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Urban farming and self-sufficiency

Hare Krishna dear Lalitanath Prabhu.

I am very glad about your article. Recently i have been watching a lot of documentaries about Genetically Modified Organizms, about Montasanto practise with all of their fertilizers, about Codex Alimentaris with their demoniac way of controling food, about polluting our food and our minds through food.

I have realized how much important was the wish of Prabhupad, to start self-sufficient farm communities. Now when we see what is happening with the economy and how much the food is being polluted it is becoming very clear that there is not another way, than to live independently. “Use what you can produce, produce what you need”, why are we neglecting this wonderfull request of our Spiritual Master. Are we really want to live simple and think high? Or we rather continue our way of living dependent on governments, industries, our material desires, and so…

One of the offenses while chanting the Holy Name is to disobey the order of the spiritual master, so are we not doing it? Is it so difficult to give up all of this “wonderfull” world of fancy cars, cinemas, pizzas around the corner, and so? The other offense as i remember from daily recitation in the temple is to maintain the material attachments, even after hearing so much and so long about this matter.

Together we could be such a powerfull family. I was thinking about that everyday since few years. If just a few families could sell their houses, cars, fancy furnitures, hundreds of clothes hanging i the closets, shoes, jewellery, TV`s, and all of that unnecessary JUNK, please notice that it would be enough to buy a land, make a big house for all devotees, plant many trees, vegetables and fruits, have your own cows, and live very simple and happy, but…

That would mean a corporation. Maybe that would be very boring, and not so exciting anymore? That would mean giving up the false Ego, that would mean giving up trips to Hawaii for a holiday, and many more things that are so “dear” to us, and that are keeping us way far from “Simple living and High thinking”.

We need a real revolution of our consciousness. We need to follow our Spiritual Master strictly. In this way we can change the world, we can influence masses of people, but to do it we need lot of devotees working hard for it.

I do believe we can do it, but we have to do it now, soon it will be very to late.

Your servant
bhakta robert

PS. Soon starting farm project in ARAVADE, India

» Posted By bhakta.robert On May 30, 2009 @ 5:57 am

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