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Out of the Woman Comes the Man, Spends the Rest of His Life Getting Back When he Can

heh heh akruranath PLEASE don’t leave. you are not a crank. you are balanced and intelligent.
i was actually getting shocked and depressed again and i didn’t want to add to anymore discussions.
the only thing i want to say now is, i wasn’t really making a swipe at phalini’s article as such but just like you said, it was the mens reactions, the “put up and shut up ” attitude was glorified by the men who added comments. somewhere in her article she wrote that a friend was counsiling her and telling her “do you want to be right or be married?” its like, if a women is seen and not heard, that is going to make or brake a marriage no opinions or disagreements or your marriage is at stake. that was scarey to me.
lalita madhava made a comment and was told that she was jealous. OMG. jealous that she could possibly have an opinion.
when i said that i don’t need protection, i don’t want to insult my husband who happens to be a great vaisnava (imho) but if he were to be taken away from me i would be able to support myself because i know that iskcon would not. and i have to work two jobs because you know its hard to make ends meet in this day and age.
i am glad you made some comment on my posting because i thought that i was adding practically to the question of protection of women. it seems that the discussion has just become a wordy debate and i don’t really see how it helps anything. i’ll be the first to admit my less intelligence though.
also, i’ll just throw this in , everybody keeps saying women need to be protected, yada yada by the father, husband son…ect. so, if your father is a karmi and says “if you can’t eat meat in my house you can’t stay in my house” (my father actually said that to me once. humph. lucky for him, i still put his ashes in the kaveri) and your husband is a rascal (not my husband) and your son is like 7 years old. what position do you have? the temple is NOT going to support you. really why should the temple support you anyway? so really there is no point in going on talking about varnashram. obviously its not being executed. these days i haven’t even seen any brahmacharini ashrams at any temples anyway and most of the single mothers and women are supporting themselves. so what is all this talk about women have to be protected? its not happening. women are not being protected. it is not happening.
its just some talk on an internet website.

» Posted By cinmayi On Dec 9, 2006 @ 6:01 pm

why cant a woman be temple president and still be dependant on her husband?

» Posted By cinmayi On Nov 25, 2006 @ 11:13 pm

first of all, i would like to thank gaurav mittal for his comment #12. i was thinking the same thing.
i also thought it was interesting that the photo of a beautiful lady devottee got so much attention. if it had been an old woman or a not so beautiful woman, would it still get kudos?
it is obvious that the appreciation for the photo shows a that women add beauty and grace to life. thats why they are needed and should be honored and respected.
i am shocked and depressed at how the men and women in iskcon ( or at least on this website) see a woman’s role. it seems that when the men here talk about protecting women, it really just means not having illicit sex with a woman. nothing about actual emotional and physical protection. a posting in another thread had one mataji speaking only how she does not quarrel with her husband. that was praised up and down by the men who posted their responces. i just kept on thinking, what kind of man is she married to, that she is having to constantly hold her tounge so that she doesn’t have to quarrel in front of her children.? if that was all i had to live up to in life i would not care to continue.
girls should use their passion to cultivate the 64 arts of radharani. from a young age our daughters should be trained in music singing, or dancing, cooking ,painting, tending tulasi, sewing, yoga, poetry, rangoli ,puja, ayurveda,etc
it is the parents duty to establish their daughter proclivities and guide them in that direction. without practicing an art to satisfy a passion, our passion will want to turn to lust.
in south india, where remnants of vedic culture remain, every girl is taught some vedic art. from chanting the vishnu sahasra nam and tirrupavai to bharata natyam or carnatic vocal. practically a parent cannot even find a husband for a daughter who doesn’t know the tirrupavai (vaisnava hymms of andal) if a woman comes to the temple to get darshan or sing devotional songs or decorate with rangoli or flowers, are the men agitated?
NO. if they are, that is their problem. any gentleman from our society or elseware would welcome the stunning beauty of their devotion.
i study and teach carnatic vocal music .i am not a professional but i get great satisfaction from learning and absorbing myself in the differant ragas and beautiful devotional sahityam (lyrics). my daughters all learn intensivly the vedic arts of music and dancing. i am shocked sometimes when some devottees ask me “what is the point of learning music? what do you do with your music? how do you use it? you should preach, it is not our sampradaya”ect. why is it ok to have a devotee rock band, but ancient vedic music is “not our sampradaya” vedic music is seva, it is meditation, it is japa.
last of all, and i am sure this wont be taken too well by most, but, i don’t need the protection of a man.i also gave my youth to srila prabhupada’s misson, having recieved diksha at 17 years of age. (i am now in my 50’s) but frankly, if it was a man like the man who wrote the comment #2 who was an iskcon temple leader in a temple i wanted to take shelter in, uh, thanks but no thanks,
i have protection of sri sri radha and krsna. and my music. i also work two jobs.

» Posted By cinmayi On Nov 24, 2006 @ 12:18 am

Hare Krishna in popular culture

heh heh
there was a movie called “the devil and max devlin” in which the nam sankirtan party van, hits and kills the main charector. i was in this movie along with around 20 other devottees. we all jump out of the samkirtan bus and surround the man who is dying and we have a real slow kirtan while the camera pans our stricken expressions. i happened to be right in front so i could be seen easily.
it was so funny, a few years later, i was travelling air india to india and that movie was on the flight.
all the indian passengers were pointing to me and laughing ,clapping and chanting.
your sevant,

» Posted By cinmayi On Sep 12, 2006 @ 5:28 pm

Terror at ISKCON Manipur: Please Pray for Bhojadeva Prabhu

i joined iskcon in laguna beach around the same time as bhojadeva in 1973. we got initiated on the same day. svarup damodar maharaja was a brahmachari at that time in laguna beach. i think he was working on a phd or somthing.
maharaja taught me how to cook every milk sweet, how to make chapatis and dal.
when i was 16 years old, bhoja dev, maharaj, and i cooked the gaura purnima feast.
sweet memories,
i pray that bhojadeva will be healed. may sri krsna bless him ….

» Posted By cinmayi On Aug 24, 2006 @ 2:03 am

The secret of fearlessness

dear prabhu,
thankyou for you very nice posting, i have already read it 3 times.

» Posted By cinmayi On Aug 14, 2006 @ 2:15 am

Kali yuga Japa Counter!

who says everybody that uses a clicker is doing somthing else while chanting? thats a big assumption.
“clicking” is not much different from counting on fingers while chanting,which srila prabhupada also did.
i don’t happen to use a clicker, but i would never judge anyone else for using one. they are chanting.
i thought there were” no hard and fast rules for chanting the holy name!”

» Posted By cinmayi On Aug 10, 2006 @ 1:56 am


that was awesome! i was laughing out loud!
thankyou and let us know how you are ..keep chanting!
with love from

» Posted By cinmayi On Aug 3, 2006 @ 3:29 pm

My Krishna Consciousness

thankyou prabhu for your nice posting. you inspire me.
my obeisance to you and your good wife.
jaya srila prabhupada

» Posted By cinmayi On Jul 19, 2006 @ 6:06 pm

Daily podcasts from Sivarama Swami

oh sorry i just googled sivaram pod cast and figured it out. thanks anyway! hare krsna!

» Posted By cinmayi On Jul 1, 2006 @ 10:29 pm

ok what is a “pod cast”
does that mean my question and answer are seen by everyone?

» Posted By cinmayi On Jul 1, 2006 @ 6:57 pm

Prefix “H.G.” to their OWN name

his grace refers to “HIS” grace meaning, Sri Krsna’s grace
so really there is no offence in using it for your own name.
technically, for a woman, it should also be “His grace”

» Posted By cinmayi On Jul 1, 2006 @ 4:54 pm

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