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Response to the ongoing debate

Yugala Kishor,

You bring up the point of practicing homosexuals habits. I know a few gay devotees, I dont know what ‘practicing’ homosexuality means, so I dont know if they ‘practice’ it. It’s not my business, just like I don’t know whether heterosexual devotees are ‘practicing’ it or not. What I do know however are their ‘habits’, which is your concern, I see them everyday. Their habits that I see are chanting Hare Krishna, attending Bhagavatam class, cleaning the temple, serving the devotees, distributing Srila Prabhupadas books, along with many other standard Vaisnava practices, many of them for years, with much sincerity and humility.
What habits manifest when gay practicing Vaisnavas form a committed, monogamous relationship? I am not aware of gay devotees relationships being authorised and practiced anywhere around the world, however you seem to be indicating that you have some evidenced knowledge of what habits will form.
Can you fill us in on the results of this study that you have? I am really fascinated to hear what the ‘lot to lose’ is when devotees who are gay commit to monogamous relationships Do you just mean the same debacle that has generally happened with heterosexual relationships?
Bhakti Lata Bhija Das

» Posted By bhaktilatabhijadas On Mar 21, 2007 @ 11:54 pm

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