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Melting Pot of Differences- Vyasa Puja Celebrations of HH Bhakti Raghava Swami

Hare Krishna,

Hari Bol!!!

It is touching to learn that occasions such as of Vyasa Puja celebrations not only provide us (our spiritual KC extended family) offer us an opportunity to enjoy but also make us realize how a guru is always on a transcendental plane though appearing as a normal human being to others through His pastimes.
The moments that we think are of difficulty for Him in material terms, are nothing but His mercy, wherein He chooses to give an opportunity to everybody to serve the Lord through Him. So Munificent!
Krishna can not come down to all of us, who are so fallen in all possible ways and who do not even have the right to utter His transcendental name. So, He mercifully sent us a Guru. It is Guru’s mercy that is our only saving grace. We are so fortunate to have Him as our Guru, we are not stray dogs, we have His protection, we have an owner who will protect us from every calamity.
Surprisingly, this is also a relationship which makes me remember by bodily constitution in the strongest manner— I am a woman. It would have been so much more beautiful had i been a man. I would have been more privileged in serving my guru had i had a man’s body! It is this woman’s body which keeps stopping me. I would like to remind all the men, how fortunate they are. You have got a body that is so much more spiritually helpful, use it to its utmost level to serve the guru. The kind of intimate services that you can render a guru, we as a mataji can never do. You can press His lotus feet and carry its emotional impressions through your life, whereas we can just crave for it…… I do not know if i can ever get an opportunity to ever do so in this form.
But dear Guru, You are so merciful that you spread your loving glance and causeless mercy on everybody. It is like sun that lets its light fall on river ganges and on stinking sewer water! No wonder guru is causelessly merciful even unto a sinner like me, a gutter. Please forgive me for all the wrongs, which i must have stupidly done for sure, aaccept my obeisances.
Vyasa puja is considered an occasion when a guru is especially merciful, I pray unto you to please bestow me with Your darshan as i leave my body. Please grant me the opportunity of readying the things whereever you will play your next past time. I know I am disqualified, but i also know that i have a guru!
May Lord bless you with a LOOOOOOOOONG life, our disqualification makes us a deserving candidate for Your love.

» Posted By bhaktin radhika On May 21, 2009 @ 12:45 am

The gap between pink slip and red lips

Hare Krishna,

Thanks for writing such articles, which inspire us to face life with dignity with a constant awareness of His mercy and love.

» Posted By bhaktin radhika On May 21, 2009 @ 12:57 am

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