is ok to see the sound levels on a phone, but one hanging on the microphone stand which is flashing red is much better.

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 26.04.2014 @ 23:55

Is the term ‘Dhoti’ in the Vedas? - Part 2

The discussions about sanskrit words are taking a western perspective on how the words are formed. Please read this article about how sanskrit words are formed:

This is why there is a huge emphasis on grammar in Sanskrit teachings. If one knows Sanskrit grammar, one does not need a dictionary. So dhauta as the root word of being cleansed means that dhoti could be something that is cleaned, i.e. a piece of cloth. I don’t know Sanskrit to know if that grammar is correct.

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 17.04.2014 @ 13:51

Documentary Children of God

A very nice film. Nicely shows the dynamic between the material inclinations in the son and his parents strict following. The film was very positive to the devotional upbringing given by the parents and one could appreciate what home schooling gave him. The part about past lives was really nice too, brought out that difference in the two children, even though one was younger, you could see the dancing at the end and how the younger one was more involved in the temple kirtan. Anyway, great work materially and spiritually.

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 15.05.2013 @ 16:29

A Tale of Two Zodiacs

Antardwipa Prabhu

Thank you for your response. I didn’t get a notification, but just saw it.

I have no scholarship in this department, I was only involved with Danavir swami’s movie (I did some of the video graphics and animations).

This central axis which the sun revolves around also passes through the earth? The earth is the plane a planet at the center of the plane? So we do depict the sun revolving around the earth? To me it is very interesting because scientists use the motion of the earth around the sun to deduce trigonometric calculations for the distances to the observed stars. (vastly simplified of course)

I suppose a simple question to ask is, why do we have day and night? Is the earth is stationery and the movement of the sun causes day and night? Or does modern science have it correct and the earth is spinning? Curious if there is a consensus amongst at least our scholars. I know Maharaj’s research did not agree with some previous research.

This is of course very complicated work because we are trying to reconcile descriptions of different realms and dimensions with physical laws and measurements but curious what is happening with the understanding.

your servant,
amala gaura das

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 09.11.2012 @ 18:09

I apologize for interjecting in this. There is a lot of scholarship here and I think it is a very useful discussion by the devotees.

I have a unrelated question for Antardwip prabhu regarding the Mayapur planetarium. Is their some preview of the model which will be used in the Mayapur temple? Will it be earth centered or sun centered? I was following some of Danavir Maharaj’s publications and know that there are different opinions on this more important topic.

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 30.10.2012 @ 13:38

As soon as there is comet, there will be some disaster

It is difficult to make a 1-1 correspondence between significant comets and world disasters or wars. We have visible comets regularly but we don’t have world wars at those times or even significant world disasters. The comet of 2011 was in December but the large Japan earthquake was much earlier in the year. Maybe the 2013 comet is a larger one.

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 08.10.2012 @ 16:40

The 12 Signs of The Zodiac

Vraj Kishor Prabhu

Since you think the lack of responses proves your point. I read Shyamasundara prabhu’s articles and found them far more complete discussions of the topic which do address your queries. I think your approach is simplistic and does not befit someone with your experience in devotional service. The vedas contain variegated discussions and simple references to zodiac signs do not prove a point of not using sidereal astrology. The topic is complicated and I think Shyamasundara prabhu’s articles give a more complete discussion including the differences between the types of shastras involved. I didn’t want to chime in because it is a complicated topic and I do not study these topics (just someone with an interest in astrology), but I find your article to be very unconvincing and humorous the way you wish to have a new form of astrology based on these new conclusions. I do think it is a symptom of one who is self-taught.

amala gaura das

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 19.07.2012 @ 11:15

The discussion of the zodiac is interesting and important but it is actually more important to ascertain whether the earth or the sun are moving. Saying that the Bhagavad Gita says “everything is moving”, is simplistic to say the least.

The movement of the earth around the sun is used by modern astronomy for the distances to the “stars” (we consider them planets) because they use simple trigonometry to estimate the distance to them based on the minute distance that they move and come up with the phantasmagorical millions of light year calculations.

So the vedic statements that the earth is the center of the universe is revolutionary. In modern circles it is common to think the sun revolving around the earth as one of the breakthroughs in not only astronomy but the modern approach to the heavens. There are statements of Prabhupada on this which should not be dismissed, and I can only hope the Mayapur temple of the vedic planeterium will remain faithful to this. I know research was commissioned to find the best model to present.

I know that in modern ISKCON many of our learned scientifically minded devotees, deceased and with us, wished to validate the modern scientific opinion of the sun revolving around the earth. I am curious to what opinion will prevail in ISKCON.

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 16.07.2012 @ 21:08

Mongolian yatra

Congratulations to all the hardworking devotees living in Mongolia. Wonderful to see the progress and enthusiasm. I have a comment that the land purchased has interesting dimensions and a southwest entrance. These things can not always be controlled, but perhaps devotee Vastu consultants could do a consultation service for the yatra. There are devotees in Germany who take it quite seriously, and could have guidance to align the project with Vastu principles.

Comment Posted By amalagaura On 08.03.2012 @ 16:02


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