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Subjective Reality in Relationships

There is a Psychological theory known as -” Transactional Analysis ”
Originally concieved and developed by-Eric Berne, MD who also wrote several books on this subject matter – I very much recommend reading about this science – some premises of Psychology are bhogas or out of line with Vedic conceptions due to lack of KC connection ,as in souls connection with God – However some psychology theories are in line with vedic conceptions for instance “Maslow’s” chart of “self actualization” as in first one has to meet basic needs to then rise higher in consciousness –
Maslows Ideas is Its pretty much based on original Bhagavad Gita Psychology as in first be regulated in eating sleeping and then when one has balance in these aspects of life ones consciousness can go higher.
“Transactional analysis” is based on three aspects to ego manifestation of self.
( its a complex subject matter if looked at minutely, not so much determined by consciousness as in material or KC but is more simply understood, as general principle’s of ego aspects rarther than defining ego as a whole as such, in either liberated or non liberated states. )
The three states of ego expression are Child ego Adult Ego and Parent Ego
During the day we go in and out of these three states of ego manifeatation.
Child ego is more innocent aspects of self more childish aspects of self etc.
Adult ego is more commen sense logic reason and basically the main part of of our functioning ego self.
Parent Ego is more Nuturing both fatherly and motherly nuturing aspects, it has though a flip side though and can be used or misued more in negative condescending way or dominating way.
So parent ego can be nuturing,productive and at same time it can manifest as being unproductive at times.
As we endevouring to beocome free of maya and also to be more in preaching mood then we tend to express more of the parent Ego aspects of self ( especially in terms of our highly regulated life and authority institutional stucture ) –
At times though due to immaturity in ones dealings with others or oneself ,due to personal struggles within ones self, we can tend to project some of our own intensity of ones own self towards others in sutle ways either intentionally or unintentionaly at times.
I think anyone who wants to survice in marriage life or who is looking after dependants and preaching or living in temple life. Would benefit from reading about this science of ego expressions of self.

» Posted By bkt-jace On Jan 2, 2008 @ 6:30 am

Meaninglessness in Omaha

If we look back in time in the 60s and previous to then in many countires if there was figting going on or War then there was drafting –

Even in 60s there was possibility that some devotees may have being drafted into the Vietnam War – which of course was later on deemed t obe a big mistake on the part of the US –

Anyway as we know there was huge gigantic backlash and social unrest to stop this drafting into army and for War games basically –

Srila Prabhupada even joked at that time with Tamala Krishna Goswami –
When Tamal Krishna at that time asked what it was like in the spiritul world and Prabhupada relpied ” there is no drafting in the spiritul world ” –

Anyway the lack of ability for Govts to have extra Pawns persons to be used at times of war without having mamdatory drafting posed a problem –

One way this was solved was introducing making simulated War games on computers which could be played and thus in a sense people maintained some taste for violence and war etc –

So this kind of propagandha has been in a way sutly inspiring people to have some taste fascination with violence and War and desentizing war and violence as well –

As we know Hollywood has for yrs also made so many movies which also romantize war –
in other words ther is some drama and at the end the Guy gets the Girl scenarios and walk off into the sunset –

There have beene many examples of persons who have played the games and then from such medaiations have then gone on to actually manifest violence including killing people and this can be traced back to the obsession with playing more violent computer simulated War games –

So its little wonder that US is having all these dark kinds of killings going on when the kids are addicted to playing these horrific and degraded games on the computers all the time and thus being in a way sutly trained up to be future soilders

» Posted By bkt-jace On Dec 18, 2007 @ 8:11 am

Does Sex Attraction Bring People to Krishna?

I think this is a nice mood from Maharaja and constructive – As in, asking for feedback about certain subject matters – At Times it is a fact ,that there may be some issue(s) which requires more higher level dicussion(S), in the brahminical sense or more advanced Brahminical insights into some philosophical subject matter –

Regarding hearing from all devotees whether “Big” or “Small” and that Krsna can in sense speak thru anyone -Its a fact –

It is intereting to note, that this was one of the Charactoristics of Jayananda Prabhu, who would at times even ask younger Bhaktas as well as older devotees for feedback at times.

So it is nice to see that A senior – GBC member – is reaching out in these kinds of ways, to both “Big” and “Small” devotees so to speak, for feedback –

(( In any case, I am a firm believer that the topic in general should be discussed in an open forum such as

I am not an advocate of the mushroom philosophy where devotees are not allowed to talk about controversial subject matters.

I think the discussion we are having is very healthy and wanted by the devotees (just look at the responses within such a short period of time), and I plan on asking other questions (trying to avoid misunderstandings in the future by making myself clearer) in the future because I value feedback from the devotees. ))

» Posted By bkt-jace On Dec 16, 2007 @ 6:09 am

It is an interesting question – We can see that in the bhagavatam there are numerous examples where Women have been traditionally more in the background as in Chaste
in there role in society –

There is though at same time a tradition of dance and drama in vedic Culture that is also seen expressed as well

Therefore such dance or Drama has always been part of festivities in Vedic Culture so its not a new phenomena

It is also a fact that one can definitly conclude that effulgent women stressed nicely and decorated with earings and gold jewerly silk saris or fancy saris etc is a very attractive sight etc –

In the bhagavatam it is mentioned that such a sight in the eyes of a man brings happiness to the mind of a man and of course we know that such sight can be at times bewildering even to the greatest sages practicing renouncement –

So there is no doubt that there is some attraction and that such organized Dance Drama etc will attract some additional souls to Krsna –

The same though could be said for effulgent brahmacaris and sanyasis going out preaching – many women will also be attracted towards such purer oplulence as renounciation is also an oplulence and after all men dance as well –

So It seems that if such dance and Drama is performed in a traditioanl way with traditional dress and in KC or centred around KC then there is no harm –

I think its important though that the dress is not to much revealing – for instance in traditional indian Culture we see that women are basically more of a problem for a man to contend with than visa versa -That is why in traditional vedic culture a women covered her hair and even in Vraja and Mathura Rajasthana and s0me other places in India women will immediatly cover themsleves fully including ther faces from being seen – as an act of chasity and compassion towards men who may be bewildered due to attraction as they are aware and consciou of there beauty as its effects on the mind of men

So generally women class in general were kept in more chaste disposition in terms of there dress and behaviour in society – for instance not showing navel areas chest area under armpits and other sensitive areas – which is now a commen practice by women in most countries as part of fashion changes that has taken place in last 100 yrs or so –

Even we can see that going back 50 to 100 yrs in times in Brittian for instance in Victorian times women would be fully clothed at all times and not show any areas like chest areas or under armpits or navel areas showing off there bodies in these sensitive areas –

Now because there is wide spread slackness in dress code based on a market driven force capilitlism that has harnessed the power of sex attrcation to sell anything and everything -women as a class have been grossly exploited in the name of so called freedom of expression – especially in western culture –

The same change in more taraditonal dressing has been gradually sutly and grossly been appearing in some devotee women dress at times – if you look at some of the older photos in early days- say 60s and 70s you will hardly see any such exposure of navel area chest area and under armpits – but now in many temples and at times of festivals it occurs often- Surely women are aware of the sutle eeffects that such exposure has on men as it is a conscious choise to dress one way or the other for whatever reasons that they do so –

As we know there are different ways to arrange a sari so as to cover these areas more than less so to speak- it is a matter of conscious recognition of such exposure and its sutle effects on men and a conscious decision to dress in a way that is either less revealing or more revealing –

At times Ive seen that some not only dress in more revealing fashionable way but also tend to at the same time conscioulsy or psycholologically sutly battle with this by constantly fidgetting to mend there clothes to minimise such exposure around men –

Which of coures tends to draw more attention to such areas – the more obvious and commen sense less of an endevour way to go about it -would be to dress more fully in the first place -and thus spare the mens minds from be subject to this constant fidgetting and and ajustmenst being made and on the womems part there would be less time spent ajusting and correcting the exposure all the time an d being nervous in these ways –
So both would be winners in these sutle ways –

I feel at times there is a certain slackness around that is questionable at times and is also very much part of this disscussion as well – sure climate may have some role to play but Vedic Culture is Vedic Culture – sure there is a strong market driven force around or more of a scoiety peer pressure going on amongst women to mimic the more slack western dress fashion styles -so that is currently mostly to blame

So I think that such Dance or Drama is ok if done decently and is aftre all part of vedic culture and having women fully dressed in more traditional Indian dress and not showing these areas to general public or to also devotees in general –

In 4h canto King Prithu teachings it is said that a chaste women is an auspicious source of strength to the man- so if womens shakti can in a more harmless way bring someone closer to Krsna -as in through dance or drama attract even one soul to turn away from maya then that is a great achievement and surely pleasing to Krsna –

Aftre all Srila Bhaktivedanta Sarasvati once said -that if he could make one devotee by using the funds from selling the Marble from a temple to save one soul from maya – then he would do so – such is the intense desire of a vaisnava to turn one soul back towards Krsnas lotus feet –

So I think there is no harm in utlizing such aspects of Vedic Culture to help to attract people to Krsna- if its done performed in a decent and reasonable KC way – as part of a complete programme as in kirtan class distribution of Prasadam book selling and Sadhu Sanga offered to conditioned souls etc -

» Posted By bkt-jace On Dec 11, 2007 @ 7:59 am

Eating grains on Janmastami

In reply to Payonidhi Prabhu,

I agree with your points regarding being more organized the day or days before festivals making decorations etc – except for flower arrangments at times when flowers need to be baught fresh on the day etc – Rather than the festival day being more of a frantic rusing around to make final – arrangements- decorations etc

Saving more time on the Festival days for hearing and chanting and also for entertaining Guests who arrive and looking after the guests who arrive and showing them around answering there questions is as you say best and first class.

I agree with your idea of -Gauranga Potatoes – there is no doubt that its a transcendantal prep and everyone likes this one.

*Also deep fried Curd Subji chunks with Potatoe and Cauliflour with a roasted ground up light peanut sauce made with tomatoe sauce coconut and light small amount green chillis to aid digesting that combo and light spicing – is nice – and is easy to make

*Chidwa with peanuts rasins potatoe staws etc – ( can be made day before )

*Sago milk pudding with cardamon, rasins etc –

*Sago potatoe pakoras –

*some nice soup etc

( A balance of some subjis and Savouries and sweet prep(s) is nice combo
and a nice drink ir hot tea -Chi- as well -)

Fruits or Salad or lassi may not be so good late at night especially on Janmasthami or in winter climates -maybe Gaura Purnima its Ok –

I dont think many would be interested to eat fruits or salads late at night though and I’ve seen that at times these preps are not always finsished which is- natural occurance -when they are served especially after midnight, even Ayurvedically speaking its hard to digest cold foods late at night, as in bananas, watermelon and grapes.

Especially when one mixes them all together milk products fruits potatoe and deep fries late at night after fasting all day etc –


» Posted By bkt-jace On Dec 22, 2007 @ 5:30 am

It seems to be a topical issue considering so much feedback that has taken place –

It’s not an easy issue to contend with on these days – for two reasons maintaining our principles and at same time preaching –

For instance Nanda kumar Prabhu once asked Srila Prabhupada in Hawaii whether it was okay to eat more raw foods as opposed to eating cooked foods all the time –

Srila Prabhupada replied that for health reasons eating more raw foods was better – but for preaching purposes it was more important to have nice cooked prasadam preps – in other words if we just had salads and other more simple foods how many would turn up for prasadam or be attracted to KC in the first place?

So having nice first class prasadam is an attractive and important part of our preaching strategy

For instance a few times I have seen that many western guests come to the temple as a result of the festival mood on the day as well as knowing that there will be a feast served, so it is important that the feast is both varied and of good quality.

It is not so easy to cook a nice ekadasi feast, it really needs a very experienced cook to manifest a wonderful ekadasi feast etc.

Sometimes if the cook is not so experienced, the feast can be at times be a combination of stodgy potato subji lacking in taste, if not cooked so well, and a sago kitri prep which if not cooked so well, can have clumps of half cooked sago amidst the peanuts, potatoo and coriander etc.

I have personally seen on few a occasions that some western guests come to the temple and wait around all night mainly for the feast at midnight. After taking prasadam I have often heard them comment that the feast was odd and strange, presumably because they don’t know or understand that the feast was a non grain one.

So somehow we have to maintain our personal purity on these days but at same time have either some nice first class ekadasi preps or for the guests some regular prasadam that is also nice and first class

» Posted By bkt-jace On Dec 20, 2007 @ 4:40 am

The value of wearing saris and dhotis in the execution of our devotional activities

In Prabhupada Lilamrita, There is some incident where Kirtananda (swami) once wore a 3 piece suit and at the same time shaved head and tikaka –

At that time Srila Prabhupada mentioned that this looked very nice (I seem to remember that Prabhupada may have use the term looking like a gentleman?) or something to that effect –

(I only have abridged edition of Prabhupada Lilamrita for reference at present and couldn’t find exact citation for this ) –

Also in regard to Akruranatha’s auspicious ambition to usher in a new era of high court judges wearing tilaka –

It is a fact that a high court judge or judges per se have proved his or her qualification and higher moral character to such a degree that they are considered in one sense to be above suspicion and respected, so it would be easier for them to shave their head and wear tilaka as opposed to a laywer or prosecutor etc., once one has attained such a post. It will be good to see this taking place one day.

There is also the nice story in Prabhupada Nectar;

The story about the factory workers who were told by the factory boss that they could no longer wear tilaka from a certain day onwards.

Anyway, one man decided to defy the ban and had the courage to turn up wearing tilaka for work on the day when the ban was to take place.

The boss appreciated this man’s courage and conviction and then said okay from now on this man may continue to wear the tilaka but all the other workers cannot do so.

Of course time place and circumstance will dictate whether some may be in position to have more clearly visible tilaka and some not, depending on one’s work and the position one holds.

» Posted By bkt-jace On Dec 21, 2007 @ 6:57 am

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