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Tulasi Devi

Well, to be honest I feel shocked that anyone may ask whether it is good to do something to improve Tulasi`s health and wellbeing. She`s a pure devotee! And our service to her is not to make “puja” while she is suffering but to help her first. I know about statements from sastras that don`t allow to cut Tulasi`s branches but we should use common sense while interpreting them. It`s obvious (for me at least) that sastras say not to treat her as “decoration”. But if cutting is done as a service (anyone who takes care of plants knows that dead branches are home for many worms and fungus) then it is most welcome. She wants to serve Krishna by offering her leaves and manjaris- and we want to assist her in that service.
This is my understanding of the topic.
Your humble servant
Braja Sundari dasi

» Posted By brajasundari On Feb 22, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

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