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New Scientific Hare Krishna website

Hare krishna
pamho agtsp

I Chaitanya Charan Das would like to clarify that i am not involved in any
way with the setting up or running of the krishnascience site. That site is
run by Avadhuta Raya Prabhu who saw my ezine The
Spiritual Scientist, got in touch with me and asked me if i could write an
introduction for his site. I have been working on a book on science and
spirituality and i sent him a suitably modified version of a part of one of
the introductory essays in that book. I was not aware of any concerns about
the contents or presentation formats of the site; i appreciated his efforts
at scientific preaching and tried to assist him as a fellow devotee

That essay was posted with my name on the home page of krishnascience, thus
giving the impression that i was running that site to anyone visiting it.
This impression was further perpetuated when the article was sent on the
free forum of pamho as well as posted on dandavats with my name alone. I
have requested Avadhutaraya P to do the needful changes on the
krishnascience site and he will probably have done it by now.

By the grace of Srila Prabhupada, I have been running the ezine The Spiritual Scientist for over 5 years now and have written over 80 articles, most of which are available at the link mentioned in an earlier comment. Many of these articles have been published in BTG, in well known news-papers and almost all of the recent articles have been published on dandavats too. My ezine deals with a wide variety of issues, including but not restricted to, science. I try to be scrupulous in both being
philosophically faithful to the Krishna conscious siddhanta and also being intellectually appealing for a modern audience. If anyone feels that these articles need to be reviewed, i will be happy to submit them and do the needful changes if required.

your servant
Chaitanya charan das

» Posted By ccd_pune On Feb 9, 2007 @ 10:40 am

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