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Cow protection, community and temple Iskcon

Hare Krishna Kanai Krishna Prabhu,

I am not a technical wizard so i am just going to have to spell this out for you, apologies.
Srila Prabhupada Letters.
To Yashomatinandana from vrindavana , 28th November 1976.
Find at the_whole_idea_is_that_we_are_iskcon_…….
There is a search engine on that page so i just put in that line from the letter and it brought up all the quotes from Srila Prabhupada where that quote is located. your servant, Dusyanta dasa . On one site the letter was posted as December 8th, and on Vaniquotes its posted as November 28th, bit confusing.

» Posted By ananda dd On Nov 18, 2014 @ 4:00 pm

Margarine Spreads vs. Butter

Hare Krishna Prabhu,
I think that you dont need a refrigerator to keep milk cold, it can be kept in containers under water away from the heat and the sun. And in victorian times ice was harvested during the Winter and stored in deep caverns as ice all year round so milk was also stored in very cold conditions in these stores.How do you think products were kept cold before fridges were invented. Ice has been around since time immemoria and humans have been harvesting ice likewise.

Also milk will store for 24hour without going off anyways and in India milk was used daily and then replenished the next day after milking the cows. Alot of milk was processed straight away making the need for pasteurisation and refridgerating redundant.

But the modern method of pasteurisation is not the same as the one described above. And boiling the milk at 100 degrees for 60-90 seconds does destroy the nutrients. Just because it has been done like this in India does not mean the nutrients are not destroyed, cooking anything destroys nutrients, period. Thats why raw milk is better than processed milk.

The modern method not only destroys nutrients but positively contributes to creating toxicity in the milk. By the method of extrusion using high temperatures and high pressure it creates nitrates in the milk and oxidises the cholesterol , this is undisputable. Oxidised cholesterol is particularly bad for the body and causes heart infarcation which leads to heart attacks. Oxidised cholesterol lines the blood stream with platelets of “bad” LDL type cholesterol which eventually blocks up the blood flow and causes heart attacks. Skimmed milk, and semi skimmed milk are particularly bad types of milk to drink because of the way they are processed to make them. They are also subjected to extrusion type methods of production and what you think is a healthy food is actually the worst.
Best to drink wholesome raw milk that has not been processed and if you have to boil milk then do it for the shortest time possible. In fact it is impossible to get away from processed foods unless you grow the food yourself.
How do you think grains are milled, how cereals are processed for your breakfast, how juice is extracted from fruit, how oils are seperated from seeds and nuts, the three main foods are made in this way of extrusion. grains that are flaked, how do you think they process the original grain into flakes, its by extrusion.And this adversely affects the food.

» Posted By ananda dd On Sep 12, 2014 @ 1:27 pm

Hare Krishna Prabhu,
The story of Pasteurization is another one of being fed mis information by the “establishment”. previous to the middle of the 20th century milk was never pasteurized for thousands of years. But what happened was that the industrial revolution spurred on farmers to produce more. So in the struggle and greed of capitalists to make money from farm products the mechanisation of milk production came into being. And because the people producing the milk were especially un clean with particularly unclean mechanisation milking hundreds of cows the milk was especially “dirty” . The government of the day were unable to clean up the dairy industry as it had become only up to 50-60 years ago so they invented the process for cleaning the milk called pasteuization which takes the milk to above 161 degrees F. And at that time it was fairly inaccurate and the milk was taken to higher temperatures than that. For example sterile milk keeps without refrigeration because there is nothing left in the milk to go off. Milk goes off because of the nutrients in milk, fresh food goes off because of oxidisation.
back in the 1940’s-1950’s milk produced industrially was hardly fit for human consumption unless it was heat treated to kill off all the bacteria in the milk from dirty animal husbandry practices. But that heat also kills off the nutrients in milk. The proteins especially are vulnerable to heat and when we get to temperatures of 161 degrees-200F degrees then the nutrients are transformed to “oxidised” fats and proteins.Todays commercial milk is produced at much higher standards than those of the last century making pasteurization totally unnecessary but it is a legal requirment in many countries.
Studies back in the Uk in the 1940’s-1950’s showed the superiority of raw milk over pasteurized milk in building strong bones, healthy organs and stronger nervous system.
Actually raw milk is making a comeback and pasture fed milking cows that produce raw milk with no pasteurization, no homogenization and no processing is becoming more available.
The process used for pasteurization means that milk is forced through a tiny hole at high pressure and heat treatment..This causes alot of nitrates to form and oxidises the cholestorol, which means you are drinking oxidised cholesterol which initiates the process of heart disease. your servant, Dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By ananda dd On Sep 2, 2014 @ 4:10 pm

Reject the high cost of milk in Cow protection

Hare Krishna.
The price, cost and value of milk in a cow protection dynamic can only be related to a symbiotic community otherwise it becomes a business. When we place the products that come from a cow protection project in a holistic way then there is no independent price or cost of each product like conventional milk producers. We are not capitalists in cow protection. Milk is produced alongside vegetables, fruits and grains all have a value and then the manure produces energy which adds more value. In effect the holistic understanding of a cow protection project means each product is a subsidy for the other, because they are related.

A communty is dependent on the cow protection project. A cow protection project does not stand alone and sell milk to support itself, thats a business proposition, its a wholesome project. All the products from cow protection, once it has been set up properly, are all free to the community that is related symbiotically to it. Where can there be any expense? Cow protection is self-sustaining, its self independent and self -sufficient otherwise it has been set up in the wrong dynamics.And in the wrong circumstances. Cow protection self generates wealth, how can it not? Just because it is not self evident does not mean it does not exist. Cow protection has to be set up in exactly the correct way otherwise it wont work properly irrespective of the quality of the milk, we are not trying to win prizes for top quality milk, we are trying to make cow protection work so that it benefits all the devotees that relate to it.If we could minimally make milk available to all devotees that would be a step forward, then simultaneously make available grains and then vegetables, fruit, and flowers then that would be another step forward and then we need to make available energy requirements for all devotees. And then the proper community dynamics would naturally emerge by dint of following the mode of goodness lifestyle.Its a whole package not just a single component;milk. Milk is just a small part of the whole integrated cow protection culture.Varnashrama is centred around the cow , cow protection. We by-pass all the capitalistic problems by following this culture. And because cow protection is the centre of this culture it has to be in the mode of goodness otherwise we can throw as much money at it as you like but it will never work properly. your servant , Dusyanta dasa

» Posted By ananda dd On Aug 12, 2014 @ 2:02 pm

Will Hare Krishnas Go Vegan?

Hare Krishna.
Thank you so much for your kind words of support Visakha Priya Mataji,a quote you may be referring to is a room conversation with poet Allen Ginsberg.
“From an economic point of view, if one man has a cow and four acres he has no economic problem. That we want to start. He can independently live in any part of the world. Simply he must have one cow and four acres of land. So let the people be divided in four acres of land and a cow and there will be no economic question. All the factories will close.(everyone laughs.)….. from conversations with Allen Ginsberg.

And to Dear Yagnavalkya dasa, when we start to delve deeper into the world agricultural process there is no escaping animal slaughter for anyone except those who protect cows. Vegans eat food that is produced from fertilisers from the slaughter industry, vegans dont escape that process whatsoever. We have to understand that its not just the food that you eat, but also how it is farmed and then also the violence of eating food. There is different types of violence in agriculture. Its not that just because i eat a carrot there is no violence. Srila Prabhupada says that to eat vegetables is violence, period. His purport in S. Bhagavatam 3.29.15 illustrates what He considers to be violence not what we consider to be violent. The violence is committed by commercial farmers, and whoever buys their products supports it. vegans support soya production which is absolutely riddled with violence, chemical fertilisers, mechanical harvesting, carbon transportation, genetical modification, pesticides, capitalisic exploitation and the list continues.
The only way around violence in food production is to become a cow protector and then we can only minimise that violence because Srila Prabhupada says that eating vegetables is violence.
Also i am researching the relatively new production of unhealthy margarines and soya spreads which is very eye opening and finding alot of work done by devotees in India. mans civilization was similar for 20,000 years and only changed in the mid 19th century and changed faster in USA in 20th century.Up until then cancer was low and food sensitivities were also low.It was the birth of a butter replacement which originated as food for Geese that paved the way to unhealthy eating.In fact Margarine is only one molecule away from being plastic and shares 27 ingredients with paint.. your servant Dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By ananda dd On Aug 8, 2014 @ 3:25 pm

Hare Krishna.

Even the title of this article is misrepresentational. Devotees that live in Iskcon that follow Srila Prabhupada’s comprehensive instruction to keep cows and follow the actual dynamics of cow protection will never become vegans. The vegan culture is a dead end route when it comes to a holistic lifestyle, vegans eat loads of genetically modified foods all the time. They get their food from the same place everyone gets their food. Unless you have created a self-sufficient dynamic you are implicated in world wide agricultural violence, period. Eating vegetables is violence. read the quotes from Srimad Bhagavatam 3.29.15, this is the definitive explanation about how to actually circumvent violence and its not by becoming vegan.
Veganism uses masses of animal products throughout their whole life they just dont know it. What about all the insects that are killed to produce soya. What about all the bees that pollinate their fruits and vegetables. What about all that super violent fertiliser from the slaughter industry they use in “organically” produced food. What about all the chemicals they use in producing grains, rice and potatoes, what about all the carbon based transport they use , what about all those food miles used to import foods, what about all those tractors used to grow all the food, are you mad- veganism is contributing equally as much violence and exploitation in farming as anyone else, there is nothing more non-violent about veganism, thats a big MYTH.
There is only one way around violence in food and thats by growing it all yourself in conjunction with cow protection for all your minimum violent fertiliser requirements, otherwise where do you get your fertilisers for growing your food. Its either chemicals or organics. And both are violent unless you can source cow protected manures, green fertilisers and seaweed calcified or liquified and then its not “non-violent” its “minimum” violent. Non violence in farming does not exist. Its a MYTH.
“The answer is that eating vegetables is violence, and vegetarians are also committing violence against other living entities because vegetables also have life.” Srimad Bhagavatam 3.29.15.purport..The best anyone can hope to achieve in agriculture and food production is miminum-violence, and thats in a self-sufficient dynamic and only if you know what you are doing , or “natihimsrena” not non-violence. your servant Dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By ananda dd On Aug 4, 2014 @ 11:42 am

Response to Cow Protection article

Hare Krsna .

I have been in farming all my life. And the yellow 1.5 inch x 2.5inch yellow plastic ear tags are factual and not an exageration as explained by Nitin Bhatt. What is not the exaggeration? That they have yellow ear tags or the size of them. Look at a picture of a young calf with brand new yellow ear tags , they look ridiculous. And they do hurt the calf when they are clamped into the ears with metal pliers-like utensils. Not only do they hurt but the cows get them caught on all sorts of things and they get ripped out of their ears and cause loads of pain. Many cows have ripped ears from this and its violence in motion. Before the huge yellow plastic tags were small metal ones with the numbers etched into it but the humans could not read the number so the huge yellow tags were put in for the humans benefit especially the beef trade.
Yes the word COW is a way better term for describing protected cows. Cattle is for commercial herds of whatever gender of animals for slaughter so we devotees steer clear of such derogatory terms as the word “Cattle” to describe protected cows. Also we dont follow dictionary and “farming” definitions in the literal sense of applying them to Lord Krishna’s protected cows. We have an emotive reason for applying the word “COW” rather than the word “cattle”because we LOVE our cows rather than farm our cows. And the relationship with cows is one of symbiosis so applying the word “cattle” is redundant again. Cattle are huge herds of animals that are being farmed for beef there is no sybiosis, no love and no relationship as in cow protection. Thats why the word cattle is always wrong and it should be avoided by devotees. glories to the cows., Dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By ananda dd On Jan 5, 2014 @ 2:45 pm

Not male or female, the real question is who is qualified?

Hare Krsna,
Being a Kanishta Adhikari vaisnava in kali Yuga is an amazing platform to attain. being kanishta-adhikari means to follow 4 regulative principles and chant at least 16 rounds a day. Thats the qualification of kanistha.In kali-yuga thats an amazing platform to maintain and we have seen many devotees not even able to maintain 4 regulative principles.I dont agree with Aindra prabhus point that a Kanistha-Adhikari is not a Vaisnava and therefore can not be Guru, that is not in line with Srila Prabhupada’s teachings.I think he has underestimated the Kanistha-Adhikari as if it is an easy platform to attain but i dont agree. I think there are only a few devotees that actually attain the heights of kanistha-adhikari in Iskcon.Madhyama-Adhikari and Uttama-Adhikarai are out of sight for most devotees.
In Nectar of Instruction text 5 Srila Prabhupada writes that a Kanistha-Adhikari can also accept disciples under certain conditions which means that not only is a Kanishta-Adhikari a Vaisnava but also a Guru capable of accepting disciples.
In Srimad Bhagavatam 4.12.32 Srila Prabhupada writes thus;
“It is the duty of the siksa guru or diksa guru to instruct the disciple in the right way, and it depends on the disciple to execute the process. According to sastric injunctions , there is no difference between the siksa guru and diksa guru, and generally the siksa guru later on becomes the diksa guru.”
It depends on the disciple to execute the process that has been given by either the siksa or diksa gurus.Even if the diksa guru is of a lower status the disciple can always accept Srila Prabhupada’s Shiksa. But the onus is on the disciple to execute the process to advance. A disciple can be given all the best instruction and association in the world and still not follow the process.We have seen this situation carbon copied by devotees.And because in Iskcon we have the unique situation of Srila Prabhupada’s Shiksa eternally we all have that advantage whether or not the diksa gurus come up to the mark or not.We are all Srila Prabhupada’s Shiksa disciples and He is that eternal Shiksa Guru of Uttama-Adhikari status, but we have to come up to being good disciples and follow His disciplne.

» Posted By ananda dd On Jan 20, 2013 @ 2:38 pm

New Farm Community : Cintamani Dham Land of Touchstone tucked away in Kentucky

Hare Krsna.
From S. Bhagavatam 10.6.19 this encapsulates the goals of cow protection simply.
1 There are many facilities afforded by cow protection for people.
2 Cow dung is used as a fuel as well as fertiliser .
3Cow protection supplies sufficient stocks of grains.
4 Milk and milk products along with grains solve all the economic problems.

This is the quintessential truth that cow protection affords to mankind.But it appears that we have forgotten the art of cow protection.
Mostly the cow protection projects in iskcon dont reach these specified goals of cow protection.They vary in their depth of accomplishments. This means that the projects as they have conceived and executed them dont work as they should.

What needs to happen in Iskcon is to thoroughly review the whole action plan so as to address the reasons that the projects have come short on. Perhaps an independent audit would be a good idea.Understanding the concept of “solving all the economic problems” obviously has not happened. Understanding the actual backdrop of where cow protection fits into Vaisnava community is another problem. The next item is obviously the symbiotic relationship with cow protection facilities that is clearly not working. How the economic solution fits into a symbiotic vaisnava community is the model that is just not being manifest in Iskcon cow protection projects. The obvious lack of integration by vaisnava community in iskcon illustrates how the cow protection projects have exhibited exclusive tendencies where there is no integrated infrastructure from the beginning for community to follow that relationship anyways.
There seems to be a huge lack of community spirit in the cow protection projects .And that needs to be addressed at all levels in iskcon.The use of iskcon funds and donations for cow protection projects also appears to have been misunderstood. Its as if the devotees dont know what they are trying to achieve by cow protection. The goal is misplaced and they are trying to fit western principles and western styled economics into a picture of mode of goodness cow protection. The two separate conceptions will never marry up.We as humans have to change our lifestyle to mode of goodness and on every level of cow protection.Its a great disappointment for us looking into iskcon how the projects are just missing the whole point. ys,dusyanta dasa.

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Hare Krsna Adikarta Prabhu,
Cow protection is practised differently around the Iskcon world,some projects really have not understood the goal of Cow protection at all. Others have not been able to set the background dynamics in place that Cow protection really needs to function in. Mostly devotees have forgotten the Art of Cow protection and the multifaceted facilities Cow protection affords us. Even in Hungary they have still alot to learn, grass management,alternative energy requirements,community governance, etc but most importantly what is missing in iskcon Cow protection projects is the simple principle of symbiosis, dependance on Cows and land. What iskcon tries to do is marry up western lifestyles with Cow protection which is why it does not work. Cows are in the mode of goodness and our lifestyles are not. If we marry up our lifestyles with the Cows in the mode of goodness then there is a chance that cow protection will afford all those facilities.
We are not supposed to be producing milk to sell-that is a misconception in Cow protection. The fundamental purpose is to marry up the community dynamic in a symbiotic relationship to solve the economic problems of life. Its that simple. We produce milk for the community of devotees, not to sell.We are not trying to make money . Then the economic dynamic is based on the hub of cows with devotees like the spokes of a wheel relating in that symbiotic lifestyle.The community is self-evidently symbiotic with cows. If we follow the steps in a chronological way then the community that is dependant on cows and land will become economically dependant on cows and land. All other cow protection projects are just a compromise otherwise-they try to fit in to a mode of passion or ignorance system by trying to marry up western principles of economics with cow protection-that is a disaster.
All our solutions in Cow protection have to be in the mode of goodness for the symbiotic relationship to work.The cow manure has to be part of that solution through energy resources,the creation of buildings have to be community orientated,the infrastructure has to be community minded, the governance has to be community driven and on every level the mode of goodness must predominate,then you may become successful. your servant , Dusyanta dasa from stunningly beautiful Wales.

» Posted By ananda dd On Jan 24, 2013 @ 1:32 pm

Pillars of Sustainability Seminar in Krishna Valley

Hare Krsna. In the elaborate detailed schedule i could not find anything related to Iskcon and the Iskcon criteria for the definition of self-sustainability and how the Iskcon ethic of cow protection would work in the symbiotic relationship of the community in the economic solutions. There did not seem to be an integrated approach but rather isolated workshops. If Krsna valley is to represent the Iskcon ethic in self-sufficienty then it must represent the Iskcon standard.

Another worrying factor of the highlighted workshops was the use of the word “financial” which only relates to the use of paper money rather than wealth as defined in S.Bhagavatam.

If we read Srila Prabhupada’s definitions from the compilation book “Shikshamrta” there are overall definitions and detailed definitions that as Iskcon devotees is our mandate to follow. is krsna valley an Iskcon project by ownership or is it just an affiliated project.???

Depending on the answer to that question the response will be different.
But for me i found serious definitional shortcomings in the itinery as set out in the links provided.

This subject of Cow protection and symbiosis on cows and land appears to be following arbritary rules and roads in the Iskcon world and for me i find that worrying and disappointing. If we cant follow Srila Prabhupada’s mandates , His standards and goals then what are we trying to exemplify.??????

If we are to have projects such as ones in Hungary as krsna valley then what strategy are they following and why?
The idea from studying Srila Prabhupada’s Books is “Simple living-High thinking” its not that we are trying to introduce western styled economic solutions or practices into rural farm based projects. all we are trying to accomplish is mode of goodness lifestyles based on cow protection and land dependance. Its that simple,why do we need hugely expensive workshops to desribe our goals, its simple living not complicated living. We dont even need to get into “financial” models at all thats just a western conceptualised economic understanding in the lower modes of nature. How can that be compatibile to Cow protection in the mode of goodness? No thats the wrong answer we have to change our lifestyles to suit the mode of goodness and forget about western types of financial and economic solutions, they are not our soluitions, they will just create more problems!! y.s. dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By ananda dd On Feb 1, 2013 @ 2:58 pm

Vegans in ISKCON

Hare Krsna.
Yes Bhakta Matty i suggest you read S.Bhagavatam 3.29.15.purport by Srila Prabhupada. I was not saying my opinion but what Srila Prabhupada says in His Books .3.29.15. There is no such concept as “ahimsa” connected to milk and food production.The concept is minimum-violence its called natihimsrena.
The community model of Iskcon means a lifestyle that is symbiotically integrated with cows in the mode of goodness, whether you think you are transcendental or not.If you were transcendental then the three modes of nature are automatically included so that symbiotic integrated community lifestyle in the mode of goodness would be manifest at Bhaktivedanta Goshalla and there is no evidence of that. There is no community infrastucture that manifests the symbiosis in evidence there. How can you demonstrate Cow protection as defined by Srila Prabhupada if there is no integrated symbiosis of community?
The actual dynamics of Cow protection as determined by Srila Prabhupada’s mandates means that it solves all the economic problems of life.It affords so many facilities to mankind on so many levels. Agriculturally, Economically, Socialogically, Environmentally, Energetically, Communially and all the spin offs go deep into the heart of Society. But as yet in iskcon we have not reached that place as yet. In Iskcon we still only operate the Temple model and i dont accept that Bhaktivedanta Goshalla operates the community model or the agricultural model of Iskcon or that you are 70% S-Sufficient.
Saying you are the biggest Cow protection project does not mean you are practicing it in the community or agricultural model.
I know both projects that you have mentioned,well, and i know of ones that you have not mentioned run by iskcon devotees independently. And i have more years of Go-seva under my belt than you have. In fact i have been a Farmer for over 40years.And 37years of that in Iskcon. Why?
I understand Cow protection and the dynamics of the situation that it has to be in to actually work in the way Srila Prabhupada mandates. That situation is in an integrated symbiotic relationship with community in the mode of goodness.If you have no community related infrastructure, which clearly you dont at Bhaktivedanta Goshalla,how can cow protection solve any economic problems for society and community.What does your model demonstrate economically for Community?

» Posted By ananda dd On Jan 7, 2013 @ 5:52 pm

Hare Krsna.
I dont agree that Srila Prabhupada teaches that Iskcon functions an ahimsa policy with milk and food production.Its minimum-violence for milk and food producton not “non-violence”.S. Bhagavatam 3.29.15. Find it in Lord Kapiladeva’s explanations of Devotional Service.
I also dont agree with the way to solve milk production for devotees. If you properly read Srila Prabhupada’s Shiksamrta all the answers are found there. Iskcon devotees only need produce milk for Iskcon devotees-its called self determination, self sufficienty and this should be practiced within the community dynamic of Iskcon- which does not exist yet. We still follow the Temple model of Iskcon not the community model of Iskcon. So we have to shift alot of dynamics yet before we are in a position to produce milk for devotees in the way that Srila Prabhupada mandates.
Bhaktivedanta Goshalla still operates in the Temple model of Iskcon thats why it does not work there, what they should do is integrate with community, construct community integrated infrastructure so that the symbiotic relationship with cows actually takes place . Its not just a case of what you call cows whether its a “unit” or a “cow” but its the symbiosis relationship integrated with the mode of goodness lifestyle that creates the right background for cow protection to work as designed by nature.
Other wise we are just trying to put a western lifestyle into a mode of goodness cow protection life style and that dynamic will never work .Its like trying to put a square plug into a round hole.
We have to change our whole approach to Cow protection to work in the way that illustrates the symbiotic relationship with the integrated community. Other wise you will just be banging your heads against a brick wall for ever.Figure out what is mode of goodness lifestyle, mode of goodness relationship with mode of goodness cows, then you might actually start the path to the real conclusive practise of cow protection and community in symbiosis.

» Posted By ananda dd On Jan 6, 2013 @ 10:56 am

The first Vaisnavi Holy Name Retreat at Ekachakra

Hare Krsna.
From my personal experience i have found that chanting Hare Krsna is helped by so many external factors, and when we perfect these external factors then we can progress on into chanting with our hearts, in other words chanting your hearts out.
What are these external factors?
Become situated in the mode of goodness, find a welcoming building with character and integrity that is naturally friendly and warm. Let go of all pre-conceptions and what others may think of you. Obtain the association of Mother Cows and Father Bulls. Feel peaceful with yourself. Use beautiful musical instruments and especially a tune that has heart string notes to hang on to at certain parts of the hare Krsna mantra so you can sing your heart out to it. Chant for at least 3hours together, with no worries ,no children’s influence, no distractions, no electricity, no towns and cities in the distance, just you and your devotee friends together chanting Hare Krsna because you want to chant Hare Krsna. And for no other reason. Chant to the Cows, to the room, to the building, to the situation, to the Deities if you have some, to pictures , but chant because you want to chant and you have to chant. Dont bring your phone or just turn it off. Listen to the magically blissful tune that supports the Hare Krsna mantra as a picture is enhanced by the frame. Be totally aboard the chanting,there is nothing else that matters. Chant as if you are dependent on the Hare Krsna mantra and feel the mantra right through your being and let yourself go into the Holy Name because chanting hare Krsna is non-different to Krsna Himself, so associate with Him by surrendering to Him through chanting Hare Krsna.
We do not have any other shelter in this material world other than chanting Hare Krsna.
Once you have a taste for chanting through this process of chanting then you will always relish chanting wherever it may be but you have to obtain the taste.Thats why you became a devotee in the first place because of chanting Hare Krsna.
Get away fromit all and leave your phone, computer and whatever behind you ,they can never save you and adopt the mode of goodness lifestyle with Cows and Land and chanting Hare Krsna will automatically become the most ecstatic activity you can do and then youll want to pass it on to the next person and help save their life in this material prison house .

» Posted By ananda dd On Jul 23, 2012 @ 1:30 pm

The Vegetarian and Vegan Myth

Hare Krsna.
Aspiring to be a devotee, a Bhakta, of Krsna includes following the idea of growing food that is minimum violent and vegetarian. If we are to offer our cooking to Krsna and Srila Prabhupada then the devotion is required, but devotion does not existe existentially without some effort on our behalf. If we plant seeds and grow food that is truly vegetarian, with minimum violence, then there is more devotion involved in this offering than just buying some chemically produced food and milk. Where is the devotion in just buying from a store?
The mode of goodness already includes the other two lower modes and when we operate in the mode of goodness, either through growing food or any other mode of goodness activity then this already includes the other two lower modes and is therefore a better activity. In our activities in being a Bhakta then the mode of goodness is a better basis for these actions if we are not transcendentally situated. If we are tobe better Bhaktas then how is our devotion understood and measured by Krsna? Why would we offer just any old stuff to Krsna and then say its the devotion that counts, thats just a cop out! Our devotion includes planting the seeds and taking care of our food for offering to Krnsa, then this is the mode of goodness working which is a better platform than the lower modes of nature.
Cow protection also means operating in the mode of goodness to protect Cows and plough with Oxen , Bhagavad-Gita 18.44, but the problem with Cow protection is trying to protect Cows whilst operating in the lower two modes. Cow protection does not work in the mode of passion and mode of ignorance because Cow protection solves all the economic problems of life. In the lower two modes of nature the economic problems are created but the mode of goodness solves the problems so we have to at least operate within the mode of goodness to protect Cows and to grow all our own food.
Therefore any bought food product must have been produced in the lower two modes of nature which means they include non-vegetarian products and also violence, which cant be a good thing to offer to Krsna. Our mandate is to grow all our own foods in the mode of goodness , to protect Cows and plough with Oxen to produce all our own products which will then be vegetarian and non-violent, the real measure of devotion to Krsna and Srila Prabhupada.

your servant Dusyanta dasa. Wales.

» Posted By ananda dd On Jun 14, 2012 @ 4:57 pm

What We Eat, And What Our Lordships “Eat”

Hare Krsna.
I hope i am not deviating too far from the original context of the article.
Even if we dont live in the mode of goodness, the countryside, we can still cultivate that countryside mentality. This mentality is to become as self-sufficient as you can possibly be according to your situation and then its perfectly reasonable to know where your products originated for the offering to Lord Krsna. And because Lord Krsna is the goal of our offerings then it makes it all that more important to source our food products from devotees, from yourself, or from the countryside. The countryside mentality is to make the most of what nature provides naturally even beyond the purview of Agriculture and Horticulture.
Just as an example of our countryside mentality each time of the year around early summer there is an abundance of Elderflowers which are easily made into Elderflower Cordial which can be used all year round simply by collecting the flowers freely and combining with sugar and water and letting it sit for a few days.
Then also in the UK there are abundances of Blackberries, many wild apple trees, and farms where you can rent fruit trees for yourself, so these are all accessible and useful for devotees living in towns and cities but you have to develop the self-sufficent mentality and the mode of goodness principles.
Its all too easy to just use “money” to buy things but this is not our Iskcon mandate.This huge project is really the next big issue that is waiting in the Iskcon wings ready for unleashing on to the devotee community.Whilst there have always been some farms in Iskcon they have not provided the necassary food products to satisfy Iskcon devotees and many farms have developed the wrong mentality toward what and why they are farming, who it is for and importantly who actually is the proprietor, Lord Krsna. because the farmers have based their ideas on the lower modes of nature the farms to date have not actually solved the problems of life as they are mandated to but have actually caused their own problems.
The mode of goodness does not cause problems and cows are in the mode of goodness so combining these two modes of goodness together should mean that out Iskcon farms have solved the problems.
Unless and until we as iskcon have followed the mandate as set out in the Bhagavad-Gita and Srila Prabhupada’s multi-farious instructions on this subject we will just be floundering around with no clear way forward for solving any problems at all

» Posted By ananda dd On Jun 25, 2012 @ 1:21 pm

Hare Krsna.
Living in the mode of goodness in the countryside is the best place to live for all manner of reasons especially for devotees. The mode of goodness is exactly what “simple living – High thinking ” is all about for the lifestyle of devotees in this material world- and this should be our choice of domicile. Why on earth would we live in towns and Cities, perhaps temporarily but just to facilitate preaching otherwise we just get sucked into the lower modes of nature. The mode of goodness is the best basis for our lifes and lifestyle. And as Paramatma Prabhu illustrates clearly is the best for our devotional lives. Our offerings become a wholesome activity from seed to consumption-complete and perfect.And we know exactly where our ingredients come from-surely the most important point of offering with devotion. This is our measure of devotion-growing our own food in the mode of goodness for the Lords pleasure.What could be more devotional?
This is the whole idea behind “simple living -High thinking” otherwise what is our lifestyle, what is our economy,what is our dependancy– it has to be Cow protection, and Land. In towns of course there is every opportunity to grow something for Krsna and in the Cities too. This is not a reason not to grow vegetables and fruit just becuse we live in towns and Cities. And the countryside is never too far away that it is not accessible too grow our own food.
If we dont show the example to the world of the alternative to food production without animal slaughter then who will? Our mandate for every member of Iskcon is to fulfill this instruction from Srila Prabhupada as our life and soul, its so important. If we come to iskcon without knowledge of Deity worship and we practice this at home then there is no reason why we cant grow our own food to offer to that Deity.
Ultimately we have to eat and we have to offer our cooking to the Deity so either we produce our own food or else we depend on some non-devotee to use what ever chemical,non vegetarian violent method of growing that food, thats not a good idea or choice. No we have to depend on Cow protection and Land as explained in Bhagavad-Gita 18.44. We have to depend on the mode of goodness not the lower modes of nature.This is why when you are situated in the mode of goodness then all the economic problems are solved.
your servant Dusyanta dasa. lovely Wales.

» Posted By ananda dd On Jun 13, 2012 @ 2:14 pm

Annual GBC Ministry Report

Hare Krsna.
Why Cow protection does not work in Iskcon is clearly illustrated and manifested in this article from the Ministry of Cow Protection in Iskcon.
The authors of this piece are clearly instructing the whole of Iskcon from their GBC position that Cow protection does not work after over 35 years of trying to introduce Cow protection wholesale into the Iskcon society.
After so many years of their agricultural practices they have not been able to offer and practice a sustainable blueprint for devotees to follow that works, with full Milk production and food produce. There has been no branded Iskcon marketing that is a viable on going economic alternative, that employs devotees, that illustrates the alternative to cow slaughter, that processes the raw product of milk into all the variety of dairy products, that is the basis of an Iskcon economy for present and future generations of devotees, with no answers to the modern production of milk.
The illustrations of individuals dotted around the planet offer no answer to sustainable milk production, no answer to Bulls production of food, and no eco friendly credentials , on the level that is required to feed society. Anyone can grow some potatoes, carrots and vegetables on their plot at home but that is not the idea of Cow protection and Bull powered food production.
Its like having some Deities in your home for your personal worship but no Temples for public sharing. Cow protection is integrated with community to function otherwise its just a few Cows producing some personal milk for a few individuals, not really functioning as Cow protection in an integrated way.
How many years are going to transpire before we realise that it is not working the way it should be working?When are we going to get to grips with this monumental project so that we produce milk for all and produce food for all, which is what Agriculture is all about??? How long does it take for the devotees to understand that the Cow protection project is managed in totally the wrong way? How long are we just going to throw money at Cow protection and watch it all go down the drain? How long does it take?. It just does not work this way and this piece from the GBC minstry illustrates this perfectly and clearly. It has got to be changed and today is not too soon!!

» Posted By ananda dd On Feb 7, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

The Story of Smita the Cow

Hare Krsna.
Great story about our mother Cow.
But it was such a shame that you used a tractor to dig and then fill in the grave.
It would be a better quality to do it all with your hands and toil.Its way more personal and satisfying having done this myself.
Its an ironic use of a tractor because the tractor has replaced the Cow and in the final action to bury her you have used the tractor,the cows nemisis.
your servant ananda dd.

» Posted By ananda dd On Dec 12, 2011 @ 2:34 pm

Are Economic Development and Bhakti Mutually exclusive?

Hare Krsna.
Firstly when we as an organisation called Iskcon want to preach a particular subject matter such as Cow Protection and Economic Development based on land and cows we need to define exactly what we mean.As a preaching organisation we have to understand what we are practicing before we can preach it otherwise we create a falsity of practice.
When we consider Economic development based on Land and Cows we have to know how to practice it ourselves to be able to have the blue print example for others to adapt to.
If we dont know how to practice Cow protection in an Economic environment in Iskcon then where would that leave us as a preaching society.How do we exist as a society that is an example for people to see with their own eyes.And more importantly how does our livestyle reflect that practice of Economic development based on Cows and Land?
How do our buildings,homes and lifestyle reflect our own faith that Cows and Land are enough to base our Economy on?
This is the main point that is missing from Iskcon.We dont actually reflect our faith into our own philosophy on a practical level.Where do we find the infrastructure,the buildings the community,the society the example of our own faith in these things.Its easy enough to put words on a page but how do we demonstrate practically this rural lifestyle for economy to even begin?
When a society has faith in the future of its community,development and economically,then society manifests this faith through its buildings and government.So if we walk through our Iskcon world do we witness in our buildings a hope and faith of the future in ourselves that reflects our commitment to economy based on land and cows.For example if we were to build a Goshalla what would be the criteria for its architectural design.If we were to build a Goshalla for the general public to view protected cows we would come up with a particular design but if we were to design a Goshalla with economic development in mind the design would be completely different.
The change in our direction to an economy based on Cows and Land will be shown when our buildings that we create for the future will have that vision for the economic stability that Cows and Land bring with them and that beautiful simple,noble lifestyle of harmonius economy in a tranquil rural setting affords.

» Posted By ananda dd On Feb 7, 2011 @ 10:30 am

New Gokul farm at Bhaktivedanta Manor to officially open

Hare Krsna.
My first concern about the presentation was the contents of the article.Having seen the Video on You Tube and observing the practices and materials that have been used to assemble the project i see no reason why it can be described as “….a blue print for the future of Farming..” and ” …a fully sustainable farm.”
My reasons for objection are based on my farming experience and my understanding of sustainability and what the term”blue print” implies by definition.
1. The Goshalla flooring appeared to be constructed with Concrete,made from the most ecologically damaging material in the construction business,cement.Definately not sustainable and certainly not a blue print for the future,hopefully.
2The use of metal feeders and fencing and ancillary equipment made in industrial factories by heavy machinery at the expense of mother earth.
3The storage of Hay and Straw big bales made by tractors using deisel fuel,not sustainable and not ecological.
4The incorporation of factory manufactured European Profile styled roofing for the Goshalla,instead of locally sourced tiling.
5Plastic containers used for transporting food for the Cows,inappropriate “Hilton” 5stars containers .
6The overusing of electricity and dependance on this utility for a “sustainable””blue print for the future of farming”.
The author of the article presumably suffers from some kind of myopia or cataracts and the use of this inappropriate terminology and language exemplifies the inaccurate report and misunderstandings of the contents therein.
Secondly we cant possibly think to entertain such a project as a blue print for future farming in iskcon,this would be incredibly ill-advised.Why on earth would a “sustainable” farm make such a huge capital investment in buildings before the project was viable and there was a community that was integrated and dependant on Cow protection.Its like bolting the door after the horse has already gone.
The future of Farming cant be based on this example of farming at Bhaktivedanta Manor because it does not serve the defintion,nature and recognition of what farming is and how to process,package and market the products from the Agriculture and Horticulture.How it could possibly be described as a “blueprint” is beyond understanding.
Better to just be honest and describe what you actually have at Bhaktivedanta Manor rather than imagine what you would like to have .Honestly ,your servant Dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By ananda dd On Nov 5, 2010 @ 6:22 pm

Hare Krishna.In Srimad Bhagavatam 3.29.15 Srila Prabhupada is instructing about the natural law of violence.We have to commit violence ,its a natural law The significant word Srila Prabhupada has used is “natihimsrena” meaning minimun violence rather than non-violence.Eating vegetables is violence and vegetarians are committing violence.Devotees,who are vegetarians are also killing.But for the human being that violence can be minimized as much as possible.
We should not commit violence extravagantly but only as much as ordered by the Lord.In the same way as Arjuna ,who was engaged in killing, if we commit violence as it is necessary ,by the order of the Lord,that is called natihimsa,minimum violence.We can not avoid violence,for we are put into conditional life in which we have to commit violence,but we should not commit more violence than necessary or than ordered by Krsna.
The context of this important instruction from Srila Prabhupada is in relationship to food,which is produced from Land by means of Agriculture and Horticulture.naturally this is violent.It is impossible to produce Food products without violence but we can minimize the amount of violence used.
When we market products from Iskcon originated farms on an Agricultural basis we have to brand them in the context of how they are produced according to Srila Prabhupadas definitions and instructions.Rather than romantic speculative notions of Non-Violent Agricultural products we would be wiser and more accurate and in line with Srila Prabhupadas conclusions to brand Iskcon products accordingly.
S.Bhag 3.29.15 directly deals with the production of Agricultural products and Cow protection being a component of Agriculture,producing Milk and Grains and other Food means we are commiting violence of some sort,we cant get away from this natural conditional Law.Perhaps with hindsight a brand name of personal qualities would have been a better choice rather than a functional inaccurate one after all Arjunas Bow ,Krsna’s Conchshell and His flute all have personal names so why not protected Cows milk as a brand having a personal name . your servant Dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By ananda dd On Nov 4, 2010 @ 12:50 pm

Why Cow Protection does not work in Iskcon

Hare Krsna.
Many thanks for the replies.Very interesting points made and we are someway off from implementing the real purport on Cow protection.
Yes we have to engage the Bulls in our transport.Cow protection means Cows,Bulls and Land.But more importantly than just defining it and understanding its nature we must also recognise cow protection to know what it is.
We have so many Cows in big sheds that are viewed by so many guests as if it is a zoo or cow sanctuary but no-one has a relationship with them and no-one depends on them so its a one way street.There is no symbiosis and thats a sad state of affairs because as we cow lovers know there needs to be a relationship with the cows.Cows are very friendly and love us to bits but they dont get to be part of the community,just stared at by thousands of guests.The whole point of Cow protection has been missed in this way.
Cows are the mode of goodness but we dont treat them in that way.They just become objects of impersonalism and a background activity.
Cow protection in its personal manifestation are an integrated component of Community where they are part of a proper living community just like family members.There has to be reciprocation with them just as we would with our children.Its the relationship that is missing.
It does not matter having really expensive grandiose Goshallas for the Cows where viewing of them is made easy through walkways like zoos.The Cow sheds are supposed to reflect the relationship with them.The Goshallas can be built with integrity with relationship in mind and how the community work with the Cows not in a way that is convienient for viewing them,the whole point is lost then.
Cow protection is integrated with community and this definition,nature and recognition of the complete whole is what is missing in Iskcon.Even the steps towards this understanding and setup are hardly in place at the cow protection farms that exist in Iskcon today.The establishment of Community is a far off achievment because the Institutional model has not been replaced even after so many years have passed by.Of course we cant establish Community in our current climate of Institutional Iskcon.We havent moved the goalposts of Iskcon definiton since the saffron dominated days which makes it impossible to progress and move on to the much needed community type Iskcon where cow protection can function as an integrated component of the whole community.
your servant Dusyanta dasa

» Posted By ananda dd On Oct 24, 2010 @ 10:54 am

Krishna’s Cows

Hare Krsna.The ideal that Iskcon Cow Protection has to be able to demonstrate is not just having cows and bulls in a non-violent regime.That does not exemplify the essence of Cow Protection.Once we understand that Cow protection is an integrated component of a bigger picture.Community,then the principle of Cow protection ,symbiotic economic development,can be praticed.We are not protcting Cows just to stop them being slaughtered,thats just having a pet mentality,we are protecting Cows so we can put into place all the components of a Cow protected Community.
If we have cows and dont develop the natural symbiotic relationship then our lifestyle will remain westernised and therefore unsustainable and dependant on oil,mobile fones and supermarkets ,and we would have missed the whole point of Cow protection.Once we understand that by definition cow protection is integrated and not exclusive our synbiotic relationship begins and so the lifestyle has to adapt and adopt that mode of goodness.Which embraces a wholistic life including,the land,its produces,economy based on cows and land,self-independance,low impact housing,sustainability,interactivities in Community,skills,techniques and many other mode of goodness level peripheries.
There maybe different stepping stones in establishing the required definition of Cow protection but unless we have the vision of the goal of Cow protection then we still have not arrived at the necassary platform or standard of Cow protection.
In Cow protction Community therefore the required demands on human life become naturally less.We need less input in terms of energy,food,facility,petrol,factories and our attention is focused on a more introspective ,spiritually oriented lifestyle that we can demonstrate as a preaching tool.We dont have Cows as pets,they are as much part of Community as humans are and they want to contribute in their way.Its the Humans responsibility to engage the Cows and the land in the service of the Lord throughCow protection,Community,Symbiosis, and eventually economic development within the perameters of Iskcon.
We need to start taking the right steps to ensure that proper Cow protection is established in Iskcon or else we are just going to end up with expensive pets that we love.

» Posted By ananda dd On Aug 26, 2010 @ 2:11 pm

Hare Krsna.
Unfortunately this practice is not only exclusive to Cows,if you think that just by stopping buying this cows milk then it will stop or it is not supported then you are mistaken.
Animal products of all kinds are used as fertiliser to grow the agricultural commercial food aside from dairy products.It is impossible to not support animal exploitation in this world.
This is the reason why it is imperative to be either self-sufficient or self-independendant.The Vegan example of say soya beans still uses animal products to commercially grow it.There is no other fertiliser of the required amount that can support Veganism except animal products.What other fertiliser of the required amount exists,it certainly isnt a plant based fertiliser.It is just impossible to compost enough plant material to support a global market of Veganism,it cant work,thats why we have Cow-Protection.Then we can use Go-Bar mixed with plant material such as Straw,a carbon based life form,to fertilise the soil and provide nutrients for plant life to feed the Humans.
In the UK we can go to a Garden Centre and buy grow bags for Tomates,Peppers etc,but these are full of animal products which support animal exploitation.All commercial Agriculture and Horticulture use these methods of growing including Flowers bought for the Deities.This is a standard practice .
Srila Prabhupada gave us the answer to all of these problems many,many years ago but we have not implemented them in Iskcon.We are years behind where we should be at by now.We should of had an iskcon branded company selling Ahimsa food products globally and locally we could of had our own Garden Centres selling our branded products as well as being self-independant.Its not hard and it does not take long.
Its not just a Milk problem but goes right through the whole Food Industry,we just cant get away from the problem until and unless we do it all ourselves.

» Posted By ananda dd On Jun 30, 2010 @ 8:37 am

Making ISKCON Temples Eco-Friendly

Hare Krsna.
This subject is a great example of Krsna Consciousness.
What is included in Krsna consciousness is being conscious first.We can engage in so much devotional service,24hrs a day if you like,but being Krsna conscious is a different subject.Being Ecologically friendly is just being conscious of our environment on Earth.If we cant even be conscious of this how on earth are we to become Krsna Conscious.
The absence of the establishment of Communities based on Cow protection economy has left a gaping hole in our ability to be Eco-friendly in our Houses,our economy,our Community,our Agriculture and our Energy.
Eco-friendliness is a basic element of conscious communities and there are many communities without Krsna or even religious in any way shape or form that exhibit Eco-friendliness.As with the Symbiotic relationship in Cow Protection there is also a Symbiotic relationship with our planet.The sheer dynamic of inclusive community brings about the revolution within the heart to want to be Eco-friendly naturally,who would not want to be.
Our natural inclining towards Cow protection is equal to our desire to be in harmony with our life support system,planet Earth.In cow protection we have the potential to solve all our problems of life.We recieve Milk from our Cows and the Bulls supply draught power for any number of activities and then as a free donation we get Cow Manure.This is easily assimilated into Methane Gas and Compost,a perfect arrangement.So just from Cows we get Food and free energy.If we utulise our surrounding environment we can easily construct houses.Putting all these in the context of Community we can begin the Eco-friendly Economy based on our Symbiotic relationship with Cows.
What do we have to give up?Just the Western Capitalistic mentality that we have applied all our lives.Considering we have come this far to Krsna Consciousness,wearing strange clothes and Tilak,rising ridiculously early and bathing daily this should be an easy accomplishment.And something to be proud about for our preaching criteria.Who could not be impressed by an Eco-friendly Community based on Cow Protection and being Vaisnavas right in the middle of Western Countries,otherwise what is our example showing.?
Here in Wales there are many suchlike Communities except no Krsna Consciousness.We have alternate everything coming out of our ears here.We just have to add Krsna Consciousness to this life style and out goes the supermarket et al.

» Posted By ananda dd On Apr 24, 2010 @ 6:03 pm

The price/cost of cow-protection milk

Hare Krshna.
Nice to see that some devotees are really interested in Cow protection.
I think from the early days of Iskcon the conception and definition of cow protection got lost in translation.When i inherited the cow protection programme at the Manor all those years ago i ASSUMED this is how its meant to be because it was up and running and handed to me,why should i question how it was running.?
Essentially at that time cow protection had not progressed further than some cows in a field hanging around.No one had any instructions to give or how it should be run or what on earth was going on,it was just shambles really.But the point was that no-one was really interested in the programme as if it was a side issue.And today although there has been proper progress in cow protection we still have not got the real deal.If we compare this to Deity worship and realise Cows are on the same platform of worship then what does that say about us as a Society.
We set up Deities in iskcon as if it was the done thing and forget about the cows,isnt it go-brahmanaya-hitaya?We need Cows association because they are the Mode of Goodness.Its not enough for us just to have cows hanging around and thats it.
When we consider the situation with Cows we find the commitment and responsibility on the same level as Deities and Children,we dont neglect them.We dont just half-heartedly have some Deities and Children and attend to them sometimes.
Cow protection is the most important single issue in Iskcon today and we have to believe that our life depends on these Cows.Thats how important they are.There are Cows that give Milk and Bulls that toil the land and provide draught power,and they do it gladly for the devotees who protect them.Dont we owe it to the Cows and Bulls that do so much for us to at least reciprocate in the appropriate way,we all love cows,so should they not be considered as part of the Community.And then we can take the next steps to having a proper integrated community with cows at the heart in a Symbiotic relationship which naturally leads to the conclusive establishment of the Economy.Then the Farmers trade the Dairy products and Food products with the Community and lo and behold the Economy is founded and it expands from there.This is all so simple to practice and has all been laid on a plate for us years ago,all we really have to do is do it!!!!
From Dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By ananda dd On Nov 30, 2009 @ 7:17 pm

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