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Cultural Integration

My father-inlaw got me into regular annual christmas holidays-Bhagavata Saptahams conducted in the house he built for us in Kerala India.The sixth Saptaham will go on in coming Dec.08 with its own reccuring funds.
He select different Nambuthiri youths of excellent sanskrit knowledge and eloquonce mixed with Bhakti because of their deep influnec on the Kerala -psyche with their kind of austere ,bearded looks and degrees .All the 18000 verses will have to be finished in seven days ( 7am -7pm,)with two major feasted celebrations( Krishnavataram,Rukmini swayamavaram).
The first sapataham reciter, 27 years, is reported to be a doctorate in Vedantam ,Post Doctoral in Sanskrit from Berlin Univ.and the personal parikarmi( rithvik) of the one of the richest man in the world . He with his team of two have to stay 7 days with us each time ,hearing the Mangalarati and Sandhyarati plus getting exposed to many books including Krishna Art book, Darsan etc.He is has shed his shyness to spread the GLORIES HARE KRISHA sankirtan in his own circles.I picked up his Mobile phone oneday, it was his mother greeting him Hare Krishna.I said Hare Krishana to her.
Another Nambuthiri who did the third one in the annaul series in his early thrities ( fatheriing a daughter recently) is soliciting my advise and patronage for a ‘Narayaneeya Wichara Satram ‘.He expects this will be a rare opportunity for Nambuthiri and such nobler youths to partake in a symposium on vedantam and Bhakti.
Why me ?-as I am Blaramakrishnadas.jps
I used to monitor their deliveries ( based on a 2007 GBC Resoulution on Satahams)w.r.t philosophy and never allowed them to go haywire beyond Bhakti into mayavadam etc.
In fact the principle I told them was:Vedantam can hardly deliver the truth to you but it can deliver you to the Truth.Trust that!
I will tell you when I fix up the syposium and interfaces with them and fight it out to impress them and passon to them teh mercy of Nima Nitai with the blessings of all you Gourabhaktas!

» Posted By balaram8 On May 16, 2008 @ 6:09 am

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