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Limit the volume of kirtans in ISKCON Temples?

In this article there was quoting from this Dr and there was explanation of the technical mundane effects of loud sounds, but, I saw no quotations from our Founder-Acharya HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. And no quote from our shastra as to what are the good effects of being subjected to LOUD Kirtan of the Holy Names of Sri Krishna.

“So these Gosvamis were engaged, krsnotkirtana-gana-nartana, chanting and dancing. Kirtana means chanting, and nartana means dancing. Krsnotkirtana, utkirtana. Utkirtana means very loudly, not softly.
So this loud kirtana was inaugurated by Lord Caitanya. So this disturbance, this complaint, was current even in His own time. ”
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Six Gosvamis Lecture, Sri Sri Sad-govamy-astaka — Los Angeles, November 18, 1968

“(second kirtana — Prabhupada starts tapping microphone) I think it is not working. This is not working. (kirtana continues) This is not working.
Jaya-gopala: It’s working. It’s working, but it isn’t loud at all.
Prabhupada: Well, loud outside.(?) We want loud.
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.9.8 — Seattle, October 21, 1968

“Govinda dasi: Everybody wants kirtana.
Dayananda: Can it be just sort of a quiet kirtana, since it’s getting a little late?
Prabhupada: Quiet kirtana? (laughter) Kirtana means loud. (laughter) You make it quite please.
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Class in Los Angeles — Los Angeles, November 15, 1968
(While Srila Prabhupad agreed to make it quiet, because it was late and would disturb the non-devotee neighbors, the point should not be lost that Kirtan Means Loud.}

“Devotee: Still too loud.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Devotee: It’s too loud downstairs. There have been complaints from the neighbors.
Prabhupada: Loud, they are very good. How can you stop it? As soon as you chant, somebody… That you cannot check. You may stop mrdanga. That’s all.
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Room Conversation — August 11, 1973, Paris

Again, the only reason Prabhupad agreed to lower the volume of the kirtan was due to complaints from the non-devotee neighbors. Not because he agreed that loud kirtan was ‘bad’.

From CC Adi Lila 17.207 (these are complaints by Hindus made to the Kazi about Nimai Pandit
“‘Now He loudly sings all kinds of songs, claps, and plays drums and hand cymbals, making a tumultuous sound that deafens our ears.”

(I hit limit, more in second post)

» Posted By ameyatma On Jul 2, 2011 @ 1:56 am

Economic Nonviabilty Of Devotee Milk Production

Hare Krsna

I have not logged on to Dandabats for weeks, and i see this aricle is a week old, sorry for jumping in so late. I am not a cowherder or farmer by practice, only in heart. I do not have knowledge of direct experienc, so maybe i am wrong in my analysis, but here is my opinion on this matter.

I have long wanted to help develop fully functional farming villages, and long time ago i came to the realization that one thing that is required is a large amount of land. Land is needed for open grazing and pasturing, as well as raw forest land also. In the past, maybe as recent as 40-50 years in America, many farms kept their own dairy cows and produced enough milk for their families and sold the excess to their local dairy. I was born in Iowa and had family who had farms. Many of those dairy cows were not sold for slaughter. Yes, my uncle raised a ‘few’ hefers specially to be fattened and sold for slaughter, but his milk producing cows he did not sell to slaughter. I am speaking about the small family farms which were not dairy farms, but kept a few cows as part of the larger farm. When those cows stopped giving milk the farmers put old-Betsy out to pasture. That is, those farms that had enough land to have such pasturing land. My uncle’s farm was large enough that he had a section where the older cows simply graized without much extra work for him to keep them.

That is the key, as i see it, to viable cow protection and milk production within a village community. The village must have enough land so that the retired cows can pasture. Older cows do not need the higher protien more expensive grains and grasses that younger milk producing cows need. They just need enough common grass to graize.

This is the system, as i understand it, in the villages in India. The non-producing cows simply are set free to graize the open lands. There are no fences in the old villages. The older cows basically take care of themselves, but, again, only when there is sufficient land.

That means that when the cow stops producing milk she does not become a financial liability as long as their is sufficient pasturing land to put her on.

Of course, such a system works in India or similar cliamtes where grass grows all year round. But, what about areas, like most of N America, where it snows? In these areas, then, we must have even more land and some effort must be taken to grow enough hay to feed the cows, all the cows, milk producing or not, even in the winter months. My uncle’s farm always had enough hay – actually they had plenty of corn as well, but they grew enough hay to keep all the animals fed year round. The retired cows as well.

There are other social benefits the older non-milk producing cows give to a village. Their cow dung. You can’t cook with grass, but you can cook with dried cow dung. You can make incense from cow dung. And thick green liquid cow dung juice makes a great natural glue and has many health benefits, as does fresh cow urine. Also, as Srila Prabhupad has said, “Cow dung can purify any impure place”. The purifying effects of cow dung are immeasurable. (Years ago several Indians living in So Calif were working on missle guidance systems for the US military (electronic engineers). I was close friends with them and one showed me a report written by the military about, of all things, the glories of cow dung. It said that the US military had set out to find if there was any naturally existing substance that could be used to protect food from nuclear fall out, and they found that a layer of cow dung was the only naturally occuring substance that they could find which actually worked well enough it could protect food from nuclear radition. When SP said that cow dung can purify any impure place, he meant it. Even nuclear radiation. Just see how valuable even old cows are, they still produce cow dung and urine, which is very healthy for many ailments.

Cows provide valuable substances to society in a village setting. So, even if time and energy is spent growing extra grains for those cows, there is a return to the village based society in terms of materials, health and religious benefits.

But, lets go back to the concept that milk production is not economically viable for devotees. I disagree, but enough land must be there for use as pasturing land. Then, the older cows are not such a financial strain. Yet, their cow urine and dung remain a valuable asset. Bulls, in a village setting, do the hard work of tractors, plows and, oh yes, another social benefit of having cows wander freely in a village setting, there is no need to own lawn mowers or pay someone to mow the yard. Cows and bulls are valuable assets to a functioning village, even the older ones, and were never seen as liabilities.

To make a real working and functioning village, however, will require sufficient amounts of land.

ys ameyatma das

» Posted By ameyatma On May 9, 2007 @ 5:53 am

Sri Jagannatha Puri Dhama

Mataji, All glories to the dust of your feet.

Srila Prabhupad is most certainly pleased by your sacrifices and preaching efforts and mood. It is nice to see such such effective preaching from such a chaste mataji. I saw how you took such good care of your mother in her old age. Now you are so nicely engaging your daughters and yourself in service that is obviously pleasing to your spiritual master, Srila Prabhupad. You have set such nice example for others to follow. Please accept my worthless obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

ys a. (very lowly) das

PS: Last i heard your daughters were struggling with costly leg operations, etc., it appears by Krsna’s grace that she has healed and recovered quite well.

» Posted By ameyatma On Mar 14, 2007 @ 4:17 am

Slavery to Banks: A Vedic Prophecy

Sri Nandanandana Prabhu
Accept my obeisances – All glories to Srila Prabhupad – long time no see, wishing you all success.

Yugala Kishore has written:
“…the ideas and conclusions portrayed in your essay, seem to be more the by-product of “conspiracy theory” speculations than serious economic thinking or discourse. Which, in turn, would cast a shadow of invalidity on your conclusions.”

And Sngdas wrote:
“I applaud you for your efforts to connect the readers to elements of Vedic knowledge through a modern context, but, do note a very srong “conspirator” mood in your writing.”

Srinandanana is not just alluding to a conspiracy theory, nor is there just a very strong conspirator mood, his text outright states it, yes, folks there has been a very well documented conspiracy by the Rothschild dynasty and their fellow central bankers to have taken control over the industrialized nations of the world via the fiat monetary system.

A few months ago i ran into one of the Rothschild’s family websites, and from their very website they proudly explain how they are the bankers of the nations. They formed and funded the IMF, the World Bank, etc. They make loans to all the Central Banks of the world, including the Federal Reserve. They are, without doubt, the controllers of the controllers of this planet. But, with even less doubt, Krsna remains the absolute controller, as such, the bankers are merely puny and insignificant.

Still, regarding the Rothschilds, i found one that also specializes in the bank rolling of extravagent casinos and exclusive resorts whose clientelle are limited only to the very elite of the elite. They showed pictures of places (palatial and grand resorts i never knew existed) that they had funded already. That Rothschild desired more such resorts to be build that via that website was offering to bank roll qualified investors to do so. (That was well over a year ago, and oddly that website remained up for only a limited time, then it disappeared). They are the controllers of the controllers. They do, however, work hard to keep these things secret. They never take public positions. But, on some of the sites connected with their family (they are very fond of their vineyards and aged wines), they are refered to, by those who work directly under them, in induendo and in direct terms, as World-class royalty, as the ruling kings and queens of the world. Even though they still use the title of Barons, they are served by those who work directly for them as the royal dynasty of the planet, who refer to them as the royal family. They rule this planet via a very secretive means via a complex system of surrogates and proxies. They purposefully do not want to be known in the public. A member of their family can easily travel around the world, live and function in their local society/community, without those whom they contact having any idea who they really are. They planned it this way, and it works for them – so far. If people knew who they were they would become more easy targets.

I have also written about them on my website, but, i will admit, you cannot write about them without speculating because of their nature of being very secretive.

My desire is that while writing about them, although we can easily invoke a dislike toward them, it is also in our interest to ‘preach’ to them to try to convince them of the higher truth contained in SP’s books. Someday, it may very well be that one or more of their influential members will take up KC and by doing so, will be able to transform the whole world. Therefore, the best ‘defense’ or weapons we have is Srila Prabhupad’s books. Just preach and teach from them as he also did, AS IT IS. But, it is good to know who they are and what they are up to. Still, my prayer is that one day they will also become followers of Srila Prabhupad. Just as Buddhism spread like wild fire in India when King Ashok took it up, when several of the influentail controlers of the bankers take up KC they occupy the posts to make far reaching and lasting changes that we simply can only dream of doing. The only way this will ever happen is for us to remain fixed in spreading Srila Prabhupad’s teachings As They Are. There were 900 English Gitas in the West before Srila Prabhupad wrote ‘another one’, yet there was not one single devotee of Krsna, as soon as Srila Prabhupad wrote and distributed the Gita AS IT IS, immediately the result was 1,000’s of souls instantly became devotees and surrendered themselves to Krsna. Imagine the effect if the most influetial of the Rothschild’s or other similar bankers were to become enlightened by SP’s books. It is possible, I once met several of the Hinduja’s years ago. They were just opening a bank in Bombay. At the time they were worth 6 billion $ and were recognized even by the bankers as influential and elite. And, yet they were very KC. On their personal cell phones they would answer their calls saying “Hare Krsna”. We can reach even the Rothschilds if we are sincere enough to spread Srila Prabhupad’s teachings, and by doing so, we could transform the entire globe literally overnight. It is possible. It remains within our reach. Krsna can arrange such a thing at any given moment, we simply must become sincere enough and qualified enough that He will allow it.

ys ameyatma das

» Posted By ameyatma On Feb 3, 2007 @ 10:21 am

The Amish, Learning From ‘The Plain People’

I was again traveling and not online for a few days.

My basic point was that there is a society here in America that is able to sustain a simple way of life, farming off the land, cottage industry, and they are doing very well, living comfortably. From that angle I was hoping it would inspire other devotees who were reluctant toward taking this up, fearing it could not work here in America at the present. Or that it would help catalyze an effort toward doing it.
But, I did not mean to look toward their actual culture as an example as we have our Vedic culture and even current or somewhat recent Indian village economic structures to draw from.

As far as the kids, my understanding is that up to 16 they are taught why to remain Amish and value their ideals, but at 16 they are treated as adults in that they make their own decisions. I think Srila Prabhupad also said something similar that at 16 we should no longer consider our children as children, but as equals and adults. I don’t have the exact quote.

Still, we need to see what can be done to organize such a farming community, how to reorganize the existing farms where they act as catalysts to attract those interested in this to move their and actually implement such functioning communities. We, Prabhupad’s disciples, are getting old, we need to do something, not just wait for the next generation to do something.

» Posted By ameyatma On Dec 20, 2006 @ 4:34 pm

Walking on the Moon..?

About the moon being further then the sun. Back when Nitai das was serving as Srila Prabhupad’s servant, I recall one day he was in the Sankirtan room and he told us that Srila Prabhupad had told him the following (obviously, this is from memory, not word for word). He said that sometimes the guru and the Vedas test us, test our faith to see that our faith is strong. He said the Vedas or guru do this by sometimes saying things that defy common sense. He gave the example of Madhavendra Puri and Ishvar puri where the guru says that a rope is a snake. He who has full faith in the word of guru ignores what he sees with his imperfect eyes and accepts the word of his guru, yes, it is a snake. So, Nitai claimed that Srila Prabhupad had said that the moon being further than the sun, he said there are sometimes statements given in the Vedas that test one’s faith. It does not matter what is what, emperically we are not able to prove or disprove, as these things are beyond the ability of our senses. What matters is that one passes the test of faith in shastra.

Srila Prabhupad’s faith in guru and shastra was unwavering. If guru says it is a snake, it is a snake. If he later calls us a fool for thinking it was a snake and tells us it is just a rope, then we accept, ‘I am just a fool. I do not know what is what by use of my bodily senses, I only know what is what by the word of my guru and shastra. That is all’. If guru again says the rope is a snake, then it is a snake. Thus, guru, and according to Nitai, even shastra, may sometimes test if our faith is genuine.

These tests can only be passed by one who has developed blind faith. Blind faith is not expected or wanted in the beginning. In the beginning one must inquire submissively and learn. It takes time to see that in all other aspects of life and spiritual understanding guru and shastra are flawlessly correct. After experiencing this for some time one then develops full faith, blind faith. Then Krsna, via guru and shastra, may test the sincerity and depth of that faith.

So, when I look at the sun and moon, I do not care which is closer or further. I don’t care if they have gone to the moon or not. I have seen in so many other ways that Vedic science and guru is perfect, thus I place my faith in guru and shastra, not in imperfect senses, or in the words of the mundane scientists.

Yet, Srila Prabhupad has also said that the scientists can use their knowledge of science to prove Vedic science. So, we don’t have to bury our heads on these topics and avoid them. We can shed light on proving the Vedic statements. Also, sometime ago one devotee sent me a quote from Prabhupad, which i since misplaced, stating something to the effect that the devotee(s) who can expose these scientists as having faked the moon mission, Srila Prabhupad said something like he will guarantee their passage back home, back to Godhead. (or something like that, as i said, i lost the reference, if any one has the reference please pass it on).

still hopelessly lost in trying to figure out how to become a humble and worthy servant of the devotees, ameyatma das

» Posted By ameyatma On Dec 16, 2006 @ 3:21 pm

I also am very much interested to see photos from those observatories. Over 10 years ago I wrote an article and posted on my website entitled “MoonShadows”, it is now located at:
I also give many evidences how the mission was faked, and also insight as to why the US Government did so.
This article has been on the internet for over 10 years and has had many hits, being cross linked on many sites and also translated into Russian. I have had numerous emails, many from scientists. And most of them being favorable. No one has supplied to me information that would change my ideas. There was one lady who said she works in a University that continues to collect information from a laser she said is still pointed at a reflection box on the moon. However, on further analysis it was found that NASA supplies to the university the data, and so there is question as to whether the data is faked or real. But, in all these years i have only heard that there is no telescope powerful enough to observe the landing sites and see provable debri.

Please read my article, it gives additional information as well as the reasons why this was done. ys ameyatma das

» Posted By ameyatma On Dec 14, 2006 @ 4:19 pm

The Unknown History of Big Book Distribution.

Regarding Vamsi’s question about when devotees took up western dress for book distribution. I have an insight to this, i will simply state what i saw.

I joined in the summer of 73, and when I went out on book distribution it was in dhoti. But, around late 73 or early 74 Tripurari in LA and a few others had discovered distributing the books at rock concerts. Their first attempts were big, but, devotees in dhoti and sari were too easy targets and quickly the auditorium guards would not let them in. So, one night Tripurari dawned a long haired wig and hippie styled karmi clothes and was able get into a concert (I think it was Led Zeplin) and distributed boxes and boxes of Krsna book trilogies. Ramesvar was beside himself with ecstacy and the dawn of the age of Western dress was born.

But, some devotees complained and word reached Srila Prabhupad. The first letter from Srila Prabhupad was his request that devotees only go out in devotee clothes. Ramesvaer was convinced that Srila Prabhupad just didn’t understand. So, he devised a plan. He sent, I think it was Bopa dev, could be someone else, for one week to Watts, the worst place in LA to do books, in devotee clothes. He then sent Tripurari out in karmi wig and clothes to concerts and other places. He then sent a letter to SP giving the lop-sided count of books using the very biased and slanted figures, saying a top distributor in devotee clothes can only distribute so many books, but in karmi dress devotees can do so much more.

The figures he sent SP were not skewed and not geniune. But, his idea was that SP had to be convinced that more books could go out in karmi dress.

SP then sent a second letter stating that, in the mood of Lord Caitanya, who took sannyas to trick people into following Him, that devotees could also dress in disguise in order to trick them to take books. But, he asked that the dress be as respectiable gentlemen, no long haired wigs and hippie dress.

— Sorry, I don’t have time right now to look those letters up to give exact dates, but I am sure they are in the Vedabase.

— My personal take:
Personally I could not wear the karmi clothes and distribute books. I simply felt it was like cheating. Ramesvar had all us do it, at least for a while. But, I eventually refused. What he did then was to reserve all the best locations for those who dressed in karmi clothes, those who insisted on going out in dhoti, we were constantly sent to Watts or other very difficult locations. I was never able to do very many books that way, so I began to pray to SP to be given another service where I felt i could do more to serve him and engage my talents and propensities better. First, I was given opportunity to paint for the books, and then came the Doll Project.

I see, in some instances, that to dress in karmi clothes can be of use, such as getting into locations you could not in devotee dress. But, otherwise, my personal opinion is that it is best if we preach as devotees, in our devotee dress. It makes us feel more genuine, it makes our preaching more sincere. IMHO. I always felt a negative because Ramesvar was not fully honest in his presentation to Srila Prabhupad. SP did agree, but to what? To a not so honestly presented scenerio. Of course, the numbers of books that went flying out after this are very impressive, and SP was very happy and impressed. But, if we take the original letter in consideration, along with the not so honest presentation that made him write the agreeing letter, all together, I still prefer that devotees present themselves honestly as devotees whenever possible, and reserve the disguises for only when really neccessary.

Aspiring to become your worthy and humble servant, ameyatma das

» Posted By ameyatma On Dec 3, 2006 @ 2:57 pm

Jai Mahatma and Suresh Prabhu’s.
What enlivening nectar, even for one who was not much of a printed book distributer (although, Srila Prabhupad called the Doll exhibits “Living Books”). I am traveling and have gone to the Atlanta temple several times in the last 3 weeks. Balabhadra and Sikhi Mahiti really inspired me with their stories, past and present. As Friday was Gita Jayanti, the mood was pure Book Distribution nectar. Bhagavad Gita As It Is distribution.

I don’t want to take away from anything Mahatma wrote regarding the ‘first’ distribution of big books, but there were Krsna Books distributed even in 1970. I know, I was the indirect recipient of one.

Back around 1980-81, before he left, I was relating the following story to Jayatirtha about how I found the Krsna Book at the library in 1970, and we found we had a common connection to the event.

In 1970 I had already been studying as many Vedic books as I could find in the public and school libraries (which was quite a large number of various books). In the summer of 1969 I had discovered the Bhagavad Gita, not Srila Prabhupad’s, but still, the 2 very poor translations I found, I had come to the sharp and immediate conclusion that this was the Highest, and Original scripture – the direct spoken words of God. Even then, I used to tell people that there would come a day when there would be only one religion, and one scripture, Bhagavad Gita. Yet, this was before I had come in contact with Srila Prabhupad, his books or movement. After reading many other books by other gurus and swamis I had come to the conclusion that I needed to find my spiritual master. But, every book I would pick up by this swami, that yogi, this guru, Krsna within the heart would direct me to just the right place in the book and within minutes I would reject the author as not being a truly qualified spiritual master. After searching, in the libraries, for a guru for over a year I came to the conclusion that no “living” guru was actually bona-fide. I had come across translations of the Upanishads that were written in the 1800’s and the books I found were last reprinted in the 1930’s. The knowledge in the verse commentaries I considered very close to being transcendent, BUT, not quite. It was the fact that there was no direct mention of God as a person that I had to reject those books and the author. But, it made me convinced that someday I would find my guru from a book in the library. That I became convinced was how I would someday find my guru.

I had already discovered Paramatma, from reading books by other gurus. I had accepted Paramatma as God, as the Father I had always prayed to all my life.

I admit, though, I was a hippie at the time who could not imagine life without LSD or Peyoti and was very fond of smoking from my cannibis filled Hooka. But, gradually I became fixed on knowing God. I wanted to know what God looked like, what was the kingdom of God like, what is God’s activities, what does He do? I became obsessed, I HAD to know. So, one evening I decided that was it, I had to find out. So, I went to my room and shut the door and sat in the full lotus position, practiced pranam and chanting OM and prayed to the Paramatma with every ounce of energy and strength I could find, “PLEASE, PLEASE O’Lord, Please reveal yourself to me.” I prayed like this for hours, many hours. I determined that was it, it was either then or never. I begged God to reveal Himself to me. What did He look like, what does He do? What does the kingdom of God look like? I stayed up all night. I also prayed that He would send me my spiritual master. Somehow, even though I wanted God to reveal Himself right then and there, I was actually praying for Him to send me a book that would reveal Himself to me. I will admit that I had taken a lot of LSD and smoked a lot of weed that night, but, despite that, the prayers were as genunie and deep and real as any prayer can be. I recall the sun was just rising when I finally decided to come out of the room and break from my intense prayer.

I don’t recall if it was that very next day, or maybe a few days later, but I made a trip to the West Covina Public Library (in Southern California) with the full determination that on that day I would find not only my spiritual master, but also God would reveal His true original self to me that day. I went to the Hindu/Vedic section. I was looking for a very old book. By that time I had come to the conclusion that no living guru was bona-fide, so I was thinking that my guru must have lived long ago but that he had written a book for me, that I would find it in the library, and from that book I would be enlightened and finally know God and know my true purpose for living. I was convinced, though, that my guru was not living, and so I was set on finding an old, old book. After some time, I began to feel scared. I was so convinced that I would find the book, the answer to my intense prayer, but on not finding any old book, I began to feel scared, what would I do if God chose not to answer my prayer.? No, I was convinced, the book HAD to be there.

Looking all over the shelves, I was kneeling down when something caught my eye above my head. The cover seemed to shimmer vibrantly (maybe the color and pulsing of the florescent lights and book cover created the illussion of movement). The book end was bright metalic silver with bright red letters on it. It was shimmering and dancing before my eyes. The large letters were K R S N A. But, the book was not old, it was shinning and brand new. The idea ran through my head, “my guru could actually be living on this planet? I could some day meet him directly?”

I reach out to pick up the book. I tried to pronounce it, Krashna, Kershna. No, there are dots under the letters. The Upanishad books I was reading at the time had Sanskrit lessons in the back and I knew the sound of R with dot was Ri, and the dot under the S was Sh, so as I took the book down and turned it to the front cover, I read out, KRISHNA as I stood mezmerized at seeing a picture of Lord Krishna for the first time. Krishna, that is the name for God, the one who spoke Bhagavad Gita. This is a picture of GOD. The title was KRSNA – The Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Part of my prayer was answered. I asked God to reveal Himself to me, I had to know what did God look like, and now, holding this book in my hand, was a picture of God, Krsna. Tears began to stream from my eyes. God had answered my prayers. I felt that the search of 1,000 life times had come finally to an end. My long search for God had finally come to an end, I knew I was now holding God, in the form of a book, in my hand. I had finally found God, I had found what I had been looking for, not just this lifetime, but for so many life times.

Then, just as Srila Prabhupad wrote in the introduction, as I was looking at Krsna, He was standing with a beautiful young girl. in my mind, I aked, who is this by the side of God? A girl? God is both man and women – together? That intrigued me. YES, God is the source of everthing. I wanted to know what is the kingdom of God like? What does it look like, and I could see from the painting, it was ideal. It was a garden like setting, mixed with temple like palaces. I then opened the book and was even more mezmerized by all the paintings. As Srila Prabhupad stated, they were like looking through windows to the Spiritual Sky. Another part of my prayers were answered, What does God do in His kingdom. The paintings showed his many pastimes. I was so overwhelmed. I was in transcedental ecstacy.

Then, I realized, whoever the author of this book is, that person is my spiritual master. As I was thinking this I was turning the book over and saw the picture of Srila Prabhupad on the back cover. This was the original printing of Krsna Book, the photo of Prabhupad in that printing was of him sitting with a big wide smile. I immediately accepted Srila Prabhupad as my spiritual master. No revervation, no holding back. But, on seeing his smiling photo for the first time, somehow I saw him as a young child, with his beaming bright smile. In my mind I was thinking how could such a young innocent child as this write such a book as this? Then I realized that the young child was in an old man’s body.

The next thing that came to my mind was, being young and someone who had many friends, I was thinking, how can I convince my friends that Krsna is God, how can I present this to them? They will not take this seriously. Just as I was thinkinig like this, Krsna directed me to the introduction written by George Harrison. George Harrison???? WOW. He is into Gita and Krsna? WOW. I couldn’t wait to show all my friends what I had discovered.

I wanted more. There were no computers then, but in the Library was a list of books by author, so I looked up and found a long list of books by Bhaktivedanta Swami. I then looked up the books the library had in their card index and found the library had 2 other books beside the Krsna book. They were the Nectar of Devotion and the Teachings of Lord Caitanya. I went and found all of them and took those 3 books to the counter to check them out.

The librarian, a lady probably in her mid 40’s, took a look at those books and she looked totally stunned. She looked at me and asked, “Why… How did you get those 3 books?” I told her very straightforwardly, God sent them here because I wanted them. She almost fainted. Why? She told me that she had just put those same 3 books out on the shelf just within that hour, and she knew she had put them on different shelves and different isles. So, it was not conincidence that I could have gotten those same 3 books. She was astounished how and why i was checking out those same 3 books. I again told her, “God sent them there for me, and I expecting them to be here”. Then she told me that just yesterday a man with a shaven head and pony tail wearing long robes and a women wrapped in a colorful cloth had come in and donnated those 3 same books to the library. She told me that they had also told her that “God wants these books here”. And here I was, holding the very same 3 books she had just put out telling her that I was expecting those books, that God had brought them there just for me. She was really overwhelmed by it, yet, I was simply taking it almost for granted. I really was expecting those books to be there. If they hadn’t been there, I would have been totally lost forever.

So, this was, in my memory, in 1970. It must have been late 1970, but I vividly recall it being 1970.

So, in 1980-81 when I was telling this story to Jayatirtha and he told me that it was he who was the devotee who donated those books to the library. He told me that when the very first box of Krsna Books (he said it was the very first box, not just the first shipment) came that no one knew what to do with them. He told me this was probably the very first Krsna Book to be distributed, even though he gave it away as a donation, he told me this was very likely the very first Krsna Book ever distributed because he took the Krsna Book within days after it first arrived, along with the Teachings of Lord Caitanya and the Nectar of Devotion with him on his way to sell incense to the “Head” shop in West Covina. He stopped by the library and made the donation of those books.

This was not the type of book distribution that you so nicely wrote of, but, it may very well be the first big books distributed, especially the first Krsna Book.

Just see, I had prayed, somehow, intensly for those books and Prabhupad to come, and so Jayatirtha brought them, and I was expecting them in the library. I knew they would come. I wasn’t even surprised when the librarian told me how they had just come, it was as if it was just normal, to be expected. That is the way I acted. Yet, on the other hand, I also realized that something very magical and mystical and special had just taken place.

Param Vi Jayate – Sri Krsna Sankirtanam

(BTW – what ever happened to our old God brother Ramesvar? Doesn’t he miss the fever of Sankirtan book distribution? He used to be so infected with the fever, I cannot accept that he could ever get over it).

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