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What is the matter with the world

Democracy as it is nowadays is the cause of much trouble in society,as demonic individuals find ways to completely control the leaders of the world,by different ways:corruption/blackmail etc,and we are witnessing how whole populations in under-developed countries are experiencing extreme poverty,due to the actions of the World Monetery Fund,that dictates how these countries should behave. They protect mainly the big businesses, and are not interested in self-sufficienct communitities,even less in vegetarians! They are more interested in protecting the weapons businesses,so profitable,the automotive business,tourism -so as to satisfy their sex desires,and peace/morality/environmental issues/ are not on their agenda!With the help of fake “religions”,they invade other countries,and so,gradually teach the population about the glories of “freedom” to live near-naked,alcool- taking as well as cigarettes,tea or coffee…,animal protein diets, soda drinks etc…whereas such countries have not experienced such way of living in the past.The result of such promotion of western living is a growth in slaughterhouse products,delivered in “hygienic” packs!China is opening a new McDonald every week!And India is now the no.2 supplier of beef in the world!No 1 is USA,with contaminated beef!

So, it will be not surprising to watch,in the near future, a global conflict,due to such increase in sinful activities,so well organized by leading “demon-cracies”!

Even people of western countries are now affected,as most do not agree with invasions of other countries,costing trillions of dollars, with the monopolizing agri business,and impoverishment of people.There are now many people living on the streets in the West,due to lesser economic activities or increase in drug taking.

In case of general conflict,Srila Prabhupada said we should carry on chanting the Holy Names,as destruction is sometimes necessary in order to construct a new society,based on vedic principles.

» Posted By cidanandas On Jul 24, 2008 @ 8:55 am

First ISKCON EU Farm Conference

Hare Krishna!

Congratulations to the Hungarian Vedic Village,that is inspiring everyone! In Asia,HH Bhakti Raghava Swami is busy promoting such living style in Indonesia,Malaysia,Cambodia and India;it may be easier there,due to recent tragic events of wars or extreme poverty,and labor is cheap. These countries have also the advantage of already knowing such way of living in recent past or even present,as most do not consume meat daily,and are used to cooperating among themselves in villages.For devotees in developed countries, it is just a question of creating cooperatives among yourselves,once you agree to live in such a village.

However,there is a tendency to imitate the western way of life,with daily intake of animal proteins: a new McDonalds opens every week in China! But most ignore the danger of such diet,consisting of low class meat from USA,and we saw recent riots in South Korea by people rejecting such products,suspected of containing mad cow’s disease.

Maybe a percentage of profits from distributing books should be put in a special international fund-transparently operated-,in order to promote such projects,and present Iskcon properties to promote such projects,as Srila Prabhupada wished?They will be a showcase for this most important spiritual movement all over the world!After acheiving the establishment of such communities,governments and wealthy benefactors will surely pour funds into such projects.People tend to believe what they see:if we preach self-sufficiency/pure living/cow protection,while going in big 4×4 to supermarkets to buy polluted products and milk from unprotected cows,we won’t be believed!
The established multinationals do not quite like such projects,as it means less people in their supermarkets and transport industries,so it is a struggle to get permits sometimes,but not impossible task.

Plse visit [ vedic village-Vrndavan style- projects of Asia]

» Posted By cidanandas On Jul 24, 2008 @ 8:01 am

The Yamadutas at the Time of Death (Terminal Restlessness)

After reading this story,maybe we should go as soon as possible to hospitals and other places where people are dying,with maha prasadam,Maha Mantra,Bhagavad gita,ganga water and start to help those in these difficult times.When our turn will come,we’ll have more chance to be saved as well from hell,as most of us,even after a lifetime of service,have probably to answer for our dark part of our lives!

Regarding sufferings,for a lot of people in poor or war-riden countries[or even in prosperous countries],they don’t have to wait for ghostly Yamadutas,as they are daily facing attacks from real people,with dangerous weapons,or don’t have anything to eat or drink!

» Posted By cidanandas On Feb 21, 2008 @ 1:02 am

Where is the fault in ISKCON?

In order to please Srila Prabhupada,
There should be regular istaghostis among all devotees…
Discussing his vision of bringing Krishna Consciousness to towns and villages…
How to create oases of peace in self-sufficient vaisnava villages,
Where cows,elder devotees,grhastas,brahmacaris will live together peacefully,
Without having to work with non-devotees,in polluted cities…
Such hellish places,devotees can go just for harinams or preaching,
But afterwards,they can retire to the peaceful villages,
Which can be shown to the public as models of peaceful living.
It is predicted that large cities are bound for destruction,
Whenever there will be another world war…
So it is urgent to plan as many such villages,where peace will reign among chaos,
Famine and severe pollution….
The crazy materialistic asuras have plans to create bigger and bigger cities,
As they are very profitable to the establishment,
While villages are not recommended in their agenda.
Let’s hope the leaders will,in future,be aware of Srila Prabhupada’s vision
Of a happy international family living together among cows in peaceful villages!

» Posted By cidanandas On Dec 28, 2007 @ 6:35 am

Indian Ghee Contaminated with Animal Fat

Best solution for this serious problem: organize ghee production by devotees[sincere] and guarantee 100% each container,as no one can be sure of puity of ghee,as sometimes the owners of companies are islamic,and so don’t mind fat with ghee,or care for purity for “idols”It should be a serious item to resolve at the next GBC meeting!

» Posted By cidanandas On Nov 30, 2007 @ 6:57 am


Plse visit regarding HH. Bhakti Raghava Swami efforts of self-sufficient farms in Malaysia,India,Indonesia and cambodia.

» Posted By cidanandas On Nov 24, 2007 @ 6:26 am

Ratha-yatra Baghdad

What is the official opinion Iskcon concerning preaching in war zones?
In my humble opinion,the holy Name of Jaganatha should not be associated with any army for the time being.Machine gun in one hand and prasadam in the other!How will muslims [children and women]observe such a contradiction?The US Army is despised all over the world for this war,including in the USA,as it is a war for stealing the petrol of Arabic countries,of controlling this region of the planet,and not really to implement democracy.It’s very serious matter for the future reputation of Iskcon and Srila Prabhupada,and all senior devotees should give their opinion about this issue.
Our main weapons should be the Maha Mantra,free distribution of prasadam to all the afflicted area,telling the recipients that it’s food offered to God,whose Names are multiple,according to customs and countries.

There should be special funds to support such preaching,that should not be done by soldiers in uniforms,as soldiers mean violence and abuse of most horrible kind,due to weapons made of depleted uranium,which is contaminating the whole world with dangerous radioactive effects,provoking a special kind of cancer to soldiers and populations.

If any preaching is organized there,it should be done by fearless devotees,who would distribute the Holy Names and prasadam,with the great benediction of the Founder Acarya,who said he would worship such devotees by putting the dust from their lotus feet on his head by preaching to the muslims.
In South Africa,the only white people who could walk safely in black areas,were Iskcon devotees who were doing Food For Life.

» Posted By cidanandas On Sep 20, 2007 @ 2:49 am

Let’s Dance in France and Go into Trance

In 1983,I met Locananada das when he was the bhakta leader,and together with 10 brahmacaries,we toured France in a small van,for just harinams and book distribution.We slept,cooked,stored books in this small van,and woke up every day at 4 am for mangal arati,taking bath sometimes at whatever available water source we had.While the class was given at 7.30,a brahmacari was cooking sweets for distribution during harinams[9-12.00] ,while another one,the prasadam for devotees.In the evenings,we sat on a special Indian cloth and chanted for hours,sometimes forgetting the time!Once it stopped at 11 pm!
So,there was no time for any prajalpa or maya!And I thank Locanananda das for his training.
For the festivals,about 15,000 crowd danced to the sounds of reggae Krishna band,and all had prasadam,under the guidance of HH Indradyumna Mahraja.
The New Mayapura temple had organic agriculture,with the best chapatis in France!
There were,at the time, about 500 devotees in France!
As France is the most cultured country in the world,people there are most interested in Indian traditional dancing/musical instruments[professional]/theatre/food,expertly presented.They are not so much attracted to hippie type of organisation,dishonesty,weird dress etc…
All the best to France Yatra!

» Posted By cidanandas On Sep 11, 2007 @ 5:01 am

Krsna-Balarama’s Kitchen Requests Your Help

Hare Krsna!


The sad story of contaminated ghee should be a reminder of Srila Prabhupada’s instructions:create our own self-sufficient communities,where purity of food for the Deities can be guaranteed.We should suspect every item produced by outsiders to be impure and even posisonous as profit is the only motive that drives them.Butter can easily be contaminated also with animal fat,which is in excess on the market,due to intensive factory farming of cattle.The way Mother cow is now exploited for milk is quite abominable,as they force the sacred animals to have repeated pregnancies,by artificial insemination,and when as soon as the baby calf is born,they are separated from their mother,in order to get ready for slaughterhouse in 3-6 months.They also use an illicit drug,oxytoxin,bad for health,to provoke more milk from the cow.Such ingredients as well as the antibiotics and hormones administered are still present in the milk,as well as other products,concentrated in ghee,the final product,causing thus different diseases to the consumers.Though there is organic butter on the market,they still kill the cows when they dry up and sell the meat as organic meat!

There is no need to centralise production in one country,though it’s advantageous to choose,in such an urgent instance,countries where land can easily be donated or bought cheap.Best is for devotees to create cooperatives all over the world,for localised production of food,thus minimising the use of vehicles for transportation.In many countries,oxen can still be used to deliver the fresh products:the Amish community in Ohio and Pensylvenia still use horses as transport in USA.So,as bullocks will also be present when raising cows,they can be useful,as well as for ploughing.Nothing is lost in cow protection,as even the urine and dung are used for medicines,fertiliser and fuel[also biogas].I just read about Vidura Prabhu in Uganda,who is teaching there how to use dung for fuel,as Christian priests taught them that it’s dirty!Such simple solution has solved their fuel problem.

If planned nicely,such villages can be a main touristic attraction in the country and model,as most intelligent people are now aware of the poisonous food on the market.Other communities have also started such projects,and their experience can also be copied.Devotees who have contacts with high ranking government officers,can persuade them to participate in establishing such projects that are all positive,as it will also provide a lot of employment,better environment and association.Even prisons/schools can undertake such a project,thus providing occupation/salaries for inmates and ideal pets for children.

Other pure business possible in such communities: honey[there’s also a lot of fake ones],incense [with cow dung and natural perfumes],organic veg and fruits,flowers,handicrafts[from bamboos/wood] handloom,guest-house,restaurant,horse/bullock cart riding, ayurvedic medicines from local and imported plants,guest houses,yoga,dance,cooking and martial arts,vaisnava music schools, etc

One of the devotees promoting such projects in Iskcon is HH Raghava Bhakti Maharaja,who got injured in the Mayapura bomb attack-he lost one leg- and is present in India,Indonesia,Cambodia and Malaysia.His experience can surely help and he welcome anyone wishing to help and expand.He has also published a book on varnasrama dharma.

His website is

For those with computer skills, a DVD/website can be made after gathering all informations about such project-land required,how to feed cows best,importance of milk,and milk products and cow’s urine for health,goshala architecture,how to milk a cow,make ghee,yogurt,cheese,milk sweets,incense, train bullocks,make bullock carts,water management,different breeds of cows,price of land around the world,governments ready to donate or rent land…etc.Such infos can also be published in different languages,and profits can be used for cow protection.

Your servant,


» Posted By cidanandas On Aug 21, 2007 @ 3:59 am


So many ancient devotees gave most of their time or laksmi for the progress of this society,and now,reaching the end of life,find themselves without any ressources or insurance to pay for their final days.Most other religions have a proper scheme for their members,and it seems as if there is a lack in our society.
Wouldn’t it be ideal for the BBT to reserve a percentage of its profits[5-10%?] for Vaisnavacare in order to be able to cater for more worldwide devotees?


Cidananda das

» Posted By cidanandas On Aug 12, 2007 @ 12:27 am

Establishing VAD Universities

IMHO,I believe that the creation of self-sufficient vedic communities would be a great start to establish VAD,as most devotees are now living among karmis and doing karmi jobs,such as lawyer,doctor,IT technicians,bankers,supermarkets etc..Such jobs can be quite full of karma,as they have to exist with the present establishment,whose materialistic objectives have nothing to do with devotional service,but aim at maximizing profits at all costs.

For example,the qualified doctor has to prescribe medicines that are known to be harmful to the body,due to serious side effects,but they are prescribed so as to make the pharma business a very profitable one. While on the self-sufficient farm,an ayurvedic doctor would cure most diseases by herbal remedies,that are grown on the farm. Residents on such a farm would be of very good health,due to organic products,and pure cow’s milk. The actual milk and milk products we are now taking is full of hormones and other chemicals,and the cows are badly treated and eventually killed after a lifetime of milk-giving.

On such a farm,there is always a need for carpenters,potters,artists,planters,cowboys, etc and they all will live in good consciousness,as they can go to all spiritual functions,morning or evening. The most intellectual and examplary ones give classes,while those with administrative qualities manage the farm,which should not grow too big[ 500?]If such projects are planned all over the world,soon,other non-devotees would be impressed by the simple living style,devoid of stress and clean,and will imitate,as the fuel crisis is now favouring such establishments.Actually,there are already such projects among non-devotees,but not all are vegetarian.

It is not conceivable that the present demoniac rulers would agree for a quick change in their way of life:they have a definite agenda,full of great mistakes,and can lead the world to destruction. France President is pushing for nuclear power,which is very dangerous….but will he listen to devotees regarding gobar gas fuel?

I believe that the devotee farms could be the ideal refuge in case of nuclear war,that can destroy great cities.

» Posted By cidanandas On Jul 19, 2008 @ 4:11 pm

Concerns Raised over the production of Ghee

Milk,as it is produced now industrially,is a product of cow abuse:the artificially inseminated cows,after haveing been separated from the newborn calves,are daily exploited for her milk,and after several calves produced,they are sent to the slaughterhouse and all her body is ripped apart by demoniac exploiters. The ghee produced by such milk is also a by product of this exploitation,and due to the habit of feeding the pure animal with slaughterhouse rejects,included in the “special” flour,added to her feed,such ghee can’t be bonafide,as the fat matter contains still all the different chemicals-hormones/antibiotics/fertilisers and pesticides[of grass] that is fed to the animal during her miserable life.
I wonder if the Lord accepts such a product,which has not trace of love for the sacred animal!
The solution: we should really start a cow protection revolution,with self sufficient farms around the world,and so get pure foodstuffs,which will be beneficial to devotees/public relations/and Lord Krishna’s pleasure.
HH Sivarama’s Swami’s project in hungary seems to be quite a good model to be followed by other countries[]

» Posted By cidanandas On Aug 3, 2007 @ 8:09 am


Dear Maharaja,Prabhus,Matajis,

If we study the history of early Christianity,we can see that the followers of Jesus-Christ,who was from the Essenes sect[vegetarians,with 4 regulative principles],were also cruelly crucified and harrassed,as they were becoming a threat to the established “pagan” faiths.They were going door to door and gave the “good news” to all,as given by Lord Jesus,helping each other like brothers and sisters,and abandoning the weorship of idols,that were too many and caused division and irreligious practice,ie.animal sacrifice,same method of Lord Buddha.

So,my realisation is that,in the age of Kali,the process is mainly Hare Krsna Maha-Mantra,solitary or in groups,that does not require big endeavour of costly temples,that attract so many thieves and corruptions,as history and present situation of Indian and Iskcon and Gaudiya Mathas temples is showing.The sastras recommend not to endeavour temple constructions in difficult conditions,as it exist in Islamic and Christian countries,and mass harinam and Ratha Yatras,if organised properly,with best prasadam,cultural shows do make wonders.

If rural living is established,with proper cow protection,so many would get employment,as present governments seem to be desperate about such matter,prefering,whenever possible,to just pay the unemployed in developped countries,and as for poor countries,they just die of starvation,drown their sorrow in drugs or steal from the rich.The wealthy temples of India are now managed by the government,as too many scandals have plagued temple management in the past,with financial misappropriation and cast distictions against the “lower” born. Islam,christianity and communism profited from such injustice to gain power easily.

The recent attack of Manipur temple shows that invaders are still thinking of temples as places of corruption and injustice,and the only way is to destroy them.

In places like Iraq,simple prasadam distribution and harinam,would be,in my opinion,be the best way to win the hearts of desperately hungry and angry population,who now see white skinned people as perfect targets for their machine guns.
In South Africa,only devotees can safely walk in black areas,as they mean “food” for their stomachs!The painful punishment of famine,which some devotees have never experienced-not even on ekadasis, has only one solution:food!And Indian schools are now serving midday meals,which is most welcome to all,as it is an emergency,not only in poor countries,but also in Paris,London,New York etc…Books and spiritual discourses are Ok,for those who can afford them and where they can be understood,but they can’t be eaten!

Hoping not to have offended anyone,

Hare Krishna!


» Posted By cidanandas On May 15, 2007 @ 12:24 am

Support for 1st Ratha Yatra in Iraq

Hare krsna!

This is most wonderful news!
EVERY living entity deserves to receive the mercy of the sankirtan movement,without distinction of race,creed,color…Ratha Yatra will be just an incredible shower of love and peace in this hellish place.Most population of the world are just passive witnesses of events happenning in their country,and hanker all for the Lord’s mercy.They are just misled by unscrupulous leaders into conflicts,and some will eventually surrender to Lord Gauranga!
All best wishes to your project!

Your servant,

» Posted By cidanandas On May 10, 2007 @ 3:08 am

Please, Please, Please, each ISKCON center should do two things

Is it recommended to build a palace in the land of the “infidels”,where there is a majority of demoniac people,who have in their “scriptures”,the right to kill,rape,taking all assets of non-muslims?
Personally,I think it’s provocation,and the reaction of muslims is not a surprise…
They will go to heaven,where 70 virgins are waiting for them,by destroying “idol” worshippers!
Caitanya Mahaprabhu inaugurated Harinama for this age,and there is no need for temples nowadays,but congretional harinams,personal chanting,prasadam for all…
In every circumstance,preaching should be adapted….and for Kazakstan,I would think its humble HK living,rural development,giving example to the population.
This is my humble opinion…

Cidananda das

» Posted By cidanandas On Dec 3, 2006 @ 3:39 am

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